an m!a I’m thinking of doing at some point where Tumb from ~10 years in the future comes to visit

he works for google (yeah, it’s still around) and instead of a smart phone he has smart glasses, which show a hologram sort of thing that he can interact with with a special type of glove

his hair is copied from heavily influenced by thg since I love their take on futuristic style


I saw something about a national siblings day on instagram, so?? I sketched these

tumb and alyss, theodore and nanu (which is a very important relationship I will expand on someday), and tumb, beth, ami and the mcgillicuddy-bicklebaum children !!

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Babysitting [Tumb and Mcgillicuddy/Bicklebaum kids]

you know that trope where the guy has to get in good with the dad to win the approval of this daughter. yeah well this is like the opposite of that. tumb bonding with the kids to get on good with ghost or smth??? idk all I know that this is the most I’ve written in literally weeks praise hallelujah

Word Count: 2207
Summary: Tumb is not supposed to be a babysitter.
Characters: Tumb, Flynn, Ariel, Emmett, Emily, Ghost, Webby
Warnings: what are little children lol

All he wanted to do was crash on Ghost’s couch, tinker a bit in her lab, and maybe take some of his food. He did not walk into his house asking to be a babysitter.

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hallucinations trio

I had the idea for this a reaaaaally long time ago (before there were even plans to kill Merhib) but I never got around to drawing it before now

admittedly I thought the third part of the saying was “do no evil,” not “speak no evil,” but I really liked the idea of puppet!beth and didn’t wanna scrap it 

I know what you’re probably thinking: mika, stop drawing eternal already. Also why did you draw mario and luigi as tumb and eternal and not as ghost and eternal

and to the first one, i have this to say: I do what I want

to the second, I want you to consider this: tumb is short and round, just like mario…… and ghost’s little stomach does not make him pudgy enough to be mario I bet that man never even eats pasta

tumb’s gemsona lol, mica! (pronouns are up for debate? Use whatever  you want I’m not sure tbh)

gem is on his arm and works as a sort of smartphone? also can project holograms like pearl’s gem. he picks at it when he’s agitated though and flakes bits off, and the worse condition the gem is in the worse his body looks 

his skin is kinda translucent too, you can shine lights through his arms and legs and see it on the other side

This one's for you, baby: eternum angst/fluff oneshot

I wrote this thing because I was feeling kind of sad and sappy at the same time

Word count: 1843
Summary: It’s nearing the Valentine’s day, and Tumb’s been avoiding Eternal.
Rating: PG 13 for language and subject talk
Warnings: lots of talk about self hatred and also extreme mush at the end. Also Tumb has a little drabble of his own in here that is less than artsy because he is not that good of a writer lol


“Tumb? Can I come in?”

Tumb jumps at the knock on the door, Quickly minimizing the word document he had been typing on. He takes a few deep breaths, calming himself and trying to dampen the blush creeping up his face without much success. “Yeah, come right in, pops.”

The door clicks and in slides Eternal, all bundled up in his coat and thneed. His clothes look completely white from all the snow piled on top of it, but when he takes off his coat and shakes it off once or twice, all of the snow melts and disappears instantly, his body steaming for a few seconds as it all evaporates.

It’s one of the perks to being a god, as Tumb has found out.

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I literally put this together on youtube editor bc I am too lazy to look for the video editing software on my computer

if Tumb was a gamer, I think he’d be a lot like Mark

audio © marki/pli/er

character and art © me

What does it mean to say forever? - Eternum

I started writing a really dumb fic allll the way back in January and it’s just been collecting dust like all of the other fics on my Google Drive so I finally pulled it out tonight and finished it off and now I’m posting it before I decide it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written

Eternum oneshot, it’s sorta bittersweet but it’s fluffier than the shit that’s going around on his blog right now so

The first part was written because they were even dating so if Eternal sounds unnaturally stiff around Tumb that’s why

Word count: 1366
Summary: Tumb has a question to ask Eternal
Rating: Idk Pg or smth
Warnings: don’t read if you’re triggered by talking about death because that’s what this fic’s about lmao

EDIT— sorry about the readmore thing guys I swear last night before I went to sleep it was in the right spot but when I looked at it again it had moved or smth


“Eternal? Can I talk to you?”   

Eternal looked up from his desk, where he had been sitting and doing his paperwork for the cosmic office. He was awfully behind on his work, and he really shouldn’t let himself get sidetracked, but…

The kid looked so miserable, standing at the edge of his doorway, trying his best to seem aloof but Eternal knew him well enough to see through his ruse – the way he kept looking at his floor, his shoulders tensed and hunched over, his bare toes scrunching and unscrunching in the doorway.

Besides, hadn’t he left the door to his tent open to the valley in the hopes that something would come along and give him the chance to procrastinate just a little bit longer? And who could do that better than his very own sunshine?

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Bet(h) [tumbeth/tumbet drabble]

*feels sad that no one writes more fics about my characters* *never writes any fics for anyone else unless my character is in it*

I literally wrote this over christmas break but I feel bad for never writing anything anymore so I’m posting it to make me feel better. I also think I promised Beth at to write a lot of tumbeth in my new writing journal since I had none in my first one and?? this was the first tumbeth fic I wrote in it, so.

Word Count: 1555
Summary: two of Tumb’s sisters are actually pretty similar
Characters: Tumb, Bet(hany Peyton), Beth
Rating: T?? idk
Warnings: some talk abt depression and it is worth noting that I do not have depression so some of the descriptions might not be very accurate. also mentions of death, self harm, suicide, all those good things. (this is a fluff drabble I swear)

He should have been outside.

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Morning After [Tumb and Merhib]

this is not crack smut I swear it’s just a goofy name I suck at naming fics

wanted to post this before the serious things happened tonight!! its  a dumb lil ficlet just shut up and read it 

Word count: 634
Summary: Merhib really hates that kid.
Rating: PG
Warning: idk it’s short and dumb

“What are you doing?”

“Drinking coffee.”

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