Angel Rice taking standing tumbling to a new level


Soooo my lil mini has begged me to start her own IG page . So here it is @zoeyflipsalot if you could give her a follow. She 💕💕💕💕 flipping and swimming 💃🏽💃🏽🐠🐠 @zoeyflipsalot


This “Step Hurdle” challenge is crazy. Here’s Artem Dolgopyat’s new submission to the challenge. If you are unfamiliar with what this is Bram Verhofstad from the Netherlads created this challenge with the step hurdle to a triple full and today Artem just submitted his new challenge with the step hurdle double front. Crazy but on the upside this challenge shows mastery of technique. 

Robbie Rotten and Glanni Glæpur Headcanons

This is how I see their familial relationship working out in most of my headcanon universes.

  • Glanni and Robbie are ‘technically’ related
  • Robbie is 6′2″ and Glanni is 6′4″ without heels
  • Robbie’s father is technically Glanni’s first cousin
    • Glanni is pretty much the same age as Robbie’s father
  • Robbie’s mother is a disgraced elf - who never bonded with her child when he was born - due to her own issues and her husband’s death.
  • Glanni got pretty damn attached to wee baby Robbie when he was born
    • Robbie’s mother wanted nothing to do with him
    • Glanni hated to see Robbie not loved properly
    • He just straight up stole him one day
    • Yes, Glanni stole Robbie
    • And raised him his own damn self
    • No he never gave him back
    • No he doesn’t give a single fuck
    • Robbie doesn’t either
  • Glanni and Robbie are tremendously close, despite how they act toward each-other
  • Glanni will kill a motherfucker if they think of hurting Robbie
  • Glanni threatens Sportacus will all sorts of maiming if he dares to hurt ‘his baby’
  • Glanni is a horrific mix of older brother, uncle, father and overbearing mother in one beautiful lipstick and eyelined package.
  • Glanni has horrible (to Robbie) nicknames for him
    • Sweetpea
    • Honey
    • My baby
    • Precious child
    • Shithead
    • Marshmallow
    • Pumkin
  • So, all in all:
    • They are messed up
    • But the beautiful kind of messed up
    • … But seriously if Sportacus hurts Robbie Glanni will kill a man



all i want for christmas is her jumps