BRANDON, Miss. (AP) — Mary Jane Kennedy considers herself a conservative Christian Republican, and she’s led Bible studies in her native Mississippi for decades. She’s also the mother of two gay sons and one of the faces in a new advertising campaign aimed at softening religious opposition in the Deep South to equal rights for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

The Washington-based Human Rights Campaign is taking on the region’s longstanding church-based opposition to homosexuality in a series of groundbreaking television commercials, direct-mail messages and phone-bank operations designed to promote equality and legal protections for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people in Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi.

TV commercials will begin airing Monday in Jackson, the state’s largest city and prime media market, with Kennedy featured as a mom who struggled to understand her own sons’ sexuality and believes God loves them, just like everyone else. The commercials also will be available online, as will banner ads on websites

Human Rights Campaign


Happy 78th Birthday to the most royal member of the Rock and Roll family, Elvis Aaron Presley born today January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, MS. Enjoy one of his most iconic photos with another notorious Capricorn (whose bday is tomorrow but alas he’ll be trumped by someone much more interesting.) In the meantime, enjoy the first single (released in 1954) from the King in this 1968 performance.

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Mississippi businesses can now use their religious beliefs to justify discrimination.

The Governor of Mississippi has signed a bill to allow businesses to discrimination against Jews, women and African Americans, the so called Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration bill. Wait, that isn’t the purpose of the bill?

It’s purpose of course is to discriminate against gays, because it is still fine, at least in much of Mississippi it seems, to hate and despise them. One can’t, nor shouldn’t they, discriminate against Jews, African Americans or women at businesses.

But under this law one can discriminate against all groups based on religious beliefs. Also, if religious principles allows discrimination against gays, it allows it against everyone.

If you are sick of the religious right-wing hatred and disdain of gays, as I am, please support the Human Rights Campaign on fighting back.


A Mississippi man who would have been denied an interracial marriage 50 years ago, protests marriage equality for gays and lesbians in that state (pending final court ruling) by marrying a horse? Doesn’t he understand that horses cannot consent, but adult humans can?

Finally, what is with the obsession with the religious rightwing and animals. They are always going on that if gays can marry just like anyone else, than people might as well as be marrying, cats, dogs, pigs and sometimes rocks.

Do they just want to marry animals? Maybe


From Encyclopedia of American Loons

“Hak-Shing William “Bill” Tam is Executive Director of the San Francisco-based Traditional Family Coalition. Tam was very heavily involved in the proposition 8 trial, partially because Tam believes that legalization of gay marriage would lead directly to the legalization of pedophilia because this was, as confirmed by his imagination, the next item on that infamous “gay agenda.”

According to Tam, San Francisco was even in 2010 already “under the rule of homosexuals.” So who is behind this travesty? “Satan is working on our youths. If we and our churches don’t do our parts, we will certainly lose our kids. They’ll one day surrender to Satan.” But of course.

During the trials Tam made several novel claims, including alleging that homosexuals were 12 times more likely to molest children, and that if Prop 8 did not pass “one by one, other states would fall into Satan’s hands.” He defended these writings primarily with the Bible, but when pressed for sources he also cited “the Internet.” In the end Tam begged out of the trial, claiming he was afraid of retaliation, despite having spoken at innumerable public rallies and expressed his views in public and on TV hundreds of times. Diagnosis: Numerous people like Tam out there, of course, and they can’t all get their own entries. We’ll do our best to cover a representative sample, though.” Gee, I wonder if those who campaigned to overturn bans on interracial marriages were led by this Satan, also, or only those who campaign for gay rights? By the way, I have worked in a gay rights group as a volunteer to oppose my own state’s ban on marriage equality. Strangely, there was no discussion as pedophilia being the next item on the agenda, but maybe that was part of a secret plan. After all, as hetero, maybe they didn’t trust me. That’s it.