tumbling bunny

  • Oh! Hello there, fellow USUK fans! This is a wonderful ship!~
  • Hello there, FrUK fans! Oh boy, this is such a wonderful ship as well!
  • How delightful! So many fans! So many shippers! What else is out there?
  • *walks into FrUS shipping hall*
  • *tumbleweed rolls through*
  • *several dust bunnies tumble over*
  • ...h-hello...? is there...? hello...?
  • silent wisper from the dark corners: the war was too much... we stood no chance...
  • what
  • tattered remains of FrUS shippers: help us. there.... isn't....enough.... *desperate gasp for ship* *clings to that one scene from the Centennial Gift episode and historical facts*
  • h...e...l...p...

Taking a few minutes out of my 2 week vacation to check in on the latest, and it seems like everyone has the winter blues along with a major case of PMS!!

I have been on this ship for exactly 1 year and 2 months. And, there have been far more ups than downs, more laughter than tears, and all because I follow awesome people who also follow a great show headlined by 2 pretty good people. Based on everything we know (and I speculate because contrary to my own belief that they should), they don’t consult or confide in me of matters that we find important! They are not perfect, and Sam’s latest mess is just a cluster of epic proportions. But, that is not the point of this post.

We ship what we see. We ship what we want to see. We ship when we really don’t know what we see. We ship to the point of having no ship! But, we really need to STOP making EVERYTHING about some random person who is completely IRRELEVANT to why we are here.

Visuals are easy. We see and we assume. And as my Dad preached when I was young…you know what “assume” means. And, we are driving the ship backwards!

I finally read Sam’s IG post today, and thought nothing of it except that he had an epiphany and shared as part of MPC. Why anyone would assume that had anything to do with the latest flag bearer is beyond me. He is pushing MPC…period. And the Matterhorn MPC picture launch…no real biggie either. As for the other…..puuulease!!If that picture rocked your world, then you need an adult beverage. That was so staged for innuendo purposes that I could have been the St. Bernard with a brandy in hand watching a newbie tumble down the bunny slope! And that flag scarf, or whatever the hell it was…..I have NOT stopped laughing about it, especially after comparing that to the pics with her other BF!!

It is easy to jump to conclusions…..I do it all the time. But, I also find the humor in puppetry when I see it, and try very hard to step back before I hit send. And, we have way too much seriousness around here these days. Maybe if we stopped focusing on what certain people are showing us, and turned those tables around everytime they do, we would find fun, joy, and hope on the ship again. And, we need to start controlling our own narrative. And most importantly….LAUGH!! That is my New Years resolution going forward.

So, I plan to blog the shit out of Cait this week because I want her to win her GG. And, I hope Sam is enjoying the launch of MPC, and shows support for his costar, friend, and quite possibly much, much more during this special time for her as well.

And, I will LMAO when we get another innuendo laden pic of the latest snowbunny because after the tumble on the bunny slope, there will not be enough flags in China to cover her ass when she hits the intermediate slope. Maybe we will find a balsam fir for cover! But, she will not be given any attention from me, other than to make fun of the sheer lunacy of it all.

Fan on sweet shipsters, but remember who you are fans of, and who should not make the cut, or our posts!! And, we are in this together…good, bad, ugly, and the insane. Celebrate it, and time to start acting like we control the fandom, not the other way around!! 🙈🙉🙊🤗😙