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It’s (Not) Rocket Science

So I haven’t uploaded anything in a while; I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump so I’m not sure how this has turned out but I took the opportunity to write in honour of @bionic-buckyb‘s 5k celebration. Congratulations love xx

Hope you guys enjoy and, hey, feedback’s always welcome xx

Word count: 3.1k (it’s a long’un, my friends)

Prompt/category: Blind date

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So yeah I now have blonde/white and black hair , also if you guys and gals could check out my new video on YouTube Channel : https://youtu.be/RzQJIvwfaiY that would be awesome , once my new tattoo is finished , I’ll be doing a video on what my tattoos are and one they mean to me , many thanks and love all of you!!

From Ben x

Masterpost: Round Two

Prompt: Cas and Dean have been dating for a couple months now but are trying to keep it quiet while they figure things out. There’s some unexpected downtime and Dean’s determined to make the most of it, setting up a whole bunch of activities for the two of them. The only problem: they keep running into Sam and have to pretend that they are not, in fact, on a date at all.

Sam and Eileen have been dating for a couple months now but are trying to keep it quiet for now. When the brothers get some down time, Sam invites Eileen over to spend some much needed time together. They make a day of it and are having a great time… except they keep running into Dean and Cas. Eventually they’re going to run out of excuses about why they can’t stay to hang out with them…

(Keep it Teen rated. Innuendos are fine but no on screen sexual acts. Your post can focus on one of the couples doing a date activity, both couples, and/or the brothers trying to avoid each other. Side characters welcome but only over the phone/Skype. The boys aren’t confined to the bunker, but let’s keep them in Kansas. No hunting, no killing, no one’s hurt. Set vaguely during canon.)

Schedule and Posting Instructions

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My names Kotah/Sammy/xander/ Luke .. I don’t know honestly I’m 16 I’m Pansexual and single lol I like smoking , reading , writing, cooking , petting animals, watching TV , playing sports , drawing, looking at art,painting , poetry ,skateboarding, and alot more

Fanart Monday!

Man, waking at 6 am every day for college is gonna be the death of me. Good thing that, as a skeleton comic author, I can’t really die!

Let’s keep the lovely fanarts coming!!

Lovely fanart of the week, submitted yesterday by @family-tumbler-of-doom!! [Doggy Frisk, so cute cute cuteee!!]

More under the sexy cut <3

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Hey guys, Denny’s Tumbler Dad here,

I just wanted to vent tonight. I’ve been feeling pretty cheesed off lately. I look at this beautiful Internet where information and ideas flow freely and liquidly and i just Shake My Head because I also see so many people using hate language, making sick burns, totally owning each other, and it just really bums me out. Look at this wonderful wild, wild west (like Will Smith once had) and some of use it to be no good Punks and Rabble Rousers?! Come on guys and gals. Let’s be better to each other. Kindess is the most coveted commodity! Let’s use this beautiful system of tubes and e-links to share beautiful pictures of elegant mammals, teach each other about science and math and all the wonders of space, and trade funny GIF Images and JPEGS that make us laugh and enjoy this gorgeous life! Because starting Beefs with others on the Internet is exactly what a Quitter would do. And we’re better than that. 

Thanks for listening guys. Thanks for Being There.




Hey guys! Thanks to the overwhelming attention “Cat Call” got today, I’ve been advised to start a tumblr and dump my blogspot. So here I go! Thanks everyone so much for the positive feedback!

I get that Festivus....

is for the rest of…somebody or other… but does a holiday about nothing really need to f&*k with my Tumblr GUI right now? I blame Sony. This shit makes me want to hack their e-mails too FFS.