Sleep depravation

WARNING: Sleep deprivation, hallucinations

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

(Note: *Cracks knuckles* Lets do this)

(Y/N) sighed as she saved the work on her laptop and closed it. She had finally finished her work. She smiled in satisfaction as she realized she had completed something she thought would take a few days, in a matter of hours. She yawned, stretching her arms above her head. Her limbs felt extremely stiff as she heard several popping sounds emit from  her shoulders and back. She yawned again, standing up from her desk chair, only for her knees to instantly give out, sending her tumbling downward before grabbing onto the side of her chair.

“Woah!” She yelped in surprise. She must have been working for longer than she thought, she felt so dizzy and tired! She shook her head, her hair falling from her bun a bit. After a few moments, she managed to regain her balance. Shakily, she walked to the door, swinging it open and walking tiredly to the kitchen. She couldn’t go 5 seconds without yawning, but she was too hungry to sleep. She stopped. Why was she so hungry? It was normal for her to forget to eat meals when she was engrossed in her work, much like her roommate Alexander. However, she had never been this starving before. 

Feeling more hungry than she had been her entire life, she decided that she was both too hungry, and too exhausted to even try to make something herself. Picking up the phone, she decided that pizza sounded delicious at the moment. Once she was done ordering, she sat in the kitchen and waited, letting her scrambled thoughts try to collect themselves as she fought sleep. Luckily the aching pain in her stomach helped her tired nerves, but her mind was still drowsy. So drowsy that when she saw a figure in the shadows of the dimly lit apartment, it took her a solid 5 minuets to scream in surprise. 

Jumping up, (Y/N) knocked over a lamp. It landed on the carpet, luckily unharmed as it shinned a light on the figure in the hallway. (Y/N) looked again, seeing not a person, but a hallway table with a vase on the top. Rubbing her eyes, (Y/N) laughed hollowly at herself for being scared of such a thing. Then she turned on all the lights. They hurt her eyes, but she rubbed them and decided to bare with it nonetheless. She felt weak, and basically helpless as she stumbled to the door once she heard the bell ring. 

There was a girl, tired, with seven boxes balanced on her hands. She must have had the night shift. 24 hours a day had its disadvantages. “Oh, let me help you with that…” (Y/N) said, steering the girl over to the kitchen table. They placed the boxes on the table, and (Y/N) quickly retrieved the money from her pocket. Handing it to her, the blonde pizza girl looked at (Y/N) with wide worried eyes. “Are you okay miss? You look really pale…” She said. (Y/N)’s own eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, yeah I’m fine…” She wanted to explain that she had been working late into the night on her computer screen in a darkly lit room, but she suddenly couldn’t find the energy. The girl nodded, smiling a tired goodnight to her as she left the apartment. 


(Y/N) muttered curiously. Wanting to see for herself -and wanting to check up on Alex- she made her way to the bathroom, momentarily forgetting the aching pain in her center. When she saw her reflection she gasped. She indeed looked paler than usual, but that wasn’t all. Her (e/c) eyes were dulled, and the bags under her eyes spoke for themselves. Her hair was dirty and her clothes her ruffled up from sitting in the same position for so long. (Y/N) swallowed, almost nervously as she rubbed her temples, suddenly aware of a dull but aching pain in her head. She shook her head as she walked out of the bathroom and towards Alex’s own work room. “Alexander?” She called out weakly. 

She opened the door to his room, and saw a familiar sight. Lit screen, dark room, several empty cups of coffee. Just like her work room, with the exception of at least 20 empty water bottles in each corner of the room. She swallowed again. She was thirsty. She walked up to her roommate, who looked to be in the middle of saving his finished work as well as she had about an hour ago. “Alex.” She said quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder. He jumped slightly, rubbing his eyes as he looked up at her. They both jumped. For 1 thing, Alexander looked just as awful as she did. For another, he knocked over an empty mug when he turned to look at her. There was a moment of silence. 

“…Yes?” He asked, almost warily. 

She cleared her throat, the ache in her stomach reminding her of the food in the kitchen. “You wanna help me eat 7 pizza’s?” She asked. He opened his mouth to answer, before the growling of his stomach answered for him. He laughed nervously. (Y/N) smiled as they both made their way towards the kitchen. They ate every single slice of pizza there. 7 pizzas. All gone within the hour. Feeling satisfied for once, Alex looked (Y/N) in her tired dull eyes. He cleared his throat. “You look awful.” He said weakly. She gave a weak scoff sounding laugh. “You don’t look too good yourself.” She said, giving an exhausted smile. 

They yawned in unison. Suddenly, (Y/N) got up abruptly, almost falling over from the dizziness returning. Alex caught her luckily just in time. “Woah, are you okay…?” He asked quietly. (Y/N) got up, smiling tiredly at his concern. She nodded, taking his hand and leading him to the couch in the living room. She sat down. He gave her a questioning look. “If we’re going to pass out from exhaustion, I want it to at least be on the couch. I think I’m too tired to make it to my room to be honest.” She said. Alex nodded, yawning once again. “What time is it?” He asked as he sat down, too tired to care of the fact that they were snuggled close together. 

(Y/N) leaned forward, plucking her phone from the table in front of them. The first thing she noticed was that it was 3:52 AM, and that she had at least 20 messages from their friends wondering where she and Alex were. She raised a tired eyebrow. She checked the date. She nearly dropped the phone. Her shock must have been plastered on her face, as her friend asked; “(Y/N)? Whats wrong?” She showed him the date. “No wonder we’re tired and hungry…” She muttered, too tired to finish. Luckily Alex finished for her. “…We’ve been awake for 3 days?!” He said, shocked. 

They both groaned in unison as he set down (Y/N)’s phone back onto the table. He leaned back, and she with him. They sat close, realizing how cold it was but being too tired to get a blanket. “We’ll have to clean ourselves’s up.” Alex muttered. “We might want to check our heath, this can’t be good for us…” (Y/N) continued, her eyes drooping. “And we’ll have to….” Alex trailed off as his head found its way onto hers, both people falling instantly asleep.

(The morning after next…)

Eliza rung her hands together nervously as she made her way to her friends apartment. She and their other friends had been trying to contact them for days, with no luck. She bit her lip as her sister knocked on the door, stealing her a glance as she did so. “I’m sure their fine.” She said, putting a comforting hand on Eliza’s shoulder. “I hope your right. You know how they overwork themselves…” Eliza muttered. Angelica gave her a reassuring smile. After a moment of no response, Angelica raised an eyebrow. 

“(Y/N)? Alexander?” She called, pressing her ear to the door.  

No noise. She pulled back.  “(Y/n)! Alex! We’re coming in!” She called, retrieving the spare key from its hiding place under a decorative plant and slowly unlocking the door. Eliza gave her a nervous and worried look as they entered, not a sound coming from the home at all. They hesitantly made their way to the kitchen, finding nothing but 7 empty pizza boxes. Raising an eyebrow, Angelica and Eliza walked to the living room, where they found their clearly exhausted friends. Cuddling. On the couch. Angelica and Eliza stared at them for a moment. They were both a bit pale, although not nearly as pale as they had been 2 nights before. The bags under their eyes were now light, as if they had only lost 1 night of sleep in the first place. Both their heads of hair were tangled and messy, their clothes bunched up in some area’s. Angelica and Eliza looked at them, then at each other, and then at them. They both smirked knowingly, leaving the apartment quietly to tell their friends that they were alive and well.