Note to Law Enforcement

* non-compliant =/= combative

* combative =/= physically aggressive

* physically aggressive =/= life threatening

This means that law enforcement must refrain from lethal responses to unarmed and non-combative disobedience. We must increase our capacity for non-lethal tactics rather than relying on fire arms to resolve every conflict. A civilized and progressive society responds to lawlessness in gradations, not with immediate blunt force. Police force ought to be in degrees measured and commensurate according to the menace posed. This is particularly necessary when criminals are intoxicated, mentally incapacitated, or sufficiently buffered from innocent bystanders.

“F*ck Your Breath,” Officer Tells Dying Unarmed Black Man

In the video, Bates can be heard saying, “Oh! I shot him! I’m sorry,” after a gunshot rings out, apparently dropping his gun to the pavement. “You shouldn’t have fucking ran!” another officer is heard yelling at Harris, who is pinned to the ground by a swarm of officers. But one particularly chilling interaction stands out in the moments immediately after Harris is shot. “He shot me, man. Oh my god. I’m losing my breath,” Harris says as an officer kneels on his head.

“Fuck your breath, shut the fuck up,” the officer yells back, as he tries to corral Harris’ hands behind his back.

Graphic video shows Tulsa police fatally shooting unarmed black man
Video released by law enforcement on Monday shows police officers in #Tulsa, Oklahoma fatally shooting an unarmed black man whose car was stalled in the middle of the street.

Police originally claimed that 40-year-old #TerenceCrutcher was not cooperating with officers when they arrived for a routine traffic stop on Friday night. They claimed that he would not raise his hands in the air when instructed to.

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby called dispatch saying Mr Crutcher was not complying before fatally shooting him at the scene. Officer Tyler Turnbough also fired his Taser and the entire confrontation was recorded via dashcam.

However, in the video, Mr Crutcher can be seen raising his arms in the air in the middle of the street.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.

His family members and community leaders are calling for justice after reviewing the dashcam footage of the fatal shooting. “We saw that Terence did not have any weapon,“ family attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons told reporters on Monday. "Terence did not make any sudden movements. We saw that Terence was not being belligerent.”

Have you not #woke up yet to the #policebrutality from this #racistnation #policestate in the US of #amerikkka ?
The system is not broken it is working just fine. That’s the problem…
#20thcenturyslaves #racialprofiling #whitesupremacy

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Pretty harrowing stuff down in Tulsa, as a gunman has reportedly killed three people and left two more in critical condition. The shooter has been reported as a white man, driving a white pickup truck – while the shooter hasn’t been apprehended, the racial reality of the attacks (all of his victims have been black) has sparked speculation of a racial motive.

Newly released video shows a Tulsa Police Department sniper shooting a man holding a 2-year-old hostage. According to police, 44-year-old Salvador Reyes broke into his estranged wife’s home, grabbed her 2-year-old daughter and held her hostage. The woman was able to escape the home with her three other young children and her boyfriend. Police later identified the sniper as Officer Jason Lawless, an 18-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department. The 2-year-old child wasn’t injured.

illthak  asked:

You've done a lot of great things with your tumblr. Though I see a lot of people falling back on the FBI stats even though the FBI has a record of distorting the facts, going so far as to label clearly non-white (not limited to latino) aggressors as 'white' when they document their crime. I'm sure you've seen the compiled images. You've every right not to, as you're not an American and by now you're sick of us though it would be a nice way of telling off our horrid liberals.

Reassigning Races

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USA 2012

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Jake England (Paleface)
Jake England is a Cherokee Indian who is currently in prison charged with a series of shootings in Tulsa Oklahoma, which allegedly targeted black males.  It is believed the killings may have been racially motivated as England’s father was murdered by a black man in 2010. Despite England’s Native American ethnicity and appearance, in support of their agenda the US authorities and media have decided that this red Indian has shape shifted into a white man.
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George Zimmerman (Gringo) George Zimmerman, the most famous neighbourhood watch volunteer in history, as a half Peruvian, half Jewish Hispanic with a black Grandfather, he is in fact the poster child for the ethnic diversity so cherished by the American left. That was until he shot a black youth whom America’s post racial president declared looked like the son he never had.  The moment the shooting became an exploitable event Zimmerman’s rainbow, and visually unmistakable, minority status was snatched from him and in support of their agenda the US authorities and media decided that this Latino had morphed into a white man
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Elizabeth Warren (squaw)  Elizabeth Warren is a tenured Harvard Law professor currently standing as a Senate candidate for the Democratic party in  Massachusetts.  In 1894, Ms. Warren’s great, great, great grandmother listed herself as a Cherokee Indian on a single document, which if correct, means the blonde, blue eyed, professor Warren is 1/32 nd Cherokee (The same tribe as Jake England).  In support of their agenda, the authorities, the media, Harvard Law school, the Democratic party and Warren herself proudly declare and celebrate her status as a successful ethnic minority female. 

Who knew ethnicity could be so conveniently flexible when a Liberal narrative is at stake!!.

Four White Sex Offenders As a related topic, I have republished below some pictures I posted last year showing some more chaps, all allegedly sex offenders, whom the US authorities had, for their own reasons determined to be white men.
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Of course, should any of these guys become the victims of crime, they will suddenly cease to be white.

Ok honestly you can’t call yourself pro-life and then turn a blind eye to what is happening to African Americans in our country. You can’t make excuses for police. If you are not as outraged by all of these shootings as you are abortion or people who are pro-choice then you need to sit the fuck down and reevaluate your hypocrisy.