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Momma’s Boy Part 13

Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader


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The sun was almost set by the time you pulled up to the Salvatore Boarding House. You put your car in park before hopping out and grabbing a bag you had from the trunk before walking into the building as if it were your own home. Which it technically was, seeing as you lived there since you were kicked out of your parents house when you had just been turned into a vampire.

You walked into the main lounging area to see the Salvatore brothers causally relaxing. You had know the two for a while, ten years to be exact.

“Y/N! Your here, now we can really have some fun.” Damon replied as he immediately pulled out the Bourbon and some glasses.

“Yes, I have arrived. And I brought games!” You replied happily.

“Really Y/N? Games?” Stefan asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, your never to old for games. Besides I brought a deck of cards, Jenga, and Monopoly!” You replied as you pulled the games of the bag.

“No, no. Not Monopoly!” Damon spoke sternly.

“Oh come on Damon, that’s like the best one.” You whined.

“Are you afraid of losing again?” Stefan added with a smirk.

“It’s not losing when the two of you cheated by stealing from the bank the whole time.” Damon spoke with a look of annoyance on his face as he filled up the glasses with alcohol before passing one to you and Stefan. You couldn’t help but laugh at the memory.

“In our defense, you weren’t really paying attention.” You spoke casually before downing your drink in one go.

“No Monopoly!” Damon repeated stubbornly.

“Fine, no Monopoly. But could I at least get another drink?” you asked, holding up your empty glass.

“That, I can do.” Damon said as he refilled your cup.

About two bottles of Bourbon later and you could feel the warming and tingling effects that were reactions to the alcohol as the three of you sat around the table playing Jenga.

It was Stefan’s turn and the two of you watched him intently. Your eyes concentrated on his face, his strong jawline and soft eyes. You watched the way his brow furrowed as he carefully slid out the tiny wooden block without tipping the tower over.

“Your turn.” Stefan said to you with a smile. You took a minute, trying to figure out which piece to move with out sending the whole thing crashing down before deciding. You carefully pulled at the piece of wood.

“Hey Y/N?” Damon asked out of nowhere.

“What, Damon? I’m a little busy here.” you replied not taking your eyes of the task in front of you as you tugged a little harder on the piece.

“Remember that time you told me how cute you thought Stefan was?” Damon replied quickly.

Your jaw dropped and your hand jerked forward, sending the pile of blocks tumbling down in response. You were shocked and embarrassed at the same time, mostly because it came out of nowhere.

“Damon!” You exclaimed, throwing a hand full of blocks I’m his direction.

“Oh, that’s right Stefan doesn’t know.” Damon spoke with fake shock as he tried and failed to hide his smile. Damon knew that Stefan didn’t know about the crush you had on him since almost day one of the two of you meeting. You stole a glance at Stefan who sat quietly in his seat, looking between the two of you while tapping the rim of his glass with his pointer finger. The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“Well, I guess I’m going to bed, seeing as you’ve ruined my fun.” you replied bitterly. You quickly got up and exited the room as Stefan shared look with Damon.

“Go get her, baby bro.” Damon encouraged as he raised his glass in Stefan’s direction. Stefan downed the rest of his drink before getting up and making his way towards your room.

Two small knocks on the door caught your attention. You turned around to see Stefan leaning against the door frame with his hands shoved in his pockets. You let your eyes drift over his form, you couldn’t help but be attracted to the guy. Who couldn’t be with his perfect bone structure, bright green eyes, and a pair of lips that looked so kissable at the moment.

“Hey” Stefan spoke softly.

“Hi” you replied glancing down at the floor, you didn’t know what else to say.

“Is what Damon said true? You know, the part about you liking me?” Stefan asked as he walked forward until he stood do infront of you. Right about now you felt like crawling into a hole and dying of embarrassment. You could feel the blush creeping onto your cheeks.

“Would it be awkward if I said it was?” You replied looking up into his light green eyes.

“Not as awkward as I thought it would be if you found out how much I like you.” Stefan spoke in a quieter tone.

“Wait, what?” You asked with a confused expression.

“I like you, Y/N, a lot.” Stefan clarified. You felt as if this was a dream, Stefan Salvatore standing here confessing he liked you in a way you never thought possible.

“So is it true?” Stefan asked as he played with the tips of your fingers. You were silent for a moment before you pulled him in by his collar, lips finding his as the two of you engaged in a sweet but tender kiss.

“Does that answer your question?” You replied with a smile.


hey if you’re blocking people block these two users
- @lucystarkid
- @alwaysyouinmyheart
Because it’s mad fucking disgusting and stupid to say shit like this! How dare you stand up for the abuser in this situation because the abused came forward anonymously. How dare you not ‘pass judgement’ or ‘decide what the truth is’ when someone had the strength to publish information of them being fucking groomed as a CHILD in this fandom.

Okay but here's the worst hc I have

The army was running from the Faceless in that one chapter in conquest. They have a way out but the Faceless are coming FAST and Leo, Niles and Odin are dead last in the mad dash to escape. Odin gets out but there’s only enough time for Leo or Niles to go before the Faceless catch up. So of course Leo starts lecturing.

“You can’t be serious there MUST be a way out. I- I know I have to hurry up but please can you just-!”

Niles, however, has a dead look in his eyes. His gaze reaches up to meet Leo’s

“…Lord Leo.”

Leo knows that look. He knows *exactly* that look, and what it means. He’s seen it when Niles was alone at the mess hall, or when Selena had once grabbed his collar and called him “A stupid, worthless PERVERT!”

“No, no no no I am not going to tolerate any of this,” Leo’s words are shaky, “If you think for one second that you-”

Niles grabs him in a moment, and without any warning kisses him. Leo has never, ever been kissed, and freezes in his arms, and when he pulls away Niles is smiling softly

“…It was a pleasure, more than a pleasure…Promise me you’ll have a good life.”

Then he shoves him back, straight into the one passageway, slamming his foot against a rock and causing it to tumble down, blocking off the passageway just as the Faceless reach Niles’s smiling face. And then it’s quiet.

And Leo just screams.

anonymous asked:

If you have the time, I was craving some angst and I was wondering if I could get some headcannons or dabbles on reader finding out phillip/Hercules/john/aaron cheated on them?

Herc is amazing, but I just felt like I hadn’t written him in a while so here we go.

How could you have missed it? The signs were blatantly obvious to you now. Practically screaming like danger signs warning you of tumbling blocks, telling you to keep steady or you would fall, but you missed them. Blinded by the so called “love” you firmly believed you shared with your Hercules. So life goes, nothing is perfect.

Curled like a child trying to find solace and grounding, you laid in the middle of your once shared bed. Tears stained the comforter as you could still smell Hercules’ cologne from his side of the bed. What once comforted you, now broke you. Imagining how much she must’ve loved the strong, romanticising signature scent he carried; remembering it was you who gave him the cologne as a Valentine’s Day gift, you shuddered, gritting your teeth from the pain you felt.

Hearing the doorbell, you sat up slowly. In no rush knowing who it was. Wiping your tears in an attempt to stop them, despite knowing they’d only well up and pour out again. Opening the front door you left him to see himself in, while you walked to the kitchen table, sitting down.

“I-,” you sniffled, trying to truly pull yourself together, “I put it all in the dining room.

“Okay,” Herc nodded, “I’ll get it.”

Your response was one simple nod, before bringing your hand over your mouth as you felt the water respawn in your eyes. You hiccuped back your sounds of sadness. Watching your former lover pick up the boxes containing all his things. Not wanting it to be over, but knowing it had to be was the hardest part.

“If I could do it all again,” Herc paused setting the box on the table, “I-I would’ve treated you better.”

“You treated me fine, Herc,” you looked up through wet eyelashes, “I don’t know what I did to make you stop.”

“I’ll still love you,” Herc confessed.

That was exactly what you were going to miss. He had treated you perfectly, like a princess, until she came along. But some how you felt it was still your fault, or why would he have strayed
from you?

“I always thought it seemed…too good to be true,” you shrugged, lightly, but soon shifting your eyes in attempts to gather your strength as the tears streamed down, “and I was right.”

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could you write a fic where Carter starts repeating stuff to Will that Nico says in Italian like swears and stuff, but doesn't realize what the words actually mean while Will has learned some of those words and partially understands him.


Cazzo!” Will thought maybe he heard wrong. It was a young voice that had shouted the word, and their limited range of speech mad the word sound more like “kazoo” then it’s Italian equivalently sounding word. Will brushed it off before another word sounded down the hallway, much louder this time. “Merda!” Will frowned and stuck his head out of his office, looking down the hallway. Nico had run out on a grocery trip a little bit ago, and Will didn’t think he was back yet. That only left Will, and their son Carter in the house.

Which meant that Will’s six year old was the one saying those things.

Will stood up when he heard the words again, frowning as he made his way to the living room. When he made it down the hallway, he found Carter sitting on the floor in the living room, frowning over a pile of blue blocks that had apparently fallen over before Carter had the chance to play destruction and knock them over himself. He didn’t seem to notice Will standing in the hallway, and he used the block in his hand to hit the other blocks that had toppled over. “Cazzo! Cazzo! Merda!” he said it with all the conviction of a six year old and Will made a grumbling noise.

The only person carter could’ve learned Italian words from was Chiara or Nico, and he hadn’t seen Chiara since Christmas of last year. Which meant that Will’s husband was the culprit. Will was really going to let him have it when Nico got home from the store. Will wasn’t exactly a no-curse word person, he let them slip from time to time, but he didn’t think a six year old should be shouting them because his blocks had fallen over. Even if they were Italian and Will only knew what they meant because they were Nico’s favorite curse words.

“Carter?” Will stepped into the living room as Carter started to rebuild whatever he had made before the blocks had tumbled. “Where did you learn those words?” He sat down on the couch and picked up a few of the blue blocks, handing them to Carter when he made grabby motions for them. It looked like Carter was trying to build a castle. Or a rather large house.

“Papa!” He chirped happily in response to Will’s question. “He teach me ‘talian.” While Carter seemed quite proud about learning new things in a different language, Will wasn’t too happy about the nature of the words that he was learning. Did Nico have to teach him curse words? Or had Carter picked them up simply from hearing Nico say them so much? Either way, Will was going to have to have a talk with Nico when he got home.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. Will heard the garage door lifting up before the door into the house opened not long after. Carter abandoned his building (not before placing a well-thought out arm through the structure) and ran to the door, pulling it open with his chubby hands. Nico appeared on the other side with his arms full of groceries, smiling down at Carter.

“Hey, Bean! I got your favorite, corn dogs!” Carter clapped loudly and reached up to try and grab the bag out of Nico’s hands. He managed to snag the corner, ripping the paper bag and causing its contents to spill out onto the floor in the kitchen. Fruits and vegetables went flying, and Nico cursed loudly.


Will’s frown only deepened when Carter sounded all too happy as he repeated Nico. “Merda!”

Both Nico and Carter were put in time-out

One-shot: Grooming

Title: Grooming

Pairing: NejiTen

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,303

Summary: A small one-shot inspired by this lovely fanart by papabay. After a day of intense training, Neji is left to care for a filthy Tenten. Neji despises messes and Tenten loves to rile him up.

Tenten giggled as Neji brushed his soft fingers over her cheek and scrubbed insistently at a stubborn dirt mark. The look of concentration he had on his face was absolutely adorable and Tenten knew that she was the only one that he ever allowed to see the way he would suck on his lips and wrinkle his nose this way.

Sometimes she would catch a glimpse of that secretive expression during training when he was concentrating particularly hard on a target or technique but the second he felt her eyes examining him, it was gone and replaced with his usual cold frown.

“Gai-sensei really worked us hard today.” Tenten mentioned cheerfully as Neji licked his thumb and rubbed her nose. She frowned and pursed her lips in a small pout. 

“And you’re as filthy as ever.” He commented mildly, “You could at least take a little care to avoid the mud.” 

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How to Write Conflict.

Yesterday a follower asked me this question and I replied privately, but my answer was so detailed, I figured I’d share it. 

Goals. Your characters have to have goals. Even if that goal is to be left alone. Everything that happens that stands in the way of that goal, that threatens that goal or removes that goal is conflict.

1. Build up. Start with a small problem and let it explode into a huge conflict. It should rise, the conflict. Don’t start on page one and let there be 100 zombies at the door, let it start with 1 zombie and then 2, then 3 and then slowly 100.

2. Relevance. Nothing worse than a useless fight for no reason. Like, having people yell at each other just because you love to write dialogue. It all must relate, it all must fit and it all must push the story.

3. Conflict should come in many forms. Lets look at  The Hunger Games.

Katniss vs. The Capitol.
Katniss vs. the other contestants
Katniss vs. herself.
Katniss vs. love.
Katniss vs. her public persona.

That’s one book. Katniss fights on so many levels. She struggles against many things even her growing feelings for Peeta vs. her feelings for Gale. She struggles with how the world views her. She struggles with the necessity of killing other people, etc.

And, THG is not the most complex story.

4. Stumbling stones, barriers, etc.

Goal: John wants to hang a painting.  
Conflict: There is a painting already hanging in the perfect spot and that painting is mounted to the wall.

John wants to try to remove the painting, but he can’t reach. So, John gets a stepping stool.

John can reach the painting, but the painting is screwed into the wall.

John goes to get a screwdriver, but he finds his wife using it and she is not talking to him, because of the argument they had the night before. John must figure out a way to get screw driver from wife.

John gets screw driver, returns to stepping stool to find his two your old son, sitting on it, watching Blues Clues, a show that his son can never be disturbed from or he will cry, loudly.

John gets his kid in a new position, climbs up on the stepping stool, unscrews two corners, is going from the third and then trips off the stepping stool.

Now, with a busted hand, John unscrews the painting and can finally hang the piece of art that he truly wants.

In this situation.

John wanting to hang a painting  = goal.
The already hung painting = conflict
The different problems in removing the conflict =s tumbling blocks.

Those blocks, help to raise the tension and stack the odds against John, our hero. DO NOT MAKE IT EASY. Throw Stones, pull the rug from out beneath them, catch them in a thunderstorm and let their mother-in-law come to town. Difficult journey is a conflict filled journey.

These are the main things I can think of. Below are some links from the writing index of my blog where you can find dozens of tips on a variety of topics from several sources including yours truly!






Freerunning with Ninja Warrior @katiemcdonnell

For more photos and videos of Katie’s urban acrobatics, follow @katiemcdonnell on Instagram.

Urban acrobat. Sometimes stuntwoman. Accidental ninja. Professional freerunner Katie McDonnell (@katiemcdonnell) competed fiercely on Ninja Warrior UK last spring, but unlike most contestants, she did not prepare for months. “I did one day of specific training for the show,” says Katie, though she still crushed the TV program’s brutal course. The 24-year-old Windsor, England, native found freerunning by chance. While practicing cheerleading flips and tricks at the gym, a group of men assembled a series of obstacles that blocked her tumbling path. “I said, ‘Well, I can’t tumble here now, but I might as well join in with what you’re doing!’” Now, even as a professional, Katie maintains a similar curious and playful attitude while tackling tough tricks on the street or in the gym. “I didn’t step out thinking, ‘Oh, I can make a career out of this,’” Katie says. “It’s something I was doing for fun.”


early Regal Believer, little toddler Henry in Regina’s office, FFnet

Big thanks to Anastasia @spiral-nebula for beta-ing this :-* Seriously, what would I do without you? Regina would probably still sit under that desk ^^
This is also an attempt of peace-offering for Sophia @onceuponahappytime ;) Congratulations on passing your exam today, Madame Lawyer!

This day is endless.

Every day has been endless for the last two decades. Day in, day out. Always the same. She gets to her office in the morning, goes to meetings, does paper work, does her job as a mayor of this town. A dull day on repeat. Someone will barge in to claim ‘new’ rules and regulations or complain about one of her ‘latest’ decisions in town. Who interrupts her varies though. Sometimes often it’s Leroy, sometimes it’s Graham; even the cursed version of Snow strolls into her office from time to time. But often it’s just some random unhappy citizen. But are they? Are they actually unhappy?

Regina sighs as she’s sitting at her desk, and slips out of her heels. She grabs the next paper from her “to-do” pile (even that is on repeat) in front of her as she hears a little gurgle from the couch.

Her little prince.

Henry was a bit under the weather this morning. It’s the beginning of fall and almost every child in that daycare seems to be sick. So she brought him here with her to the town hall. He’s playing quietly with his toys, builds little towers, babbles incoherent words, creates stories and worlds that only he understands. He seems to be happy. She hopes he is in this world of repeat.

She’s concerned about what these endless days will do to him. When will he notice that something’s not right? When will he notice that the other kids aren’t getting taller like he is? He seems to be happy now but she doubts it’ll stay like this forever. In all these endless days.

She feels selfish for bringing him here, for letting him grow up in this made-up world that isn’t real. Did Regina do it only for her own good? So she doesn’t have to be alone anymore, doesn’t have to feel that hole in her heart getting bigger with every endless day?

Little feet tap over the marble floor. Regina looks up and sees him grinning from ear to ear, holding a red wooden toy block out towards her.

“What do you have there, sweetie?” she beams at him. His smile is contagious, as long as Henry’s happy, Regina is too.

He’s still standing next to the couch, unsure what to do next. Then he starts with small but fast little steps in her direction. Her little boy just got the hang of walking, so his steps are still a little unsteady but confident.

Step, step, step, ste-


He lands on his knees with a thud, the red block tumbling through air as he catches himself on his little hands. Regina instantly turns in her chair and wants to get up to help him. She can see he’s distraught, his bottom lip is wobbling as he looks up at her, a pleading expression drawn on his face.

She resists the urge to swoop him up from the floor, stays where she is and says “It’s okay. You can do it, Henry.”

He lets out a big sigh and wriggles a little on the floor. “Mama.”

“Yes, sweetheart. You can do it, I know it.” She opens her arms to him. “Come here, my little prince.”

Henry looks at her again with beseeching eyes, in one last attempt to get her to help him so he doesn’t have to do it on his own. But she doesn’t move, apart from rolling a little closer with her chair, her arms still open to him.

He lifts his little butt in the air, which looks way too adorable, and pushes himself up until he’s standing. He grins again.

“There you go! Come here,” she encourages him. He starts running again but stops mid-way to pick up the red block that fell out of his hand earlier. He squads down, grabs the toy with tiny fingers and continues running across the room, straight into her arms. Regina picks him up now, lifting him in the air, wriggling him for a moment, drawing a giggle and a toothy smile out of her little boy before flopping him on her lap, hugging him tightly. “See, you did it! All by yourself. I’m so proud of you, my little prince.” She kisses the top of his head and pulls back to look at him. He grins up at her, his eyes shining with happiness.

Suddenly he remembers the reason why he ran towards her and holds up the red block proudly. “Mama!”

“For me?” Regina gasps in played surprise and takes the wooden toy from him as he nods. Only now does she notice its form. There are still edges for a better grip for young toddlers like her son, but the shape is unmistakably round, round like an apple. Henry’s jumping up and down a little on her lap, looking up at her expectantly.

She looks stunned from the wooden apple to her little prince. “Thank you, Henry” she says, her voice thick with emotions. “Thank you” she repeats in a whisper while hugging him close to her again.

Regina can hear him giggle, tries to copy her by flinging his little arms around her torso.

This day might still be endless, but it’s a little brighter thanks to her little prince.