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my blog became one year old this month and it’s overwhelming how supportive this fandom is and how much fun i’ve had with you guys. i’ve been meaning to do this for a few days but to say that this last week of 2016 was trying is simply not enough. i almost didn’t make anything but i feel like we need a lot of support and love to start off a new year in a better place. so this isn’t really a follow forever – more like, i’m very happy to be able to follow these people and i hope 2017 is a great year to us all 💓

please excuse the graphic, i did not have time to make a proper one today and i wanted a badass leia to go with this

💞 ultimate favorites or i’m sorry but every now and then i stalk your blogs: 

@mlder @hanspolo @cleverdistraction @praisethelourrd @rufustfirefly @becketts @leiasalonga @leias @poeedamerons

💞 i really like following you guys:

@18tpaz @a-nakinskywalker @amidalaspadme @binarysunset @bisexualeia @borderlineanakin @carriefishr @cassianandrr @cloepatra @cvssiansandors @daisyrid @dixonsolo @ffinn @fisherford @han-leia-solo @hanslo @hansoilo @hansolo @hvnleia @hvnsolo @isaccoscar @imwechirrut @jynersoandor @k2so @kanjiklubs @kaydel @kcenobi @leiasreys @leiaorganavevo @oikenobi @oncloudcity @organasrey @otterandterrier @p-andore @peppperpotts @senatorgana @titasjournal @thefirstorders @vesperlynds @xwlng  

💞 special mentions to the blogs i’m a member of:

@fycarriefisher & @harryandcarrison