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Bellpincher and tulipscrossing are two of the few people left in the ac fandom that I can trust not to do offensive shit. I mean obviously people fuck up, but it's scary how few can just apologise, promise to not do it again and move on with their life.

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Wanted to do this real fast before bed~! Gomen, but I’m not going to tag anyone ‘cause I’m tired of tagging people lol ^^; So I’m just answering questions~ Thanks for asking/tagging me c:

acnlame’s questions

1. Who are your dream villagers?

I don’t really have dream villagers, but rn I would love to have Francine since I have Chrissy. c:

2. What would you do if a dreamie moved in a really bad spot? (in front of a bridge, on a path, right next to ur house, etc)

Do what I always do: not give a frick frack LOL.

3. How long have you been playing animal crossing?

Since I was young (around 12 I guess idek ? ? ?)

4. Assuming you have the qr machine, do you still bother to talk to sable?

Sometimes :3

5. Whats your favorite and least favorite villager personality?

Lazy. Snooty I guess?

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