Sep 1st

I just finished the book Behind the Beautiful Forevers that Berkeley had sent. Really great. Check it out if you have the chance. I’d be excited to have discussion on it, but I will be absent for that part of the school year.

Today was my first day. I didn’t have my plastic blue water bottle because I left it in La Crescenta. Speaking of La Crescenta (maybe Tujunga), I walked a mile uphill today in very hot sun (for the fourth of fifth time this past week). I had heard of an In-n-Out up the street. I ate next to a Persian family then purposefully said “Nemidoonam” when my dad came later. Previously in the prelacy (sounds like a TV Show), the lady whose only job it seemed was to distribute curt responses sat in the office next to the “isn’t it beautiful?” chapel and assured me I can’t walk uphill to the in n out. Then she asked if I’m hungry in the Western Armenian dialect, and I hesitated for a second before saying yes.  After this interaction, I was led to a room in which I was interviewed for a position I am probably not qualified for. Regardless, I put on my best impression of myself and they loved me- they practically said I had the job at the end of the interview.

This week has been the longest week maybe of my life. I’ve walked more under direct afternoon sunlight than I have probably in the past year, and for very trivial reasons. But each of these incidences seems extremely far apart. yesterday feels like last month.

The only thing that makes me really happy is figure drawing class, and my always grumpy teacher Zarcone, who is very candid (in his own, grumpy way) about enjoying my presence in his class. It took me years and 3 failed classes (i never did the master copy homework assignments) to get him to like me. He’s one of maybe 2 or 3 people i like at school. I have many half-friends in that class who like to joke around, slice barbecue-chicken pizza in hand