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Survivor Series Showdown: Tully Blanchard Vs. The Ultimate Warrior
WWE Prime Time Wrestling - November 12th, 1989

This match is really weird, considering Blanchard was never used as a singles competitor in the WWE. He had been well-established as a worker all over the United States, but when you have him facing off against The Ultimate Warrior, who was the Intercontinental Champion at the time, you know what the fans are going to want. I think Blanchard vs. one of the Rockers would have made more sense, since that was the feud at the time, but I digress.

Interesting match with some great heel work by Blanchard, who plays cowardly and calculative like no other. Great crowd popping from Warrior who literally carries Blanchard back into the ring, and then you’ve got the never-well-liked Heenan at ringside in the corner of Blanchard. If you’re a fan of either man, this is a fun one, but personally, I wish Blanchard had gotten the clean win.