John and Sherlock trying weeks on end to teach Rosie to walk, but Rosie never working up the courage to leave go off John or Sherlock’s fingers even though the other is there arms outstretched waiting for her.

Until one day, both John is making tea in the kitchen and Sherlock pops his head in the kitchen and Rosie leaves go of the coffee table and toddles over to Sherlock, albeit a bit wobbly, just in time for both Sherlock and John to see her. She nearly tumbles, but grabs onto Sherlock’s pants leg before falling and both John and Sherlock are singing her praises telling her how fantastic and brilliant she is.  Sherlock picking her up and raising her above his head and making her giggle loudly and then placing a raspberry on her stomach before passing her onto John who swings her back and forth and praises her effusively which causes her to clap.

All and all it’s been a busy morning at 221b.

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