Hey guys!

How are you? 

I’m really sorry for taking this long to post again, but these last months were crazy! Anyway, I’m back! I’ve missed you so much!

I wanna thank all the people that are still here! 

I’m not going to post 15 times a day like a used to, but I promise that I’ll do my best! 

Have a lovely day

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ps. I found a facebook page called exactly like this (Motivate Yourself Each And Every Day) and with the same description but it’s not mine. Beware of imitations! ;)

Hey guys!

How are you? 

I just wanna tell you that I’ll not be able to post as much as always for some days cause I had a problem on a finger :( 

It’s really difficult for me to type but I’ll try to post sometimes! I’m really sorry guys! I hope you’ll understand :)

Anyway, how’s your day going? 

Have a lovely day xx

Herbalistwitchery’s “’Take Care of Yourself’ Bath Salts”

This is a repost since the original Tumblelog was deleted.

“Take Care of Yourself” Bath Salts

The rune I pulled today reminded me that I can’t help others if I don’t take care of myself. So I made two slightly different batches of bath salts for self love & care.

1st Batch:

Epsom Salt
Himalayan Pink Salt
Chamomile tea with Lavender & Lemon Balm
Peppermint oil
Rose petals & buds

2nd Batch:

Epsom Salt
Himalayan Pink Salt
Rose petals & buds
Lavender buds
Peppermint oil

The salts are completely rejuvenating. It’s like bathing in the most wonderful herbal tea.

Tutorial: When Tumblr won’t let you mention people!

Don’t you hate it when you try to @ a blog and the person you want to mention doesn’t show up? Well there is a way around this tom foolery and I’m here to show you how! I am going to show you two ways, its actually pretty easy and you will probably kick yourself about it.

*note I’m using nebraskasnice

as  an example as I know Tumblr doesn’t let me mention them (hope you don’t mind!)

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how to download tumblr audio posts (google chrome)

yes, i am aware that there is a chrome extension and also an xkit extension for this, but the chrome on doesnt work for me and my xkit crashes a lot and im sure im not the only one with this problem so here you go

1. go to the blog page with the desired audio post and click play

2. right click on the audio player and select inspect element

3. look for the <audio type=“audio/mp3" section. it should look something like this:

4. copy and paste the highlighted content into your search bar

5. once you have done that, something similar to this will appear

<audio type="audio/mp3” src=“https://www.tumblr.com/audio_file/wienerlicious/100721148739/tumblr_ndvnowuY2R1qbopwj?play_key=e6ba8f023e92bbb5aaf06052cd0c6551&amp;tumblelog=wienerlicious&amp;post_id=100721148739”></audio>

6. delete everything before and after the highlighted area

so, basically, delete everything before https:// and everything from&amp; until the end

7. then press enter, and you should get something like this on your page

8. the download may have started automatically. if not, right click the pause/play icon and select save video as, and it should start downloading! 

Dear Tumblr

Social media ought to serve a purpose other than wasting thousands of hours of our lives.  Tumblr does that…  Tumblr, whether its’ developers like it or not, has been adopted as a primary outlet by the LGBT community.  A large percentage of traffic and blogs are devoted to these issues.  Many caring young people put their heart and soul into blogs which are mainly focused on improving lives through sharing stories and advice about what it is like to grow up gay.  These blogs are truly LIFE SAVING.  Far too many LGBT youth COMMIT SUICIDE and the consortium of ideas on Tumblr is one of the best outlets that more deaths would be prevented. 

Many of these blogs are what LGBT high school and college kids consider aesthetically pleasing.  This does result in people who are way too young putting themselves out there.  None of my friends want this to happen.  None of my friends advocate this with our blogs.  Not only is it pornographic, it is harmful to the kids who do it.  There are a great deal of blogs on Tumblr that are focused on child pornography and the stealing of naked photos of teenage boys.  We advocate that these blogs be eradicated and agree that Tumblr has a duty to act to remove them as quickly as it can.  Unfortunately the method by which Tumblr removes blogs is harmful and prejudicial, and not just against the LGBT community.  

I speak primarily of the “one-complaint” system.  One disgruntled viewer can issue a complaint and a blog will be shut down without ANY human oversight or discourse between Tumblr staff and the blog owner.  Any tumblelog with hundreds of thousands of followers will attract a great deal of negative attention from jealous trolls who seek to ruin people’s internet lives.  The fact that these wicked people can complain about “child porn” on any blog and have it shut down without any real oversight by Tumblr staff is blasphemous. 

   Tumblr has become a wonderful social network for LGBT youth to help each other, which improves lives and prevents teen suicides.  We realize it’s primary function is not the propagation of explicit photos of underage people and we strive to fight this misuse.  Because we choose to use this open media platform, we face anonymous hate on a daily basis.  Tumblr seemingly does nothing to combat this, but even though these words cause great pain, we stay because this outlet still helps much more than it hurts.  The Tumblr staff MUST do something to support its primary audience.  For its business to succeed, the Tumblr Staff MUST develop a fair and open judicial process for the termination of blogs so that blogs with massive followings will not be terminated on the basis of single unsubstantiated anonymous complaints.  

I write this primarily in support of Boyzwhat, a blog recently terminated from a single complaint.  The loving advice the blog owner provides is the perfect example of how Tumblr SAVES LIVES.   Please realize the good that your media does, and stop arbitrarily terminating LGBT blogs.  Thank You

Who wants to join my comic!!

Veronica Sawyer= Sanrus
Jason Dean= ( @the-inky-daycare ) Ram= ????
Kurt Kelly= ( @partyanimal112345 ) Heather Chandler= ( @thepleasantjellybean ) Heather Duke=?????
Heather McNamara =( @aliceangel1521 ) veronicadad=“48"class=“tumblelog”>@foxyandsansask Veronica’s mom= Angelina ( @bumblela ) Kurt’s Dad= ( @dj-rodney) Tearcher=( @anaarts121 ) Martha Dunnstock = ( @raspague ) Jason dean’s Father=???????