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The list of embarrassment - Calum Hood [FLUFF]

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A/N: Most events are loosely based on things that have actually happened, or could easily have happened in both mine and my friend Mhairi or oh-dear-youre-not ‘s lives

Summary~ It was enough that you were in his art class but sometimes the mixture of your clumsy and sometimes ditsy behavior along with your crippling crush leaves you with your fair share of anecdotal embarrassment, all because of Calum Hood.

Word Count - 1036

“I can’t believe you sometimes,” your best friend [Y/BF/N] says. “Just talk to him, how difficult can it be?”

“He’s the year above, and he’s leaving next year,” you tell her.

“So, that just means time is of the essence,” she replies. “Besides, you always say he doesn’t know who you are when quite clearly he does”

You glance around to where she gestured to see him looking at you so you whip your head back around.

“That’s just because I’m an idiot,” you chuckle.

That’s when the bell rings and you have, just your luck, art, the only class you have with him and also the class where you have to spend the entire lesson situated in a way that means you’re always facing him.

“So how did finals week go?” your teacher asks as everyone takes their seat.

There’s a blur of murmurs that spreads throughout the class which makes the teacher roll her eyes.

“Miss what are we doing now?” Calum asks absentmindedly

The teacher sits on the desk, “The school wants me to tell you to study for next year but if I’m perfectly honest I don’t mind what you do”

There’s a hiss of ‘yes’s and as everyone turns to do whatever they want you catch Calum’s eye and immediately look away.

You’re quick to leave when art finishes because you immediately want to find [Y/BF/N] and talk to her and you find her hanging near the toilets with your other friends.

“So how was art?” she asks wiggling her eyebrows.

“Alright, eye contact, nothing more,” you tell her.

She glances behind you, “Well that seems to have meant more to him”

You glance around to see him walking towards you.

“Hey [Y/N],” he calls out, shocking you as you didn’t expect him to actually be looking for you.

“Y-yeah,” you try to come across casual but you stutter.

“Uh, I think you picked up the wrong hoodie,” he smiles.

You almost get so lost in the fact that he’s talking to you that you don’t really listen to him but still you look down checking the label to see it says ‘Men’s Large’. It explains why it was kinda baggy.

“Oh god,” you shrug it off, “that’s so embarrassing, I’m sorry”

“No worries, I only know it was yours because it has your name on the label like a little kid,” he chuckles.

You hand it back, “I still can’t believe I did that”

“I never pegged you as a thief,” he tells you trading the hoodies. “Don’t worry though you looked cute, see you around”

It isn’t until now that you realize that you now have Calum’s smell, not a bad thing but it’s distracting to say the least. This is a source of amusement for your friend group as you all walk home that day after school.

“I’m not going to lie, the fact that you are distracted by his scent is a little creepy,” [Y/BF/N] chuckles.

“Well I’m sorry that I have a crush,” you sigh.

One of your friends walking further ahead turns to you, “Oh please you don’t have a crush you have a smash, a beaten to a pulp”

Everyone giggles but you can tell she expected it to be funnier than it was which is why it is improved when she doesn’t watch where she’s gong and falls over a crack in the sidewalk. You burst out in to an outrageously loud laugh. People get over this pretty soon but you on the other hand find yourself in a laughing fit only to be stopped when you glance across the road to see Calum walking past with a grin on his face watching you make an idiot of yourself.

He walks by soon after and you turn to your friends, “Why do I do this to myself?”

This hangs over you for a while and clouds your view of him for the next day or so but eventually you get over it but that’s just in time for you to be wandering around the school ready to go to lunch, exaggeratedly explaining something with your hands. You hold out your hands but while you round a corner here comes Calum and you find your hands are at  a perfect level for apart of him that is inappropriate to touch considering you’re merely acquaintances.

He chuckles as you retract your hands at light speed, “Shit, sorry, oh god”

Your cheeks turn red as he shuffles past with a simple, “It’s all good, m-mistakes happen”

Did Calum Hood just stutter.

You aren’t given enough time to fully recover from the new trauma before lunch is ending and you find yourself openly dancing in the hallway for their amusement, that is until someone stifles a laugh with a cough and mutters, “Excuse me”

You recognize the voice immediately and become a pencil, shuffling aside to allow him past, now without both nearly slipping and nearly hitting him in the face.

Fuck. Your. Life.

“I don’t understand why you’re still scared to talk to him,” [Y/BF/N] says when it’s just the two of you waking home. “I mean he’s witnessed you doing almost as much embarrassing stuff as I have”

“Which is exactly why I can’t,” you add.

The two of you come to the top of a hill where a bench is situated that you usually find yourself stopping at as it is just above your road home and it allows you to people watch.

“Come on, you’ve got plenty of ice-breakers now,” she adds. “Like ‘Remember that time I cupped your junk in the hallway’”

You laugh too, “Or ‘remember that time I blocked your path by doing this’”

You mimic the dance moves you used earlier in the day but find yourself getting a little to close to the hill’s edge and tumbling. [Y/BF/N] runs to your rescue but is to slow and instead you tumble downward coming to a stop only to look up and see you have landed at the feet of the smiley brunette boy you were just talking about. Just another one to add to the list of embarrassment.


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