What do you get a pizza for its 50th birthday?

Happy Birthday, Mazzio’s! You haven’t always been my favorite pizza (in the large universe of good pizza, arguable one of my favorite food types) but you’ve always been consistent. And if there’s one thing a supertaster loves, it’s consistency. And I love your buffet with all my heart. I promise I’ll bring my family over soon to celebrate with those delicious croutons from the salad bar and a big ‘ol cheese pizza. 

Congrats on this TulsaPeople Magazine blog post about your big day. A really fun tidbit from the story? Ken Selby - founder - opened his first pizza place “The Pizza Parlor” on my birthday (Nov. 11) in 1961. Of course, I’m much younger…

(Thanks Waller PR for your handy newsletter which directed me to this great news.)

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I couldn’t wait to share these images straight out of the camera! Maddie wanted to honor her dad… A veteran fireman and the Tulsa Fire Marshall. Look for Maddie’s feature in our Winter issue of the BJG Senior Magazine!!! 🎉❤️🎓 What a wonderful surprise. Maddie Stewart- A BJG 2016 Xtreme Senior #bjgphoto www.bjgphoto.com 918-248-2944 #bjgphoto #xtremesenior #tulsapeople #tulsafiredept #fireman #tulsaoklahoma #seniormagazine @madds4343 @gse_4343 @hwatson1277 @savysmith @shesha43 @usc_trojanz by bjgphoto https://instagram.com/p/5xba8vN-nP/www.bjgphoto.com 918-248-2944 #bjgphoto #xtremesenior #tulsapeople #tulsafiredept #fireman #tulsaoklahoma #seniormagazine @madds4343 @gse_4343 @hwatson1277 @savysmith @shesha43 @usc_trojanz by bjgphoto https://instagram.com/p/5xba8vN-nP/

Order something cool and send it to your nearest firestation on amazon! You have no idea how much they’ll appreciate it!