tumbling hope

We Gonna Make It Shine
SEVENTEEN (Vocal Team)
We Gonna Make It Shine

Left: 2014 Version

Right: 2017 Version

we gonna make it shine has always been one of my fave pre debut tracks so when they released the 2017 version i thought it would be interesting to edit the two together so that we can hear how our boys have matured vocally.. i hope y’all cry like i did

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I'm pretty sure you saw my reblog, but I don't wanna miss your answer when you get to it. Can you do a dragon prompt for Tiger's Eye? I adore tigers eye!

Tiger’s eye is for travellers and protection. Tiger’s eye is a small, shining dragon pressed into a wanderer’s hands. For luck, their loved ones whisper, and safe return. Tiger’s eye is chatoyant eyes glinting in the light of a campfire, and flickering light gleaming off a hide of shimmering golden threads. Watching, warding. Protecting against thieves and the things which lurk in the night.

Tiger’s eye is the dust of the road and new horizons. Small, gleaming dragons swarming over the banded scales of much larger dragons of tiger iron, befriending the roadhouse guardians even as their humans make new friends within.

you, a fool: the zircons got shattered
me, an intellectual: the zircons got poofed and the diamonds were too busy with pursuing steven and lars to shatter them on the spot. at most they’ve been bubbled or they’ve been left lying on the floor of the courtroom

Control (Sam Uley)

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Pairig: Sam Uley/Vampire!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Nothing too major
A/N: I put all my focus on this rip there goes my motavation. I hope you enjoy~ PS i suck at endings,,
Request: ello, hey, hi there! Could I possibly ask for an imagine, please? Or a songfic is fine. A twilight one, please and can the pairings be Sam × Vampire!Reader? (Teddy Bear) Reader almost hurts/kill their Mate, Sam because of their hunger? 

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Countdown To You | Pt. 1

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Genre: Angst, fluff, maybe some smut in the future

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.4k

“Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: Surprise!! :D A little present because I haven’t written and posted anything for a long time ;) I had this in my drafts for a while, and I decided to go on with it and post it because I love soulmate aus and especially ANGSTY soulmate aus. I think I will split up this fic into two or three parts. It won’t be a long one anyways. 

Partly inspired by this song. listen to it while reading this pls its an awesome song i love hyorin and hwarang dfjgkshkj

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6

You hated the concept of a soulmate clock.

The bright, red numbers displayed on the soulmate clock right next to your bed drove you insane, and you wanted nothing else but smash the stupid, useless object against your wall. You’d do everything to get rid of that clock and not lay eyes on these bright, red numbers anymore.

Ofcourse, you already tried smashing the clock against the wall, and ofcourse, the object did not bulge one bit, as the countdown kept going, and going.

Okay, a correction. You actually didn’t necessarily ‘hate’ the concept of a soulmate clock, but you just thought it was completely useless to have a countdown clock of your soulmate, signaling how many time you still had left to meet your soulmate until… he or she would leave this world.

Yeah. A soulmate clock was basically a countdown of your soulmate’s life.

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examined as objectively as one can, the addition of Genesis Rhapsodos to the legendary Nibelheim Incident actually improves it by a factor of roughly ten thousand

by taking the narrative of Sephiroth’s breakdown and descent into murderous rage out of his hands and placing it into the hands of a character designed to be “Sephiroth except better and stronger and also he’s a Japanese pop star”, we’re able to feel the true emotional weight of the moment that the original game lacked

i don’t know about you guys, but i didn’t really, truly understand the magnitude of Sephiroth’s fall from grace until it was explained to me by Genesis Rhapsodos, and placed in context with his own tumble from the top

here’s hoping it’s going to be redone in glorious HD for the remake


Color pencil practice with my KH3d outfit for Kairi. I got the pose from the lovely @senshistock

I fixed up some things that bugged me and added stuff…that bugs me (like as a kid who messed up their knees a lot i developed a thing about action oriented characters protecting them. And yet here we are. Welllll it’s also a reference to her school uniform socks)

The colors were actually funkier before I messed with this in MediBang. Let’s hope that tumbles doesn’t quality it up!!

@second-salemite suggested a collab of art and fic with Christmas themes in the lead up to Christmas with different pairings and themes

The first is Mistletoe

Credence Barebone possesses a very well-honed set of silences.

They’re curious things, and difficult to tell apart. Newt, only through careful (read: intimate) observation, has become decent enough at articulating a few of them by name; currently, beneath the heavy oaken beams of the Goldsein sister’s living room, stands inquisitive silence.

Long since retired from the rowdy kitchen, Credence looks—interested. Newt hasn’t the foggiest as to what in but his heart does something funny at the sight: poised, pale hands tucked politely at his waist, head cocked just-so to the side so he can regard the object of his fascination covertly, from under his lashes, from the corner of his eye.

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darling you deserve the stars

Okay so here’s my jily youtube au I’ve been working on. If I fail my Chemistry gcse we can all blame this.

The first time she meets James Potter, she’s having a bad morning. She drags her suitcase behind her, a bag filled with a ridiculous amount of camera kit weighing down her shoulder and colliding painfully with her hip bone at every other step; the key the girl on reception had given her is clasped in her teeth as she juggles her laptop case and the leather jacket that had been necessary in the unpleasant drizzle she’d left behind in England but not the Californian sun.

Mary likes to say that Lily is an over packer, Lily likes pointing out that at least she has never managed to forget all her jumpers on a trip to Scotland like someone-who-wouldn’t-be-named did. “For fucks sake, Lil, that was one time!” “You also forgot the sun cream when we went to Spain.” “Shut up, McKinnon.”

To make matters worse, she can hear her phone ringing from inside her handbag that was swung over her other shoulder. “Shit,” She mutters, looking around frantically for somewhere to dump her stuff, accidently dropping her key. “Oh fuck.” Her phone’s still ringing, Nicki Minaj’s ‘superbass’ blaring out of its speaker. She’s about to give up and ignore her phone, not seeing any possibility of her managing to retrieve it in time without damaging her laptop or camera bag when suddenly out of nowhere comes a young man, a mess of long limbs and black hair, a pair of ray bans fixed hazardously over his eyes and a crooked grin that might have made her heart flutter a little.

Before she has time to think, he’s rescued her stuff from her arms and nods at her handbag. “Your phone’s ringing.” She scrambles into action, searching through the empty sweet wrappers and headphones until her hand made contact with the phone. Pulling it out, her thumb swipes across screen and she presses it to her ear. “Hey, Marlene.” She holds a finger up to the man, mouthing “One minute,” at him. He keeps on grinning. Her heart keeps on fluttering.

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@ek-phrastic​​ said on this post :

if you’re a woman or woman aligned person dating a woman or woman aligned person you’re Uh in a Gay Relationship for lack of a better term and whatever you want to call yourself, you are lgbt+ also this applies to you if you are open to or seeking that relationship as well don’t have to actively be in it 2 b in lgbt+ spaces but if you walk in and call yourself aroace without Uh qualifying it and mentioning you’re into women in some capacity then i am going to side eye U

Thank you for your answer.
But… why exactly would you side eye me, if I may ask…?
Because you would assume that, being cis & aroace, I would have no place in lgbt+ spaces…?

(I can’t really tell I’m “into women” honestly. That would be deceiving imo, since I’m not really into anyone ? That’s a bit of a mess honestly.)

But the fact that I consider being in a relationship with other women doesn’t change the fact that I’m aroace, that’s what I find a bit curious. I thought LGBT+ was about orientations and/or gender identity, and not about who someone is dating/willing to date at the moment.

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Gimme some kumirei(after this godawful episode) for the otp post please:))

i feel u anon…. i just RABU KYOANI : )

who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?: reina wearing kumiko’s clothes bc ummm shes so fluffy n tal????

who enunciates hand holding?: REINA CLINGY REINA I LIVE FOR HER

who likes having their hair washed by who?: kumiko!!!! she floof

who likes to slow dance?: boTH OF THEM but reina initiates it bc kumiko gets embarrassed easily or says she cant dance

muse that’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?: reina… actually no BOTH

muse that does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?: BOTH

who hogs most of the covers at night?: kumiko she sleeps messily

muse who nuzzles the others shoulder to get them to give them a head rub?: reina (esp in public)

how do they share a desert? two forks or one?: just one… even in drinks they just get one straw tbh

who gets jealous more easily?: reina :~)

who gets angered more easily? uuuuuhhhhhh reina?? but not so much anger its more just.. tired i guess?

how do they go to sleep at night?: they usually do their own stuff in bed (read, on their phone, etc) or cuddle until they pass out

who gets the most shoulder rubs?: both bc when will they stop overworking

what are there arguments/fights like? how often do they fight?: i think they would rarely argue (fight even more so), they talk things out a lot so they avoid the arguments/fights

who is more likely to throw things in fights?: REINA

how do they make it up to each other/apologize after an argument? multiple i love yous, reminding each other the reason they love each other

do they have nicknames for each other?: so so many…. the usual romantic ones (baby, sweetheart) and a lot of rlly weird ones that no one gets

caring for each other while ill, how does the other muse go about it?: kumiko leaves reina alone to rest (also so she doesnt get sick too) while reina stays beside her and doesnt mind getting sick too

who’s more likely to be patching the others wound?: reina.. kumiko’s probably really clumsy and is a magnet for paper cuts

muse that says ‘i told you so’, after they come home from the beach and other muse is burnt to a crisp while whining how bad it hurts for not listening and putting on sunblock after the other muse repeatedly told them they’d get burnt?: reina says i told you so but she also has tan lines (kumiko’s are far, far worse tho)

your otp has a newborn baby, who gets up in the middle of the night when he/she cries?: both of them!!!!!

your muse’s of the otp reaction to finding the others crying about something? and how do they make them feel better?: kumiko would do her best to understand how reina feels; reina would kinda panic at first bc kumiko rarely cries but comforts her as much as she can

what would they be like as parents?: doting… would probably spoil that baby to death even if they tell themselves not to.. also the pda never stops even when they have a baby

what would they have been like as childhood sweethearts? showing each other their interests and always seen together!!!

who enunciates taking a bath together?: kumiko but more of as a joke, reina says yes tho

who likes who playing with their hair?: reina bc who doesnt wanna play w kumikos floof tbh

the place they mostly likely accidentally fall asleep together?: train rides home, on the couch watching tv, in other peoples living rooms tbh (party-wise)

fill in the blanks | fluff otp edition