Donald Pierce Imagine

Donald Pierce x reader

Logan (2017)

Warnings: Human experimentation/thoughts of death

The dirt stung in my eyes from the car rearing up to me. I breathed out, gasping hazily for clean air. Coughing, I shielded my eyes from the dust and rocks that hit my face. Trying to get up, I stumbled over my feet. Sending the cars back once I cleared my mind, they tumbled like weeds over the vast area. One of the soldiers that had escaped his car came up behind me. I pulled out my gun-shooting him in the chest. Two more. Using my telepathic powers, I crushed their bones under their own weight. Suddenly, however, I was on the floor again. Coughing up blood from being kicked, I scrambled against a heavy figure who had pinned me down. They tied me by the ankles and cuffed my hands together. Right before they knocked me out using their serum specially made for mutants, I looked through the clouds of dirt and dust. Gazing up at a smile with a golden tooth.

A thick iv pierced my arm. Groggily, I looked around, pulling at my restraints. A tall man with a black bomber jacket hanging over his muscular frame and dark green cargo pants tucked under a black shirt walked into the room. His strong, built posture overwhelmed the room, and I nearly felt as if I wanted to shrink into the uncomfortable fabric of the hospital sheets. As his black boots thudded against the tile floor, he moved toward me, moving his heavy shoulders towards his back. Letting out a sigh.

“Well, darlin’ you’ve caused quite a ruckus.”

“Where am I?”

“You’re at my facility, Transigen.”

“I don’t know-“

“Y/N, right?”


“Well, Y/N, if I were you, I’d soon learn not to ask too many question’s ‘round here.” His thick southern accent hung in the air. Lingering. “In case you were wondering… Your DNA is very important to us. To me.” His little add on to the end of the sentence sent a cold shot through my stomach. Why am I so important to him, to him He then spoke again, pulling me away from my thoughts. “My name is Donald Pierce. But you can call me Don.”

“Am I supposed to greet you as if you aren’t holding me against my will?”

He looked at me with sharp blue eyes. Reaching over me, his strong hand moved the leather cuff away from my wrist. I felt the coldness of his machine fingers around my skin, and I shivered.

“My apologies.” I rubbed my wrists once I was free. Studying him, I saw him shuffle around, and finally look at me one last time before exiting the door. “Stay here. I don’t want anyone to have to restrain you again.”

Once he left, I thought of sneaking out. I knew this place was bad. Searching through the walls, I closed my eyes and tried to focus. People’s thoughts flooded my head, and at one turn, Pierce stood against the wall. Fiddling with his machine hand. I tried to get into his head. Looking up, he searched around him. Feeling my presence. I kept pressing. Disheveling his hair with his flesh fingers, his voice filled my head.

She’s a mutant… She’s just a damn mutant. You should kill her right now. Get it over with. Don’t waste no more time… She’s not worth it, you idiot. Just say she attacked you. Tried to escape. Get it over with, for fucks sake. I pulled away, and the door clicked open. A woman with a name tag of Gabriela walked into the room, holding a clipboard. She was easy to get into.

“You’re planning on getting the children out?” She looked at me with wild, shocked eyes. Speechless. I shrugged my shoulders. “Telepathy… Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“If anyone catches you using your powers… They’ll kill you”

“It’s fine. They can’t do anything too bad to me that’s already been done.” I looked down. “Does Pierce run this place?”

“You met Mr. Pierce?” Her voice became frantic. “He let you out of your restraints??”

“Yeah… I guess.”

“I need to check your vitals. Lay down.” She pushed my shoulder down, and I rested my head against the paper pillow. “Pierce is a dangerous man. Do not let him touch you. He has no heart for your kind.” She wrapped my arm in a blood pressure wrap. Squeezing it slightly, muttering, “Anything he does now will change. He’s only trying to get you to warm up to him. That’s why I must get you guys out.” Her cocoa butter-colored skin was sticky with sweat, and she kept shaking her head.

Fear filled my stomach, and she hung a serum in the place of the blood bag. Hooking the needle up to the plastic hook. In seconds, my vision blurred, and I began slurring my thoughts.

“I promise, I’ll get you out of here.”


Over the next few days, I was sent to training exercises and experimental trials. At the end of the week, my skin was paler, and I was weak. Donald would show up to the experiments and conduct them, personally handling the equipment. Sometimes he would lightly touch my hair for a split second before reaching over me and pulling wires over my head. Connecting them to the metal band he would adjust around my ears. Gabriela would sometimes come to my room to update me with her plan of escape. I would only nod and then go back to sleep. But nothing happened.


One morning, I woke up, and Pierce was standing in the corner. I jumped up, holding myself with my elbows. I had moved rooms, this one was slightly larger, with a bed, a toilet, a bench next to the sink, and fewer wires. Pierce looked me over. I was wearing a thin white tank top with gray sweats. Both stained with sweat and drops of blood mixed in dirt. He then walked over to me, and I shifted my legs over the side of the bed. Standing up. Looking away, I expected him to cuff me, and push me out the door like the other men would do. But instead, he only looked down.

“I heard you’ve been very compliant. Even more so than the others.”

“I don’t want trouble. I’m done with the fighting.” I admitted the truth. Too tired to lie. My bones creaked and feet sore under my weight. Pierce stepped closer to me, and I looked at him with caution. “Why are you here.” I blandly asked.

“I’m not here to hurt you. If that’s what you were wonderin’” he paused, swallowing. “I’m not sure why I’m here besides that.”

The air became suffocatingly silent as I realized he wasn’t here on orders. He was here on a personal obligation. I searched his mind. He snapped his eyes to me, and I realized he knew. And he knew it was me the other week.

“It was you. Pokin’ round in my head.” He smirked. Glancing at the ground before meeting my gaze again. “Find what you were lookin’ for?”

I ran my fingers over the side of his face, finding images of me in his thoughts. Instead of arguing with himself on whether or not to kill me, I now saw hesitation in what he really wanted to do. Taking a sharp breath, he shook me out, and I nearly tripped back onto my bed. But with a step forward, his hand had wrapped around my waist. In response, I flew my fist up to hit him. He grabbed my wrist with his human hand. I felt the metal of his other hand pressing into my lower back. His breathing became heavy, and I gasped for air. His breath hit my face as he spoke. I found myself leaning forward, closer.

“I can’t get you outta my head…” I slightly raised my eyebrow, as now both our bodies were pressed flatly against each other. I still wanted more. As if his touch was dehydrating me. Yet drowning me at the same time. He chuckled under his breath and slid his hand to my cheek. I for a second thought I was going to cry. I found myself fearing what he would do next. Not really knowing what was going on now. I felt like pinching myself, surely this wasn’t happening. Moving his head toward, me, he then shifted his gaze to the ground hesitantly. His face was soft in the dim lighting of the room. A second later, he pressed his lips against mine. His frayed scruff around his mouth brushing against my chin. I let myself melt. He was leaning over me. Pulling me up onto my tippy toes as he kissed me harder. Darkness consumed me as I felt his hands move over me. I lifted my fingers, grazing my palm against the back of his neck. Knotting my fingers through his dirty blonde hair. Coming up for air, my lips were numb, tingling. He kissed the side of my mouth, moving his tongue down my neck. Kissing the bruises of where I’ve fallen. I kept my eyes closed. Now fearful that if I opened my eyes, he would disappear. Lifting me from underneath my arms as if I were a child, he wrapped my legs around his waist and stumbled our twisted limbs against the wall. His machine hand pressed behind my head, and he lifted his lips to mine again. Suffocating me in even more desperate of kisses.

A loud beep broke us apart, and he dropped me, wiping his mouth with the back of his human hand out of habit. Fumbling for his phone, he turned away from me. I stood against the wall, breathing heavily. Shivering from the sudden coldness in the air-I opened my eyes, finding him still there. I searched the ground, thinking of what to do. His thick voice pressed through the air again, and I found myself leaning forward. Drawn to him like energy.

“Yes-yes, sir. I understand. On my way-Yes. Kay.” I slid his phone back into his jacket. Looking back at me, he clenched his jaw, and then rushed out the door. I slid down the wall. Staring at where he once was. Hesitant to move.


Suddenly, he stopped showing up to my appointments. The nurses treated me more coldly, and soon, I was so weak they’d have to carry me to where they needed me, giving up on the training. I heard rumors that they were going to exterminate me due to my non-usefulness.


As the rumors became more and more widespread, tension filled the atmosphere wherever I went. Every day, I began to expected death.

But one night, the click of my door unlocking woke me from my sleep, and I lifted my head. Pierce knelt over my body. Examining my healing wounds and bruises over my skin. Gently scooping me up, he brought me into his arms and held me. I found my tears soaking through his shirt. He nuzzled his face into my neck, and I began to sob.

“Just let me die. I can’t do it anymore.” I felt his muscles stiffen around me. I hesitated before asking, “Why do you care so much…”

“I don’t know. There’s something more to you.” He words seeped through my veins, and I clung to him even more. “I’m gonna get you outta here.” Suddenly, heart spread through my spine, and my body began to burn. I tried to gasp, but I could breathe. I couldn’t move. And then everything went black.


I found myself in the passenger seat of a black vehicle. Breathing heavily, I stumbled out and fell into the dirt. Getting up, I searched my surroundings. A man appeared behind me. I swung my elbow back-meeting it with his face, he groaned, grabbing my waist and holding me. Screaming, I kicked my legs and tried to twist my body, until his voice filled my ears.

“It’s me! You’re okay. You’re okay. Just calm down Darlin…’” I let out a breath and allowed him to turn me around. Donald met my gaze and stroked his hand through my hair. “You’re okay. I got you… You’re safe now.”

I felt the sunshine on my back, and I snaked my arms underneath his jacket around his waist. Resting my head against his chest. 

Listening to his steady heartbeat, he pulled me away from him, and pulled a pair of yellow glasses from the neck of his shirt. Holding them with his machine hand, and pulling them onto his eyes while looking past the car, then looking down at me, stroking my cheek with his thumb. 

“Let’s get goin’ baby.”


Note: Sorry this sucks, It’s my first one with Pierce-so, expect more because yes pls. 


in a new propensity for danger i’m not
looking for goodness. or even
a righteous fight. nope, what i want
only the darkness can find for me.
a heavy scythe. tumble weed sky
alight with fire.

good riddance. you hear that?
i want it gone. only the gossiped
fossilized shape of god left in the
ancient lake beds we used to call
oceans. full blown calamity,
volcanoes & violence & visions
of the dead rising. dread cries
from the mouths of birds
being poached from the sky
by a molten hot sun.

after that we can go back to grass.
we can return to the trees. we can
cultivate careful flowers & preserve
blood & not talk of graveyards. we’ll
hide in the cool shade of the woods.
when it rains nothing will burn, except
for our eyes while we think of this time
as a simpler time before another time
of which we do not speak.


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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Prompt: You finally get asked out on a date that both of your brothers knew you had been excited about, only for the guy to cancel on you an hour before he was picking you up for another girl.

Warnings: None. This same thing just happened to me and I need some older brother Dean in my life haha.

Extra: Y/N/N: Your Nickname.

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