tulip base

so i did a thing last weekend before the thing with my dog happened. basically took a look at the list of djinn that only appeared in the GBA games and decided to give them the Dark Dawn treatment and give them unique designs. a lot of the DD djinn designs are kind of based on their japanese names, and for the most part that’s what i did with these, unless the english name was easier to conceptualize

  • echo/duo is kind of based on a bat? ‘cuz bats use ECHOlocation ha ha ha shoot me.
  • mud is melting and looks like a mud monster
  • bane/bulb.  “bane” is a bit of a hard idea to design around. it’s basically defined as “something that causes a lot of distress and annoyance”. so i went with “bulb” and turned it into a little tulip bulb
  • mold/deku is based on a clay vase, cuz u MOLD clay. “deku” is defined as a sort of wooden puppet, but gears/doll already went with the doll design so i was kind of stuck with the english name.
  • meld/convoy is supposed to look like. two djinn merging together i guess? meld’s gimmick is that the team member who summons it and the team member with the highest attack rating (or second highest if the actual highest is the one summoning) land a “team strike” on an enemy, so the design is supposed to be like, a melding of minds or whatever. this was hard and weird to work with.
  • iron is supposed to look like they’re wearing a lil suit of armor.
  • petra is designed after some of the columns from the actual site of petra in jordan
  • crystal/maman is sort of supposed to invoke like, a sense of motherly love? they’re supposed to look very soft and loving, and ended up kind of looking like a chansey

Oh come on! You used to love our little roleplaying games!

Tulip based on this moodboard cos drawing aesthetics/moodboards has become my favourite little thing to do :’)
Tried to have all little things in as well as the colouring of the edits! 


      -No matter what… We’re getting french fries after.
                                                                         -Tulip wants french fries.

I’ve been drawing Tulip based on aesthetic posts and Cassidy in dumb shirts. Now this post popped up and it downright screams Tulip so!
Tulip in aesthetic dumb shirt :D

I combined it with Tulip’s yellow shirt and changed the font cos I was too lazy to look that up and didnt even like it so my own version :’)