tumbling vol.4

Evidence on why Leno is bad.

some fricks from tumbles dont believe me on the issue so ill just end this once and for all:

I rest my case.

but if ure a rebellious lil friccshite, then I got news for ya

still denying the truth??? well…

you see those pointy thingz on both sides of his head? Notice how his eyebrows point down, as if to show anger and resentment for original, high quality humorjokes? aren’t these traits typically associated with…

the antijeebus???

I also have evidence to believe that lenny is an ayylmao or a 2spoopy4u, but I need 2 colect further research to prove these hippo thesis.

but for now, try to damn your local Len as often as possuble. its good for both the enviornment and the soul.