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In Tukwila, near the Green River by Jeff Turner

anonymous asked:

Can I get top surgery without being on T?

Yeah, absolutely. I’m not extremely familiar with surgeons outside of the US who offer this but I can offer you a list of surgeons within the US who don’t have hormone requirements for top surgery:

- Dr. Garramone (Davie, Florida)
- Dr. Crane (San Francisco, California)
- Dr. Satterwhite (San Francisco, California)
- Dr. Medalie (Cleveland, Ohio)
- Dr. Steinwald (Denver, Colorado)
- Dr. Lawton (San Antonio, Texas)
- Dr. Johnson (Omaha, Nebraska)
- Dr. Vath (Denver, Colorado)
- Dr. Raphael (Plano, Texas)
- Dr. Mangubat (Tukwila, Washington)

I’m not aware of every surgeon’s requirements so be sure to do your own research, look in the notes of the post for more suggestions, and contact surgeons you’re interested in to see what their requirements are.