tumble trotter


Mod Notes: SUUUUUPER sorry it took so long to get this dinky little thing out. Work has been crazy lately, not to mention other extracurriculars that have wriggled their way onto my schedule. Thank you for the undying patience and I’ll try to get my act in order soon.


Mod: It did have a happy ending, but I’m still not used to working without inspiration yet. Working without it takes too long, and this image set was dragging on forever. So I dropped the ‘happy ending’ where Trotter meets Inafuneigh and left it to the imagination. I don’t want to be a month in between my updates every time.

TL:DR - Inafuneigh saw his drawing and he was happy.


Ah better git Unhinged… Help him gather up his things…

Mod: Also, I will soon raffle off the three ponies here that aren’t Trotter. If you know anyone looking for a ready-made ponysona and are willing to adhere to a teeny bit of backstory, point them in my direction. As soon as I make their ref sheets, they’re up for adoption.

In order of appearance: Luminous Spark, Chantilly Creme, and Amethyst Facet.

The last two are totally not based off Rarity, even loosely…


I’m almost ready, Star. Just gotta get my overalls an’ hat.

(I’m sorry it’s coming right down to the wire. It’s really been stressful trying to keep up with both tumblr and real life. I’m going to get my act together, I promise)

(See what I mean? I forgot to color in Buttercheese’s cutie mark…)


Il’s Visit - Part 2

It was lovely havin’ ya over, honeybee. Gotta do it again real soon.

(Mod’s notes: I am so sorry it took so long to finally get this out. Life got the better of me with my sudden dismissal, I’m actually not going to get the dental help I need due to finances, and Il, why does your cutie have to be so complicated to draw? Thank you again for your undying patience, and to those I owe commissions, I will be getting to them next)