This is for who is a precious treasure that deserves happiness. I don’t know her personally, but she’s touched a lot of people who are insecure of themselves, and gives out the occasional puppy therapy when needed.
So, I decided to give her a family portrait of our favorite archer and cowboy, and their children!
Thank you, Jordan! :)

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hey dude like coming from someone who started drawing with animals and find them easier than humans i see so many people /struggle/ with animals an i gotta say ur improvement from the first time u started drawing tums is fucKIN INCREDIBLE DUDE

god yeah i look at my first tums drawing and cringe i’m so glad i started practicing dogs

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Non c'è bisogno di mostrarci,
metterci in mostra
per farci notare.
Se siamo speciali,
veniamo fuori anche
nel silenzio.
—  Ilfrusciodelvento