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Handwriting game!

Haha, I love to play these Tumbl games, this is just awesome! I had a few minutes only to do it but I really wanted to so here we go :)

I was tagged by my pretty fellow @sonador-reveur!

I’m not sure if this is clear (cause my writing is really tiny) so just in case:

NAME: Little (Well, it’s a nickname but I don’t want to reveal it, not just yet).

BLOG TITLE: “Writing is like a dream…anything goes. It’s not messin’ up, just let your ideas flow.”

URL: LyricsByLittle.tumblr.com

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Popular, Classical, Film Music


FAVOURITE DRINK: Strawberry smoothie.

CRUSHES: There’s only one - “J”.


Have fun! :)

Sit Down (Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Injury


Request: hey, i love your writing! i was wondering if you could do a tony stark x daughter!reader where the reader sprains her ankle and still tries to do loads of things and won’t let it heal because she’s stubborn af and tony gets all protective? i sprained my ankle recently and it just sucks lmao 😂 once again, love your writing!

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You were in school doing PE and your teacher was having you do laps. It was the final lesson so you were excited, wanting to go home. Your dad was picking you up as well so you were looking forward to it.

Caught in your daydream your foot got caught in a hole in the ground, causing you to go tumbling to the ground. You groaned, sitting up and tried to get up, when a sharp pain went through your ankle. Looking down, you saw it wasn’t broken, but when you touched it, it hurt like hell. You called over your teacher who dismissed you early.

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anonymous asked:

I to you? I got to you, didn't I? I knew I would. You weren't mean for Tumblr. You never have been and never will. Writing isn't an art. No one gets 7,000 followers on Tumble for WRITING. Just face it. You aren't popular. No one likes got you. No one roleplays with you. You're pathetic. And that "art?" It looks like a drunken toddler drew it. You should get off of Tumblr, and don't come back. Why don't you end it all? The world would be better off without you.

Yea, you did “get to me”. Are you fucking proud? Are you proud that you’ve harassed me to the point if tears? Are you proud of hiding behind a masking and tearing apart my pride? Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you? Do you know me? Am I just a random target? Whatever it is, just stop. Please stop. Please just shut up! I can’t take it anymore… I just… I can’t do this anymore…

saturnine the night walk
is the slow dance tumbling under dripping stars that grasp with cold hands

saturnine the night walk
is the crawl over soft monsters to reach familiarity in this desolate death bed city

saturnine the night walk
is the path to where i always find you soundly sleeping

anonymous asked:

Hi Morgan, congratulations on winning bronze in Germany and on all the awesome upgrades. I was wondering if you are planning to bring back your front full + double front twist and to connect your ricna to your pak in the future.

thank you lots! and unsure about the tumbling right now and I meant to connect but my ricna was just too close to the bar