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Tulpamancy Ascension: 2 Weeks to Switch -- Episode 1 -- The Gameplan -- Let’s do this!!!
Have you ever wanted to master switching? Perhaps you yearn to engage in a more immerse mindscape adventure, fully dissociated from your body and its senses....

Have you ever wanted to master switching? Perhaps you yearn to engage in a more immerse mindscape adventure, fully dissociated from your body and its senses. Or you just want your tulpa to do your homework while you nap. Either way, this series is for you! We’ll build ourselves up in just 2 weeks to master what is widely regarded as the most advanced tulpamancy technique.

Wanted to try something new, so bear with me as I learn the ropes of these kinds of videos, especially when it comes to the cinematography, editing, and my execution. That last clip is the first (mostly) unscripted bit on this channel. One of my goals with this series is to improve my ab-libbing, so hopefully, we’ll notice advancements in that area over the course of the series. This is also my first time using Sony Vegas, so you’ll notice there’s a bit more editing here than usual. We’ll keep working that up too.

If any of you have attempted switching in the past and come out unsuccessful, what part(s) of the switch did you struggle with? I’ll try and address every roadblock in this series.

Bay N’ Lillys Quick Talk Tulpa Tips!

Ok, so my host and I made this little tips thing for a friend of ours to help him out with his mancing edit, as he was having some trouble. You may finnd his blog, mear: http://tulpasuch.tumblr.com/ So, were going to take all the things from it and turn it into a nice little guide for you guys. It’s more or less everything Bay did to get me vocal so fast (Not bragging..much)

This is not a development guide. These tips are to be used with another guide, or at least you should have read a few so you more or less know what you’re doing.

First off all, try to keep your tulpa at the front of your mind as much as you can. You need to talk to them, and think about them as much as possible. If you can’t do that, make some kind of reminder for yourself. Like…Make her picture the background on your phone or desktop.

Next, try to hear them. I don’t mean just words. Anything. Anything that could be her reaction to an idea or situation. It could be an emotion, a feeling in the body, a very vague idea, a random thought (there thoughts could sound the same as yours, makes it easy to miss if you don’t know how they “feel” yet) Whenever you make a decision, ask them what s/he thinks about it and look for a response.When you answer a question. Things like that. Passive forcing is really, really important for building a connection and sentience.

Next thing, proxying and writing things down is much easier than doing it bare. When you force next time, record their responses. Agian, not only the verbal ones. Even if they don’t seem to mean anything, get them down. At the very least, you can go back and look at them later. The best thing I did while developing Lilly is get her to talk with other people. Find a tulpa community where your tulpa can safely interact with other tulpas and hosts. I never used it, but I know some people use the IRC. Others find and join skype groups and things like that. A fun thing I used to do was have my friends from chat ask Lilly questions and see how she responded. Like I said before, any kind of response. Then put it into the words or actions and use however you show its theme (Brackets, there name at the beginning then a slash, whatever) This can also help them learn to put what they’re feeling into words, which is, needless to say, good.

I can’t stress this one enough. Active force. I really don’t care if you don’t see anything in the first week. Not to be mean, but no one does. Well, very few, but that’s another story. Spend time with your tulpa. You can chill in the wonderland, read, whatever. Just active force. Not everyone does, and that can work for you, but I think active forcing will help the process along a lot faster. It at least did for me. The faster your tulpa is talking with you, the less time there is for doubt to set in. Once you fall in that hole, it’s hard to dig your way out.

Next up, talk to your tulpa.  I mean really talk to them. Build that connection. Tell em about you, your life, your friends, anything. You can trust your tulpa more than anyone on the planet. You should be able to trust them, and they should be able to trust you. So, tell em everything. It’s a great way to get stuff off your chest or try and figure things out, and to bond with your tup.

It’s not hard to active force if you can do it lazily. Imagine yourself sitting with her while watching tv, or on your back while your walking. Ok, maybe it’s not active forcing but it will help. Any attention you give em will help, but you need to give it to em. Even if you’re just watching a show and telling your tulpa about it, doing a kind of commentary, or reading a book, read it to them. A lot of tulpa like that kind of stuff. When I was younger before I really spoke, Bay would read me Fallout Equestria. Not really into the gore and stuff, but I love the story.

The biggest thing here is you can’t do this shit for three days and forget. I know how easy it is to forget to do something. But you need to remember. For your tulpas sake. Set up reminders, make your background of them, whatever you have to do. Hell, have someone keep reminding you to stay on top of it. We can even give you a hand with that if you want, shot us a message. Whatever you need to do, do it. You have to keep redialing until you both have a signal.

Now, for the tulpas. you need to try your best to reach your host. Make him/her see your there, feel you’re there. Try to remind them that you’re still around as much as you can. Try to get them to hear you. now, there are a few ways to do this. Some tulpa talk about how they need to tune into the right “frequency” so that there hosts can hear them. Some move around and try a bunch of different places, volumes, and tones. It’s really different for everyone.  Most importantly, you need to try. You can’t just stop and get discouraged because it’s not working. As long as you both keep at it, you will get there. Another thing you can do is put a mic in your WL that connects to your hosts conscious mind, and reach them that way. Do whatever it easy and makes sense to you. Now, you know how your tulpa needs to narrate to you? Narrate to right back. Talk to them a lot and respond to the things that they says. The more you try, the more you can succeed.

Theres really not much more I can say, other than good luck to you both, from all of us. Just work at it and stay positive. It will take a while to get there, but as long as you both try, you will.Good luck. Any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, your always free to message us. One if not all of us will answer you back. Hope this all helps!

Ford's Science-Based Switching Guide • r/Tulpas
*Alt Title:* **Ford's Double Ascended Switching Guide for Elite Class Tulpamancers** Hello everyone! Today, I present a project I’ve been...

Hello everyone! Today, I present a project I’ve been working on for a bit of time. Because the total runtime is over 80 minutes, it’s technically a feature-length  video series on how to train for and master switching ^^ The series was founded on my frustration that every existing switching guide seems to require a proclivity for switching, as, at the end of the day, they all just sort of say “do it.” I wanted to create a guide that not only offered an effective switching technique, but lays out a science-based process you can use to train the necessary skills.  

In the link above, I share the videos that hold the techniques and experiences that allowed me to have my first switching experience. Hope it helps!