tulip drawing

#Fill The Train 2

A month ago, I made this post, urging the fanart community at large to watch and make art of Infinity Train, and post it under the tag #Fill The Train in order to make the tag a lot less empty. I would reblog and promote each artist who participated, and gather all of the art in one big post.

It was a resounding success, with many artists creating great pieces and turning the tag lively.

But now the tag is getting quiet again, so it’s time to revitalize it once more.

Please, if you haven’t already, watch the Infinity Train pilot. It’s only 8.5 minutes of your time, and it’s really good.

Now, this Fill The Train is the same as the last one. Post original art to the #Infinity Train and #Fill The Train tags and I will reblog them and compile them into a big post.

However, this time there’s an optional theme.

While drawings of Tulip, One-One and Corginia are great, I’d really like to see your original content. Got an original character that would fit to the Infinity Train universe? A new species or robot? You want to design your own train car with its own puzzles and environment? Go for it.

You have until April 6th to submit your art to the tag. Afterwards I will compile another promo post for all of the artists.

Thank you for helping me bring attention to a great show, and good luck.

What are your plans for April?
Ну что, какие планы на апрель? У меня грандиозные! У меня вот занятия керамикой, курсы, тренировки, школа для собак, французский и, может быть, грузинский… только дней на неделе не хватает…

I admit I may have been watching the movie “Storks” a lot.

And I confess I may also ship Junior to Tulip. I’m not sure how shipping a sentient bird and a human works but I can’t help it they were so cute pff-

So heres some sketches! (gotta get my fluff up its almost Vday!)