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Normani is so dedicated to promoting the group that she went DOWN on stage for the sake of their new song

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I was wondering how you thought different nations would raise children or view family life. The Water Tribe and Air Nation are the most distinctive (as I remember) but I can't really differentiate between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation?

I’ve somewhat answered the question in this post, but I didn’t delve into how children are trained and educated in the Four Nations, which I think is worth examining.


Education for boys and girls is sex-segregated, and begins at home. We know that Gran-Gran taught Katara about delivering babies, so presumably the girls would be taught about assisting with childbirth, healing, and medical care, as well as the traditional tasks of sewing and cleaning.

Katara: Sokka, Calm down. I helped Gran-Gran deliver lots of babies back home. 
Sokka: This isn’t the same as delivering an arctic seal! This is a real… human…. thing!
Katara: It’s called a baby, and I helped to deliver plenty of those too. 

At 16, they are legal adults, so they would also have learned about marriage and all that it entailed. As far as bending goes, they start training very early, around the age of 4-6, judging by the beginner’s healing class in the North.

The male heads of household teach their sons about hunting, fishing, and fighting. At the age of 14, they undergo a rite of passage where they have to steer a ship through ice-infested waters without adult supervision. Both they and their crewmates earn marks based on their position in the crew. We don’t see a beginner’s class for male waterbenders, but we do know that the Water Tribe is not afraid of tough teaching methods.

One skill that is common to both boys and girls is sailing. Katara and Sokka both know how to steer a boat on their own at the very beginning of the show. Hardly a surprise, given their environment.


Education in the Earth Kingdom varies depending on your social status. We don’t see any schools for poor children in the Earth Kingdom. For the children of rich parents, they are educated through private tutors, such as Toph’s tutor, Master Yu:

Yu:  I’m keeping her at the beginner’s level. Basic forms and breathing exercises only.

For less wealthy children, there are classes with other students:

Yu: So, are you ready to commit to more lessons?  If you pay for the whole year in advance, I’ll bump you up to the next belt.

However, as we just saw, advancement can depend on how much money you have here, too.

It is noteworthy that the children in the rough-and-tumble earthbending classes are both male and female, although we do see more boys than girls. By contrast, we see an all-girls poetry class in Ba Sing Se:

This might be due to their relative wealth–it could be a select school for girls like the Fire Nation has. At any rate, the difference in education for girls and boys, while present, is not quite as rigid as the Water Tribe.


This is the nation with the most widespread education model. While there are select schools for the wealthy and nobility:

Azula: Tell me, what is the daughter of a nobleman doing here? Certainly our parents didn’t send us to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls to end up in… places like this.

There are academies for regular Fire Nation children, with a strict curriculum and rigid standards of behavior.

Ms. Kwan: Your etiquette is terrible. In the homeland, we bow to our elders. Like so. 

Music Teacher: No, child. That hullabaloo going on with your feet. Is that a nervous disorder? 

School Headmaster:  That’s what any mother would say, ma'am. Nonetheless, you’re forewarned. If he acts up one more time, I’ll have him sent to reform school… by which I mean the coal mines. Are we clear? 

All schools are state-run and contain a huge dose of Fire Nation propaganda:

Ms. Kwan: Question one: What year did Fire Lord Sozin battle the Air Nation Army?  Kuzon? 
Aang:  Is that a trick question? The Air Nomads didn't have a formal military. Sozin defeated them by ambush. 
Ms. Kwan:  Well, I don’t know how you could possibly know more than our national history book. Unless you were there a hundred years ago. 

On a positive note, while there are all-girl (and presumably all-boy) finishing schools in the higher echelons of society, we see a very egalitarian mix of gender in the regular Fire Nation academies.

There are no sex-segregated areas of education, including in the military. Azula was trained from an early age, just like Zuko, to excel in firebending.

Speaking of which, because the Fire Nation justifies its war of conquest on the merits of its bending, firebending is the most important part of education for those who possess the ability. While there are high-level nonbenders, such as Azula’s instructors Lo and Li, having weak—or even weaker bending—can prevent you from gaining power. Zuko, despite being two years older, is by no means certain to take the throne, partly based on his relative incompetence and his sister’s prodigious achievement.


Due to every citizen being an airbender, each Air Nomad child received bending training from an early age. At the very least, children would have to be taught enough bending not to fall from the Air Temple balconies! Unlike the other three nations, an airbender’s master was his or her surrogate parent as well.

Gyatso: Aang, I’m not going to let them take you away from me.

Fun was emphasized as a learning technique:

And respect for one’s elders was … optional.

Finally, the Air Nomads were all trained in animal care, as they adopted sky bison as children which would stay with them throughout their lives:

Air Nomad Woman: Choose well. A sky bison is a companion for life.

A:TLA glosses over one aspect of education fairly heavily, which is: considering the level of technological and social development of the Four Nations, it’s highly unlikely that everyone would be able to read and write. We never encounter a situation where someone can’t make out an inscription, or has trouble reading a sign or “Wanted” poster. Even the dirt-poor Lee in that Earth Kingdom village could read the inscription on Zuko’s dagger! Considering the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation’s desire to keep knowledge contained, as well as the Water Tribe’s lack of cheap paper-making materials, it would have made sense for the GAang to encounter more people who rely on memorization than people who rely on reading.

Do You Even Lift, Deku?

“Kirishima-kun look out!”

The next thing the spiky redhead knew, he was being lifted up into the air and carried out of range of the blast from the flash bomb used during training.

When he was set down, he turned to say thank you only to gape. The one who set him down was Midoriya of all people! “Dude! Did you just pick me up while I was using my Quirk?!? I weigh a whole lot in that form!”

Izuku blinked. “Really? You weigh about as much as Iida-kun though, and I wasn’t even using my Quirk…” Both boys yelped as another bomb was chucked their way, scrambling to avoid the blast.

“If you have time for talking you have time for dodging!” Aizawa called, grinning evilly as he tossed out more flash bombs. Bright little things that made a big noise, but harmless really.

It was only after training, during free time in class, that Kirishima leaned over to Izuku and poked him. “So, exactly how much can you lift without using your Quirk anyways?” He questioned once he had gotten the green haired boy’s attention.

Izuku blinked, confused. “Umm, as in total? I dunno, I lost count after the 300 kilogram weight limit at the gym. They don’t carry any lifting weights higher than that, so I’ve been stuck using old cars at a junkyard.”

The conversation was overheard by Mina and Kaminari, who scooted closer in awe. “Woah!!! Do you think you could lift me and Kirishima at the same time?!?” Kaminari demanded, eyes practically sparkling.

Izuku sweated nervously as Kirishima nodded excitedly. “Well, in theory, yes?” Izuku said, glancing between his two classmates.

Which was why when Aizawa walked back into class, he had to take a moment to fully process the scene in front of him.

It seems that after successfully lifting Kaminari and Kirishima over his head, the others demanded a turn as well. It was currently Todoroki’s turn, on his back and curled in the fetal position, Izuku easily holding him up with one hand strategically placed in the middle of the half and half boy’s back.

“Do I even weigh anything to you?” Todoroki asked, slightly curious as he stared at the ceiling.

Izuku looked up from where he was writing notes about his own strength. “Hmm, maybe like, a bunch of grapes or so? Slightly heavier than Sero but less than Kouda.” He said thoughtfully, turning back to his notes.

“Hey I have an idea! Midoriya-kun, you should lift all of us at once!!!” Mina shrieked suddenly, jumping to her feet in excitement.

Izuku nearly dropped Todoroki. “Wait what?!?” He yelped, Todoroki rolling off his palm and landing gracefully on the ground.

“Midoriya, if you’re going to lift the entire class, please do it outside. I’d rather not have the classroom destroyed.” Aizawa yawned from his new position by the blackboard, peeking out from his usual yellow sleeping bag tiredly.

“Yes!!!” Mina trilled, grabbing Izuku by the arm and dashing out the door, the rest of the class following excitedly behind. Bakugou was only going to watch. No way in hell was he letting fucking Deku pick him up.

It was only a little while after the kids left that All Might stepped into the classroom. “Aizawa-kun, where are the children? Midnight said she passed by earlier and saw that nobody aside from you was here.”

Aizawa merely yawned. “They went outside for break. Something about lifting.” All Might raised an eyebrow, but left anyways.

He really wasn’t expecting to see the entire class of 1-A climbing over one another in a huge pile, carried by none other than Young Midoriya himself!

Kirishima and Sero were currently struggling to pull a roaring, exploding Bakugou up to the top of the wriggling pile of students, Momo yelping in pain as he kicked her in the ribs and Mineta shrieking in terror as a blast got too close to his face.

Izuku merely looked pained and was stumbling around, trying to keep everyone together in one group on his arms. A few students hadn’t gotten into the pile yet, and Uraraka was currently climbing up Izuku’s back and up the pile, apologizing as she stepped on Todoroki and Iida’s heads, Iida’s eye twitching and Todoroki merely indifferent.

All Might had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop spitting blood as he laughed at the scene, absolutely thrilled at this new development. Young Midoriya looked five minutes away from activating One For All to help lift the weight, seeing how he was straining now as more weight was added as Young Kouda joined the pile.

Soon, Bakugou was crowing victory at the top of the pile, the entire class now on Izuku’s shoulders. Unfortunately, Kaminari, who was one of the first people Izuku had picked up, sneezed and accidentally activated his Quirk, electrocuting the entire human pile.

Everyone shrieked and Izuku dropped the class, everyone tumbling down into a giant dogpile on top of their strong classmate.




All Might sighed. Looks like the fun was over, better stop this bloodbath before it started.
I have no explanation for this. But I had fun writing it.

Marines Hogwarts AU, Part II


Snapping to attention at Sabo’s call, Riskua tilts her head to a side as her blond best friend hurriedly approaches, shouldering several older students out of his path in the process.

“Where’s Ace?”

“We just has history of magic,” says Sabo in lieu of an actual answer, running one hand through his steadily growing blond locks, “on Dark Lords. Specifically recent American Dark Lords.”

Well shit.

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soooo i go to my tumbling class tonight and i take the first class of the evening and i got there a little early and there was a private party going on…and the whole time im watching im like these kids look so familiar…have they gone to the camp i work at? and im like nah i don’t recognize them…so then im like are they dancers that’ve watched? still couldnt place them. 

but then they walk out and back to the lobby where i was and i see the dad and hear his english accent and it’s freaking David Beckham and his whole entire family…like okay…just LA living things lmao. i was just not expecting that 

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I feel like it must be asked: what do you think...of comic book characters being written into stories where they are suddenly nazi villains or villains in general?

I’m glad the White Queen is a villain again. I always thought it was a mistake to make the White Queen turn good, because here’s one dirty little secret: except for a couple standouts, the X-Men simply do not have that many good enemies. I mean, compare the X-Men’s enemies to those of the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four (who have maybe the most robust and under-appreciated collection of enemies in all superherodom).

Mostly, I always thought the White Queen was such a great, great villain: a jet set type, a “rootless cosmopolitan,” who oozed menace and cruelty. It makes absolute sense to me that a telepath would grow to hate the human race. If you see the contrast between what people say and what they actually do, you come to the conclusion, as Emma did, that the human race are “a lying morass of hypocritical worms.” In that respect, her vanity about her own wealth, sophistication, and physical appearance acquired a kind of mocking dark irony: she values these things because she can tell it’s the only thing that matters to most people. The surface, never the truth – and if you knew that’s how the world worked, wouldn’t you just hate everyone, too?

The White Queen turning evil again is long overdue, but I don’t agree with the way it was done, which is centered around her relationship with Cyclops. The truth is, you don’t need to do that, the White Queen has a callous, selfish streak even as a good guy, and a more organic way to turn her evil again was to create a circumstance where that streak became impossible to ignore, and where she received a choice where her natural cynicism wins out over her other traits.

I’ve always had a notion that Emma Frost was somehow related to Jack Winters, the Living Diamond (introduced in Uncanny X-Men #39, 1967), an evil mutant who hasn’t shown up since the sixties. Jack Winters was a rough and tumble working class telepath of great mental power who, after exposure to radiation, acquired a secondary mutation where his entire body turned to living diamond. Turning to diamond + mental power is such a weirdly specific combination that I doubt the similarity was a coincidence. Plus, the name, Jack Winters, Emma Frost? It’s too perfect, as does the fact that his working class background ties up with Emma’s, who, after all, didn’t start off as in the wealthy jet-set, a secret she keeps hidden.

It’d be interesting if it turns out that the Living Diamond was one of Emma’s older loser ex-con relatives, who always showed up at her place asking for money, and she contemptuously pays him something just to keep him out of her hair.

Now…the reason you’re asking is the Captain America thing from a few months ago, right?

I figured for sure that it was a false memory implant from the sentient Cosmic Cube from 2014. I guessed this because this is exactly what it had been way back in Steve Englehart’s CA&F #185, when the Skull revealed sleeper memories and post-hypnotic programming in Sam Wilson. This is a well known thing that the Red Skull, obsessed with hypnotism and brainwashing, does (remember the “Death of Captain America” where Agent 13, in shades of Sirhan Sirhan, turned out to have shot Steve in a hypnotic trance?). Well, I turned out to pretty much have been right. 

I was astonished this blew up as big as it did, because it struck me as a “fakeout used as a hook,” like stories that start with Thor “losing his powers permanently.” (He’ll get them back at the end of the arc.) I think comic writers are so used to fans thinking of something as a fakeout that they’re legit surprised when people take a fakeout seriously. 

Well, strictly speaking, HYDRA aren’t Nazi. In the form that it currently exists, HYDRA was founded by many former Nazis after 1945 (though some works have backdated the presence of HYDRA to earlier, we get a definite start point in X-MEN #161 to the modern version of the group that is definitely post-war). If that makes HYDRA Nazis, that would also make NASA Nazis. Blurring HYDRA with the Nazis, or calling them Nazi stand ins, is a mistake because HYDRA has a very unique culture and worldview unto itself.

For starters, HYDRA isn’t racialist or nationalist. In fact, they’re very anti-nationalist, anti-borders – all identities, even loyalty to family, are subsumed to HYDRA (all spies get suicide capsules, but HYDRA agents actually take them). HYDRA is based on rigid hierarchy, intolerance of failure, advancement through assassination, ambition as an institutional virtue, and compartmentalization and secrecy, where there are parallel lines of command where multiple projects are done simultaneously without anyone being told about the others. If it has a single overriding ethos, it’s that success alone determines whether something is right or wrong, moral or immoral. 

One Step Closer

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Word Count: 6,163. Please answer the question in the end note xx

A baby.

Your lips are trembling as you stare at the positive signs from all three tests, signalling that in a little under a year, you’d have a wiggling baby that’s made of both you and your husband.

With a gasp, your hand falls to your belly. In a few more months, you’d feel movement in that same area. You blink profusely, unable to believe your life.

A few more short breaths are released before you think of what to do next. Your first instinct is to call Harry, but this is definitely face-to-face news and must be told in the best way possible. Though you’re stumped, what’s the most fitting way to deliver the news that his shared dream with you is finally coming true?

It’s all happened right before your eyes and those days you spent with Harry curled up on the couch discussing children made starting your own family a mere myth.

How should you do it? Perhaps take the cheesy route and do the whole pea dinner with saying “This is the size of our baby right now.” But it doesn’t seem quite right for your relationship with him. Maybe the whole pregnancy sticks in a box after a scavenger hunt? You then deny the thought, that doesn’t feel right either.  

You rack different ideas in your head but find yourself short of the best one. Normally at this stage of planning an event, you’d turn to your best friends. But you feel as though it is only fair that you let Harry know first, since the baby is half of his doing.

Your thoughts are soon interrupted by the sound of your ringtone playing, causing you to mutter a “Shit.” before you grab the phone.

It’s Harry himself, and you are struck with panic.

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My professor brought up how women are more afraid of crime despite men being more likely to be victimized, so I pointed out how their fear likely stems from the fear of sexual assault, which is horrific and happens 90 percent of the time to women

He rambled on about how robbery can be super violent, then said that “some feminists” say thay sexual assault is actually about power, not sex. Yes, to the perpetrator, I said, but for the victim the result is still sexual violation. No, he said, “some feminists” say it’s about power for the victim too (???)

And then I tuned him out and had a lovely time the rest of class on tumbly dot mumbly where no one i follow has ever claimed that being sexually assaulted is “not about sex” for the victim

Before We Get Started...(Thor/Avengers x reader)

1. “Why do I even talk to you guys?” Avengers x reader (is this allowed? Sorry if it isn’t!!!) Reader talks to them about not being good enough and feeling inadequate compared to the rest of them but when they try to make her feel better she thinks they’re lying and gets upset that they don’t understand. Thanks!! <3

2. 27 (Aren’t you going to defend yourself?) with all of the avengers, super angsty please?  

3. OMG WE CAN DO AN AVENGERS/READER!!! OKAY. “I’m not alright!”  Avengers/Reader, she sacrifices herself for them, they try to save her but she knows she’s going to die. Super angsty please and THANK YOU! You’re such a talented writer, I wish I could write like you!! PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP WRITING, YOU HAVE A GIFT THAT MUST BE PRESERVED!!

Thor pushed through the doors to the lab with a look on his face that made Tony take a step back, unsure if he had done something to incite the god’s anger and not willing to take any chances in getting too close.  “Woah, what crawled up your ass?  Slow down, big fella, it wasn’t me.”

“Have you seen (Y/N)?”

“No, why? What could she have done to get you this pissed?”

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October Cheerleader of the Month: Jasmine Owens-Oklahoma State University

Name: Jasmine Owens

Major: Strategic Communications  

School: Oklahoma State University

Years cheering: 7

Blog: http://cheerobbsessed.tumblr.com/

How did you get involved in cheerleading? I always went to my big sisters gymnastic classes and I always copied her, in the 6th grade I started taking tumbling classes at Spirit of Texas and the rest is history!

What is a typical week like for you? I wake up at 8:45 every weekday.

 Monday, Wednesday & Friday: class from 9:30-4:20 with some breaks in there; I watch a lot of TV! Shows like Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Dance Moms, Grey’s Anatomy Scandal, 19 Kids and Counting haha I watch it all!

 Tuesdays and Thursdays: I have 9 a.m. workouts with my team, and then I have class from 12:30-3:15 and regular cheer practice 8-10. If I’m not doing homework I am watching TV or hanging out with my two best friends Anna and Lacy!

Weekends: I go to church, try and make new friends around town and have practice 7-9 on Sundays

What is practice like for you? I carpool with my teammates Anna and Lacy and we arrive at practice about 15 minutes early so we can watch large coed practice (they are all amazing athletes). We warm up with high kicks, jumping jacks, lunges, etc. Then we circle up to pray and then do 5 standing back together. After that we circle up again in our stunt group and warm up 2 straight tosses and 2 full-ups. We tumble twice a week mainly focusing on jumps 2 to full for standing and right now I’m working on my whip punch full for running. We also alternate baskets (just got my double full)! And pyramid every other practice. Then we finish up with more group stunts.

What is your favorite thing about college cheer? One of my favorite things about college cheer is trying new things and my coaches pushing me to always get better! I just started flying this year so everything is so new and a little hard for me, but it feels amazing when I hit a new stunt for the first and my whole team cheers and yells good job! 

How have you managed to balance school, cheer, and a social life? As a freshman I’m still trying to figure out a balance those right now!  This is my first semester of college and it’s so different from high school.  I would say get a planner and write every little thing down in it! That should’ve been the first thing I did when I moved in, because I have forgotten to do my HW a few times. When it comes to my social life, my friends and I try to compare schedules to set up a weekly time to hang out. My friends and I meet 3 days a week for lunch in between classes. Also, studying together is a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. You actually have so much extra free time in college, if you just finish your homework as soon as you finish class you have the rest of the day to hang out or tumbling, and do whatever else you want!

What were tryouts like for you? Tryouts were exhausting for me, it was a 3 day process of all day stunting, tumbling, and cheering. It was extremely stressful because I was trying stunts I had never attempted as a flyer or base. I had no idea what to do, but I did make a lot of great friends who were just as nervous as me.

What is something you love about cheering for your school? I love the family that comes along with it. We all have gotten so close, when someone is going through a hard time, we all pray for each other. At practice we encourage each other and it is a really positive environment. I already feel so close to my cheer team and it’s amazing to see how much we have already improved since the summer! They are my family and if I weren’t on OSU cheer I wouldn’t have met my 2 best friends!

What advice do you have for someone who is considering college cheer? Tryout! Don’t be intimidated by what you read on their website or see in their nationals videos. Most coaches are will take someone who is willing to give 110% and does not have all the skills needed, over a talented athlete who does not give there all!

What is something that cheerleading has taught you? I learned that being pushed out of your comfort zone will make you a stronger and better person.

Favorite animal: Elephant

Favorite book: The Fault in Our Stars

Favorite TV show: The Originals

Plans for after your cheer career is over? I plant to start coaching at a gym, and pursue a career in event planning and photography. 

things I want the girls to post on their YouTube Channels

Nia: how she keeps her hair and skin so healthy, contemporary or modern combos because I’m sick of seeing her do mediocre jazz, covers. I also feel like Nia could have her own little advice column, because she’s so mature and a great role model.

Chloe: More hair tutorials because her hair is always perfect, video of her in tumbling/acro class because I’d love to see how much she’s improved, book reviews because she reads some great books and I’d love to know what she thinks of them.

Kendall: a Q&A, Bro tag with Maddie because they’re adorable together, a closet tour (her outfits are usually so cute to me idk why), and some covers

Jojo:  dance videos, a “how to make bows out of duck tape” tutorial (has she done one of those?)

Mackenzie: some good contemporary or jazz combos WITH NO TRICKS!!!! Also some covers because I’d love to hear how her voice has matured.

Paige: More DIY stuff because those are always very cute, some more challenges with Chloe.

Maddie: START POSTING HAIR AND MAKEUP VIDEOS AGAIN!!!! Also BTS of her photoshoots and gigs and Q&A.

Super Long Text Post About Taylor

DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying to bring the people who got packages or went to the secret sessions down in any way, shape, or form. I’m so happy for them. They are all very deserving people. I’m jealous as hell of course (I’m able to admit that) but I wouldn’t wish I had received a gift or an invite instead of any single one of them. I think Swifties need to stick together. And it is something that sets Taylor’s fans apart from others. We are a family. A massive family. We obviously all value similar things in life. So I don’t want to be “bitter,” instead I want to talk about my point of view.

I am 19 years old. And I have had about 6 tumblr accounts throughout my life, none of which stuck. Don’t ask me why. If I had to guess, good honest schoolwork had something to do with it. I recently got a Twitter. I signed up for Instagram last spring. Social media has always made me nervous. I’m still a child of the good ole Facebook generation. And sometimes I feel like I’m being punished for it.

I didn’t find out about the secret sessions until they had already happened. I remember sitting, stunned, staring at my computer screen as my heart broke a little bit. Why wasn’t I there? Was I not a big enough fan? But I remind myself everyday that, no, that is not the case. I just have never possessed the platforms to reach out to Taylor. So I’m doing it now. It’s taken me three months to learn the ins and outs of Tumblr. And now I want to make my stamp. A month ago was the first time I tagged Taylor in an Instagram pic, of course I had trouble sleeping, nervously awaiting the morning when I would see the update that taylorswift had liked my photo (or rather, video). But no, she hadn’t. So I started to reach out more, wade into the pool a little bit deeper. I started replying to her tweets. But obviously Tumblr is becoming the best way to connect with her. I can say, “Look TayTay, I’ve never been to a meet and greet, I’ve only been to one of your concerts. But I’m a fan. A substantial one. And one who it would mean the world to to be noticed by you.”

But every day I get on Tumblr and feel inadequate, or inferior to the girls and boys, women and men, who receive gifts or who have their personal Polaroid with her as their avatar. I’m just a different kind of fan. I’m no better or worse. We’re all equals here, whether we’ve been to every single concert 5 separate times, or have never seen her live at all. And I’m sure there are many others out there like me. 
I’m not incredibly poor. I’m lucky enough to go to college (on substantial financial aid) but it could be so much worse. I never went to an arena concert because my family couldn’t afford it. I had to hear friends talks about how much fun the Speak Now show was, or how during the Fearless tour one of them touched her hand. But i was a freshman in college when the RED tour hit and I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore. I think that was also when I realized how much taylorswift meant to me. When her shadow rose up behind the big curtain before “State of Grace,” I started crying uncontrollably, like a visceral reaction before my brain even had time to process.

100% of Taylor’s fanbase is not on Tumblr. If I had to ballpark it I would say 70% ish, though I believe that estimate is on the generous side. So being told I’m a “new” fan because I’m simply new to tumblr is neither true nor fair. I would like to know how many other boys and girls are out there like me. Those who are die-hard Swifties but still feel insufficient or like a newbie because they are not as Tumblr conscious as the rest of the Taylorsphere. And there’s someone else who we forget is new to Tumblr - the grand high badass herself. Some of us have followed you here, Taylor. And we love you just as much as those who have been blogging lyrics and gifs for the past few years. And one last point. I love you to death but my youth minister follows me on Instagram, I’m Facebook friends with professors, and some of my Twitter followers include friends’ parents and current employers. As much as I’d love to go totally nuts (in a good way) and geek out over my idolization of TSwizz, it’s just not, dare I say it, “appropriate.” And I KNOW there are some people sitting at their computer feeling my pain over this last point. But that’s how people were chosen for the secret sessions. And I don’t disagree with that strategy.

I just want to tell you taylorswift that I love you, I want to meet you. I want to speak to you. I want to pet your cat and pick your brain on songwriting and tell you why I think Dear John is the masterpiece of the century. I want to tell you in person that I’m a brunette with a fluctuating waistline who has genius Ph.D  parents and took French in high school but wishes she took Spanish. I want you to know that I can’t play Candy Crush but Bakery Story has been on my iPhone since senior year of high school. In freshman year, I broke my leg in tumbling class and was put in a full leg cast. A month later I got braces and a week after I got glasses. I saw Once on Broadway last year and cried like a baby. I rode an elephant at the circus when I was five and dyed the tips of my hair purple in 6th grade. I read Fifty Shades of Grey a year and a half ago but gave up 100 pages in because there was hardly any plot line outside of the sex scenes. But that’s alright because I’ve also read everything Agatha Christie has ever written and I got a 5 on my Lit AP. I don’t wear makeup daily but I’m meticulous about my eyebrows and skincare. I was diagnosed with a panic disorder after my first semester at college and my dad has been fighting cancer since 2006. 

But most of all I want to say that you being open about being a homebody and not “staying out too late” helped me admit to my friends that I just could no longer drag them home every weekend after nights spent sitting on couches drinking because I’m sorry I’m just not “cool” enough to call that fun. But I’m also a very reserved person and I don’t stand out in crowds. I don’t win competitions. I’ve never gotten the guy. I’ve always been the cool female friend who cleans up my male friends’ vomit and pulls a dollar out of her wallet if they come up short at the ticket booth.
And you’ve helped me accept that I’m okay like that. In fact, I like this about myself.
And I’m going to reblog this and tag you until you see it because I don’t want to sink into the crowd on tumblr. I want to stand out. And sometimes you have to be a bit ballsy (and vaguely annoying) to do that.
By the way: this whole thing was a journal entry before I finally sucked it up and decided to post.