Light at Sea (Yoongi x Julie)

Hi guys so this Oneshot is a little bit different; So this is like Yoongi with an X reader Oneshot if you guys are confused who Julie is, this Oneshot is for my best friend named Julie also know as Jimint in her tumblg blog so when this posted its the day for her birthday so I decided to gift her this Oneshot I made for her and her kpop crush Yoongi from BTS, so if she likes it then I would make a part two of this. So I hope this clear all the confusion and enjoy this special oneshot for my best friend Julie, love you girl!!! 

I see depression as a deepest dark bottom of the ocean, because many people have their head down to look how deep and scary it is in the ocean, as if they’re staring the soul in your eyes in those color darken as you stare the depths of it. And faith or happiness is the dot of the sun, the first planet that is the center of every planet is the highest on the sky that helps us shine brightly of where we are, helps us see where we going, where our path is and also help us remind that we’re happy the way we are in life but last part doesn’t work for me. Every day I feel like I have been sinking more and more to the depths in the ocean with no strength to swim back up and I haven’t been better with every help I have. Every day I felt sinking deep that I couldn’t even look up to see the sun, it was always the same things over and over again and I’m getting sick of it, there’s no help, no chances, no freedom and no happiness. There’s no other idea than to be sunk on a ocean and never be found. 

As I finished writing my suicide note, I wrote my name on it for those who found my note who liked to know who killed themselves, “Yoongi” after I wrote my name I started to breathing shakily and also my hands shaking outta fear, I’m really going to do this I’m going to jump and drown myself, end of my story. I started to look the sky of the cliff where I drove, the sky is the definition black twinkled with millions of star which makes it prettier for the night and it makes me feel hopeful because I can be one of those twinkle star. I exit of my car and placed a suicidal note on front of it, thinking that I don’t need to use my car anymore and that’s there no turning back from this trance I’m in, so I started to see the ocean Yellow Sea, where you can see no separated island near the ocean just ocean all around and its huge and deep; I used to come here when I was child where my parents used to tell me a story about a mermaid living in that ocean and I used to believe in that silly fairtale, right after I jump in there there will be no survival for me as there’s be hundred of dangerous fishes or shark eating parts of my body and no mermaid there. I stand on the edge of the cliff shivering the cold for the late night is it and staring how much bottom it is to the cliff to the ocean, its quite scary to think to jump in there and I don’t care, I just want to die, so I closed my eyes and I lean my body a little bit to fall from a cliff. I gasped when I fall from a cliff and then it was quicker to me to fall in the ocean and when my body pound in the ocean I was already unconscious. 

I didn’t feel anything when I got unconscious but I can feel the coldness and being wet and not be able to breathe, its actually working. I opened my eyes and I see the twinkled sky and the edge of the cliff being blurry for the ocean and being discolored and slowly disappearing to the images of the ocean wave, I’m slowly sinking to the depths of the ocean and I don’t have the strength to swim my body up or to breathe anymore I’m slowly drowning myself. While I’m in the process of drowning I saw in the distance of a tail waving around swimming around toward me, assuming that it might be a big fish but when it got closer to me I thought that Death was hallucinating me because I’m pretty sure that there’s no such fish species that have arms like human do or even head to stomach body parts like human do so when it comes toward me I panicked a little, suffocating me as I scream a little letting my airs go and swim father to the creature but unfortunately my back reached to cliff wall leaving no other way but to swim back up and that’s not happening when I’m closer to it, when it came toward me I was confused but also amazed to the creature. The creature look like a very beautiful girl, pale skin, big brown eyes, plump lip, hair black short but red at the tip of the end, everything about this creature has left me amazed by its beauty that I can stared for hours for it till my time is up but which scare me the most that its has a tail like fish tail but bigger and yet a pretty color as the fins is a navy blue but in the end at the tail is a purple one, while staring at it I have began thinking which fish creature it is that it may have look like a human but non of it match than my reminder of my parents fairytale which I doubt it thou, I was about to touch this creature but the creature has touch my face that leave me unconscious again.  

Could it been that Death has finally caught me right when I was about to touch her? Because if I’m dead then why do I feel alive and breathing instead of feelin caged up and drowning or else it might be heaven I am. I started to feel conscience and breathing a little bit more, this is it I am finally dead and I might been in heaven, I started to opened my eyes letting my eyes process the blur back to the reality, when it did I started to look at the clear skies and with that I’m already disappointed, I’m not dead I’m still fucking alive in this cruel world that even drowning didn’t work for me, “Dammit!!!” I screamed angry as I lay where there where I am but then a heard a gasp I thought it was my inner body sound so I ignored it, but then a moment I felt one of my leg being touched so I freaked out and sit straight to see what it was, it was the same creature again the same girl in the ocean who saw me dying and probably the one who save my life when I didn’t want to, she looked scared and shock at me with her hand between us, assuming that it was her that touched my leg to see if I’m awake, the only difference about this girl is that she doesn’t have a tail, she has human legs like us and not the beautiful fish tail I saw in the ocean but still she’s the same girl I saw swimming in the ocean. None of us says a word but since I see her so scared of me its better for me to comfort her and ask her questions too because since now I look where I’m at, I’m basically in a sea world magical island by its mystical beauty; “Hello” I talk first seeing her with the same shocked face staring at me but now its seems calming down, “H-hi” she finally speak but still she looked to me, “H-hey it’s okay don’t be scared of me.” I comfort her and starting to touch her but she back away farther from me, “I-I know I try not too but to be honest with you this is the first time for me to talk an human.” She admitted why and giggle for it showing her whitely pearls teeth she has, I may be speechless to her beauty but that doesn’t mean that I was paying attention to her conversation as I got confused when she said talking to a human like me, “Talking to a human like me? What do you mean by that? You’re not an human?” I asked her questions but the only response she gave was a simple nod, “Then what are you?” I asked, she gave her time to think about it and it looks like she got her decision, “It’ll be easier to show you.” She said it as he stand up and reached her hand for me so I took it to see who she is. We didn’t exactly walk very far we just walk to the nearest pound, as we walk very far from it she stop me and started to walk in the pound and while I was seeing the whole thing I could not believe what I’m seeing, her legs magically form in a one big fish tail like I seen in the ocean, I could not believe what I’m seeing she’s a mermaid, mermaid are real; “You’re an mermaid?” I asked shocked, she giggles the question “Yes yes I am, oh! I forgot to introduce myself my name is Julie, what yours?” She answer and introduced herself and reach out her hand again but to shake it so I shake her hand “Mines Yoongi, nice to meet you Julie.”