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happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨

Non aveva scelto lui tra tutti quanti. La verità è che non aveva pensato a nessun altro.
—  La solitudine dei numeri primi, Paolo Giordano
Amo i piccoli gesti. I gesti sono fondamentali, sono più importanti di stupide parole ormai diventate monotone, pronunciate da chiunque che magari non ne sa nemmeno il significato. Mentre i gesti sono la fine del mondo. Essi ti fanno sentire amata sul serio. Da dei piccoli sguardi, a dei grandi sorrisi.
—  sopravvivenza_amore
Ho imparato ad attendere invano, a non aspettarmi nulla dalla vita se non il peggio.
Ma tra le lacrime ho imparato a respirare, a sentirmi vivo tra le ferite aperte.
Ho dovuto imparare a resistere, a non lasciarmi cadere, a camminare in equilibrio sul filo spinato.
Ho imparato ad essere forte, ma in questa vita non è mai abbastanza.
Ho imparato a tenermi stretti i sogni, anche quando cadono in frantumi.
Ho imparato a tenermi, mentre alla fine non mi reggo mai.
Ho imparato a dare incondizionatamente senza ricevere nulla indietro.
Ho imparato tanto, ma io della vita ancora non so un cazzo.
—  Naufragomaredipensieri
Оо да, той беше красив, много красив, от онези рядко красиви мъже, които щом ги видиш веднага грабват погледа, но беше празен, ох колко празен и прозрачен беше…
- Brody Green ( Броди Грин )

pfffff. XD hehehehe

this was an ugly sketch i did for Skyline Eggman .. and i wanted to make it look pretty.. i edited it without my grafic pencil XD just with my tumb :D

i love the pose tho and the hat and the staff..

i’ve got realize a time ago that Eggman really looks like a circus presenter..

so.. some of his machines or ropots should be kinda circus themed.. :D sorta..

maybe i’ll do a decent picture about it someday.. maybe XD


She lifted her head up and looked at me, only for a moment. She wasn’t that pretty at first. Her beauty was the type that grows on you through time. Slowly it did and I couldn’t help but look at her again even though she didn’t show any interest in me what so ever.

She somehow seemed different. Her eyes looked as if they were stuck between sad and happy. They were calling me. And at the same time act like they don’t care. Her hair was a combination of curly and straight. They weren’t short and very long. She wore a black t-shirt and pants. Bright pink nail polish was on both her fingernails and toenails. That didn’t go with her all-black goth look at all.

She looked at me again. Her lips started to move as if they were forming a smile. So I too smiled at her. But she didn’t smile. I felt like an idiot. Well played, I said to myself. She looked down again. She eyes ran quickly on the pages she was reading. For a moment I felt like she was resisting the urge to look up, but in the next moment, she wasn’t.

I turned around and started walking away. Then suddenly without much thought, I looked back. I clearly saw her staring at me. This time her lips were smiling for real. But she quickly looked down. I waited for a moment and made an ‘I got you’ kind of a smile. Then continue to walk away.

© tharindra galahena

  • me: hey i wonder what EXO's been up to lately, let's check tumb-
  • me: *closes laptop slowly*
  • me: *stares horrified into the distance*
  • me: *jumps off the globe*

“My love…”

You looked over to your boyfriend. He was staring at the ground with an upset look on his face.

“What is it?” you said.

“Well…I… you still want to be with me right? You don’t think I’m a freak?” He asked you.

You sighed sadly. You had already told him that you didn’t think any differently of him now than you did before.

You crawled over and held his face in your hands, looking into his dull eyes while tracing over his scars with your tumbs.

“Karamatsu. I love you. Nothing will ever change that. I think badly about your scars, or your blindness. If anything they’re signs of how good a person you are. You risked your own safety to allow that girl to run away. You’re amazing Karamatsu. Please stop thinking so lowly of yourself. Okay?” You said, then kissed him and hugged him close.

“Thank you.” He said, wrapping his arms around you.

“I love you too (y/n).”


((Okay, to those who have made requests, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. It’s just that tumBLR MOBILE KEEPS DELETING EVERYTHING I DO AND I HAVE TO KEEP REWRITING THEM. So yeah. And as for the accent thing. I’ll get to it once my saltiness towards the mobile app has subsided.

But anyways, this is a drabble of @blindmatsu. My new favorite au blog of my husband. Go check them out. Blind Kara is absolutely adorable.))