tumbler gf

haha can you fellow tumblers relate?

my gf: what are u thinking about
me: oh no, nothing
my brain: i can’t believe ronald ‘mac’ mcdonald is canonically gay and out of the closet on it’s always sunny in philadelphia (2005-present), a show notoriously known for having characters that are in complete denial about all aspects of their life (aka their past childhood traumas, their shortcomings in life, their nonexistent love lives, etc). by implying that mac was gay gave him complexity in seasons 1-8 but after it became glaringly apparent that mac was Gay As Fuck in season 9 it seemed like the show was going to keep mac in the closet forever due to mac’s aforementioned denial about every aspect of his life. after 11 seasons mac comes out in an epiphany-like manner to only be shoved back into the closet one episode later when mac reverts back to thinking he’s not gay. after the backlash from upset lgbt fans, in season 12, episode 6 “hero or hate crime?” mac officially comes out as gay in a moment of rare, pure happiness that never occurs on the show, and if it does its quickly carted off as a joke. its always sunny went completely against their comedic formula so mac, whos been in the closet for the entirety of 11 and a half seasons, could come out like he deserved while still being viewed as another member of the gang because of his shared dysfunction with them.