last thing i'm gonna say about this

forreal i’m not gonna apologize for saying you aren’t a tumblr redbird if you’re spewing the kind of bullshit we found each other to get away from

all 6 times i’ve walked from my apartment so far i’ve been harassed by guys on the street and i meet a lot of people on some bullshit

tumbirds aint about that life

we’re different fandoms, different majors, different political affiliations, different hair colors, different skin colors, different body types, different orientations, different gender identities, what the fuck ever

being a tumbird means you don’t have to be instantly judged and rejected based on any of those things anymore

and i will not have you in OUR tag because you are NOT one of us

ima defend my tumbird babies. i love these guys. your negativity is uninvited.

fuck outta here. 

I think…

I only have to buy two textbooks for this semester.

And by textbooks I mean this is my cart right now:

External image

One of my friends was gonna sell me her Theatre History book for super cheap so hopefully that can still be a thing… because then I’ll just have to get library books for my Politics of Race class book reviews and this is literally all I have to spend on textbooks for this semester I WOULD BE SO PLEASED


okay so

-got FAFSA taken care of

-bought meal plan (wooo I get to eat on campus with all my tumbirds and not alone for the first time ever)

-looked up textbooks

now I just need to read and do my review on Racist America (which I’m pumped about obviously) and get that out of the way and I SHOULD BE SO PREPARED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND STUFF

oh and I also need to finish my Cherry Orchard dramaturgy stuff… maybe I’ll work on that now, actually