This guy at my school for our talent show did a butter dance please just watch it 

The gods rewarded me today for going into uni whilst im sick by landing me this bright orange FREE shirt. I dont care how damn unfashionable it is it was free and thats all that matters. I dont even know why the guy gave it to me he was just like HEY YOU WANT A FREE SHIRT OF COURSE YOU DO and i was like hELL YEAH the end

i was supposed to go see the hobbit today but i accidentally over slept 5 hours oops

also these are the last two hair ties I have ( I lost the others, and many bobby pins) and they are different sizes yay .-.

story time~
I do a uni-type art course once a week and the campus is shared with so many other people doing different courses and when i was walking up the stairs some gross dude wolf whistled at me and i kept walking for like 2 seconds trying to ignore him but then i was like no fuck that so i turned around to see who it was and he vanished behind one of the corridors. 
I told some of the other few girls doing my course and they were like oh, really? haha hmm yeah thats bad
Idk it just made me sad that they were so used to seeing that kind of stuff and hearing about it and experiencing it that they were just so nonchalant about it… And its not like i’m not used to it but its not something that I just brush off

I could never be a criminal like one time i was with my friend and we accidentally walked out of target without paying for some $7 floaties and we went like 10 metres before realising we were outside and then we ran back in and bought them i thought i was going to get the death penalty for almost stealing floaties i mean come on

so i found some of my old drawings from 08/09

this was when i rewatched card captors and decided yeah… anime is cool

and i was also a hardcore evanescence fan


also i found a page that said nothing but

“hello my name is tommy
I am three, tonight my daddy murdered me”

and i was alarmed until i remembered i had just seen it in those chainmail things that were going around and wrote it down for some reason?