Concept: Mituna and Latula both realize they’re gay while dating each other, have a conversation about it and break up peacefully and stay best friends and then Latula goes on a first date with Meulin and they do that sitcom thing where Mituna tells Tula what to do via headset

Underwater Fish Babies of YJ in a Nutshell

Tula: angelic ocean goddess all the boys want

Garth: unintentionally Mr. Steal Yo Gurl

Kaldur’ahm: friendzoned in the reefs wanted on the streets

Lagoon Boy: actual fish baby fanboy green thang/pufferfish???? (who cares i dont think even m’gann does tbh)


I’m not yours and you’re not mine.
We’re gonna sleep in different beds.
I will not be hearing your snore, if you do
and we will not be touching each other for warmth.
Blankets will hug us and not our arms
and i will not feel you breathing at the back of my neck.
I will not be on your side when you wake up.
and no good night kisses from both of us.