tuition problems


Hi guys! I’m going to need your help.

Let me explain my situation.

So I have an event to go this weekend called AniCraze 5 where me and my team are going to present new games to present to the masses.

The way we do this is basically bringing each of the team’s computers. The problem is that my computer is severely under powered. A broken gfx card, and the 2nd monitor is dead.

I had help back in my birthday to rectify this, but it instead ended up in my tuition and my family’s fund as we had a family money problem then.

I though I’d be able to make up the loss over my break, but instead I wasted this time on my thesis. I fixed the family and tuition problem by working at the research team on my University.

So now, I have 5 days left to get some money.
Now let me explain each of the sections above.

100$ - GFX Card - The most important one, the others are optional.
I’ll be getting the RX 460/560, so yeah I don’t need a overly powerful card.

200$ - 2nd Monitor - Mostly to compliment the card, my current monitor is VGA. This will also help replace my 2nd video card.

250$ - Extra Funds - This one is to provide padding for the two above. As well as extra funding to the setup at the event.

For this emergency run, I will be introducing my new commission system.

The Revolving Queue. This will be a series of 5 current commissions, and 5 reserved commissions done in a revolver style roulette.

So if you would like to help me, check my commission page:

You would like to donate? Please check the commission page.

Current Status: $219
Last Target:


My mom just came in contact with the college I want to go to get some information and we’ll call again to arrange a meeting with the comic teacher there. It’s a private college, and therefore the tuition is a problem for my family but both my parents somehow are crazy enough to actually want to support me in being a comic artist. Plus if I get to be at the top of my class, I’ll get the privilege to get a scholarship to go to England for some more comic studies there, and I’ll get to work in a comic immediately.

Hold your shit together until I get to come to work there DC!!!!

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Does going to community college mean you're stupid?

I, along with many other members of the CollegeSmarts team, went to a community college first and we all agree that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Many students go to a four-year first because they believe the stigma around community colleges, but you’re in luck because we wrote a blog to clear the misconceptions.

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YOU WANT ART? You’ve found a pretty good post for that.

So long story short; my family was extremely nice when they made me the deal that they would help me through college. They can’t help me anymore, we have no more money right now for college. They’ll be taking on loans for what they can’t handle and I will be too. I’d love to somehow help them during the summer, especially since I don’t have a job right now and it looks like I won’t, so I’m reaching out to tumblr for help. 

There are a few things I won’t draw, but that’ll be at the end of this. All of the prices are in US Dollars, please make sure to do the conversion to your own currency properly.


  • Flat color: $8
  • Full color + Shading: $10

Full Body

  • Flat color: $13
  • Full color + Shading: $15


  • Flat color: $10
  • Full color + Shading: $13

Sketch: $5

Half Body (no samples right now i’m sorry)

  • Flat color: $9
  • Full color + Shading: $12

Extra Characters: $5

Things I will NOT DRAW: 

  • gore/violence
  • nsfw content
  • backgrounds
  • mecha
  • there might be other things, but I will let you know when you contact me

Oc’s and fanart are always okay, so don’t worry about asking for anything like that.

Please contact me through for any commission requests (paypal information will be exchanged and a payment deal/plan figured out and all that fun stuff). If you can’t buy anything, please help out by reblogging this post!