tumble weed

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*a tumble weed rolls by, crickets can be heard chirping*

Me, rocking in a creaky rocking chair on my old front porch: I been owner o'this here snaps blog for many moons. The snaps used to be plentiful, almost daily… then the well ran dry. We been thirsty e'er since. Ol’ Huss don’t throw us no bones no more. Alls we got left is scraps and dreams. *spits into my spittoon creating a high pitched ping*

plastic bags floating across a parking lot is like the modern day urban equivalent of a tumble weed rolling across the road in an old western film

Imagine Cartoonz telling bad Dad Jokes..

Delirious: Man I’m hungry right now
Cartoonz: Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!

Cartoonz: Pull my finger!
Bryce: *gives him a dirty look*

Cartoonz: What did baby corn say to mama corn?
Ohm: Where’s popcorn?
Cartoonz: *squints at him*
*western music starts playing*

Cartoonz: Hold on I have something in my shoe.
Ohm: I’m pretty its a foot.
*tumble weed rolls across the ground*

Cartoonz: What’s your best Dad joke?
Ohm: You.

Bryce and Delirious: *high five*

  • Doomfist: Ah, another OR-15 unit. I'll enjoy destroying your kind again.
  • Efi: Yeah, I'm sure you'll have a good time when we blow your head all over the fucking wall.
  • (Complete dead silence)
  • Junkrat: Er, I have to go blow stuff up.
  • Roadhog: I have to watch him.
  • Symmetra: Uh, there's order to be done.
  • Lucio: I've got some beats to work on.
  • D.Va: And I have to go stream!
  • Soldier 76: I've gotta water my plants.
  • Reaper: I've gotta kill Morrison.
  • Reinhardt: Er, I have a concussion!
  • Mercy: Oh, let me check that for you!
  • Torbjörn: I've got turrets to build so er, you know.
  • Sombra: People to hack.
  • Widowmaker: People to kill.
  • Zarya: I've got weights to lift.
  • McCree: Tumble weed needs tumblin.
  • Hanzo: Er, whatever he just said.
  • Genji: I must meditate.
  • Zenyatta: As must I!
  • Ana: I've got tea to make.
  • Pharah: I've got to keep the skies clear!
  • Tracer: I've gotta go do time stuff!
  • Bastion: (Frantic denial beeps)
  • Mei: I've got ice to make!
  • (All look towards Winston)
  • Winston: Um, I've got... Science stuff.
  • ...
  • All: Bye!
  • (All run off)
  • ...
  • Orisa: Awkwaaard.

My first real custom Furby! :D

Meet Tumble! (Short for Tumble Weed) He is super fat and circular haha. When I had him sitting in my car, he was rolling EVERYWHERE, hence the name Tumble Weed. 

Before he was Tumble the WereFurby, he was a reddish orange 2012 Furby. I found him at a Savers last Halloween. His fur was super worn out, he had his tail fur cut off, and a rip in his chest. He was in desperate need of a new fur, and so, here he is now!

I finished him a couple months back, but I didn’t want to post him till he was completely finished XD He needs his ears repainted, and some parts of his face, since some of the paint chipped off. I hope to take more pictures of him when I fix them :) I used Ivory spray paint for his face/ears, felt for his feet, and two types of faux fur that I found YARDS and YARDS of at the thrift store for $6. There is so much, I could possibly make more versions of my Werefuby if I ever find another damaged Furby ^__^

  • Me On Episode One: this anime looks so great and funny! This is gonna be fantastic!
  • Me On Episode 12: *a tumble weed rolls through my room as a single tear rolls down my cheek* I am dead inside
Beautiful - H2OVanoss (repost)

summary: when skyping goes right wrong and secrets are revealed.

words: 1290

pairing: h2ovanoss

genre: fluff

rating: t

note: i wrote this ages ago, but i read it and decided that the original one sucked big time. this kinda does too, but it’s definitely better.

click here to see the original one.


“I’m gonna turn you into a tumble weed!”

Wildcat’s loud voice boomed from Vanoss’ wireless headphones, a chuckle escaped his mouth at the ridiculous sounding statement. He moved his character model forward to walk over the tiled digital roof of the game.

On top of the building he caught sight of Wildcat’s modded character chasing Nogla but was not fast enough to tag him. Nogla made an incomprehensible sound in between his sentence which made the light chuckles he let out earlier turn into full blown hysterical laughter.

Nogla made a sharp turn at a corner in hopes to escape Wildcat’s clutches. Something which proved to be an utter failure as he was instantly caught on a cactus that killed his character.

Familiar words appeared on the feed, accompanied by a distant ‘fuck’ and the sound of someone cheering.

Nogla committed suicide or died mysteriously

The Irish man can be heard mumbling under his breath on the other end of the line. “That’s unfair, you always gang up on me.”

Wildcat snorted at his words and smugly retorted. “No, you just suck at the game.”

Amidst their bickering, another thing popped up on the feed. A soft smile made its way on Vanoss’ face at what he read.

H2O Delirious joined the game

“Hello.” Delirious greeted in his usual bright tone of voice.

Vanoss was the first one to return his greeting, as cheerful as Delirious. “Oh, hey, Delirious!”

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Tumble Weeds

Tumble weeds. I fumble deeds.
I stumble in search of humble needs.
Weak crumbling knees -
I fold into ream rubble. Bleak 
waves and swirls seem subtle -
Deep struggles indeed, 
burst my dream bubble.

Muddles of mud beneath my feet.
Teams of trouble even doubling whenever I brush my teeth or eat.
I’m getting vexed and texts of sex and drugs but each a cheat.
I’m leaving tonight so I can find a hut for some peace and sleep.