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Mardi Gras, Birthdays and presents

Tuesday was, of course Mardi Gras Day.

My husband and I don’t go downtown New Orleans to celebrate anymore but the boys still do. The youngest was handcuffed and “detained” during one parade because he was an ass. But they had bigger fish to fry than a kid who touched one of the floats during the parade so they let him go after cussing him out and scaring him. If you ever come to New Orleans, do not do this. He was lucky he was not drinking. He still caught a lot of stuff thrown from the floats. I guess he’s going to decorate his room in beads….

To add to the celebration, we received the most awesome poppers/crackers from Jennifer because she is awesome. She also sent art and a letter that I keep reading because it makes me so happy (and she is the funniest person I know). She said I could share the crowns or wear them all myself. One of the boys went out still wearing his but I’m sure he claimed he was the king of his Krewe.

The pic of me wearing mine was on one of their cameras but they haven’t sent it to me yet.

The poppers/crackers that neither popped nor cracked we’re beautifully hand made and had little presents and candies. This one was my favorite.

I wonder what Lottie will trade for the Bacon Card.

I love you Jennifer!

Cajun Reeboks...

After having a chat with Jennifer about shrimp boots (cajun reeboks) I remembered that just 2 weeks ago, my husband had to be forced to remove his before attending an event relating to his daughter’s wedding type thing at a country club down on the bayou in Thibodaux, LA. He thought they went nicely with his tie.

This is the right color, Jennifer.

I’m not sure why.

I still want to call mine wellies.

Jennifer says: “As long as they aren’t pink or  ~patterny~

Mine are exactly pink AND patterny which you can almost tell in this photo.

If my accent or lack thereof didn’t target me as a damn yankee, my boots did.