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happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨

Non aveva scelto lui tra tutti quanti. La verità è che non aveva pensato a nessun altro.
—  La solitudine dei numeri primi, Paolo Giordano

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Hey Jenna, Thanks for answering all of my questions either in a video or here on the tumbs I've finished my manuscript now and I'm proud of it, and you were a large motivation for me so thanks

“the tumbs” lol love that.

No prob <3 Congrats on all your progress :)

Ho imparato ad attendere invano, a non aspettarmi nulla dalla vita se non il peggio.
Ma tra le lacrime ho imparato a respirare, a sentirmi vivo tra le ferite aperte.
Ho dovuto imparare a resistere, a non lasciarmi cadere, a camminare in equilibrio sul filo spinato.
Ho imparato ad essere forte, ma in questa vita non è mai abbastanza.
Ho imparato a tenermi stretti i sogni, anche quando cadono in frantumi.
Ho imparato a tenermi, mentre alla fine non mi reggo mai.
Ho imparato a dare incondizionatamente senza ricevere nulla indietro.
Ho imparato tanto, ma io della vita ancora non so un cazzo.
—  Naufragomaredipensieri
Thank you

We reached 50 followers! I started this blog, thinking that it would maybe get to ten followers, but here we are now, a little over two months later, at 50!!! That’s 50 people who enjoy what is going on in the head of an anxious, awkward, teenager who has unhealthy obsessions with Harry Potter, Doctor who, and certain YouTubers. I am honestly amazed, and so, so happy. I just… wow. Thank you! 

<3 Peyton

pfffff. XD hehehehe

this was an ugly sketch i did for Skyline Eggman .. and i wanted to make it look pretty.. i edited it without my grafic pencil XD just with my tumb :D

i love the pose tho and the hat and the staff..

i’ve got realize a time ago that Eggman really looks like a circus presenter..

so.. some of his machines or ropots should be kinda circus themed.. :D sorta..

maybe i’ll do a decent picture about it someday.. maybe XD

  • me: hey i wonder what EXO's been up to lately, let's check tumb-
  • me: *closes laptop slowly*
  • me: *stares horrified into the distance*
  • me: *jumps off the globe*
Оо да, той беше красив, много красив, от онези рядко красиви мъже, които щом ги видиш веднага грабват погледа, но беше празен, ох колко празен и прозрачен беше…
- Brody Green ( Броди Грин )