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Dude any tips for a levels retakes? In Singapore. Like any tuition Centres or ways to be focused and make a timetable anything that'll help really I just need basically any advice that you can offer. Thanks in advance

hi anon! i think the first thing you can try would be to ask your form teacher/personal mentor for advice regarding your retaking of the A’s. Otherwise, here’s some refs/info you can take a look at: 

retaking A’s as a private candidate

exam registration 

tuition centre for private candidates

advice given by someone who has retaken the A’s

MDIS offers a course for A level private candidates 

another centre for a level prep course 

self-discipline/staying focused

study tips

studying masterpost

catching up in your studies

staying focused

motivation tips 

going to private institutions for A level courses tend to be very expensive, so an alternative would be to self study the subjects you’re planning to sit for and then go for tuition at the same time. i’m not very familiar with the various tuition centres that offer classes for JC and i’m not too sure if most of them are as effective as they claim to be, though based on a few of my friends’ experience, if you’re planning to retake econs, going for this would probably be good. 

do rmb to check on the latest syllabus on SEAB as well before you start studying in case there are any changes. 

it’ll be a long and arduous journey ahead but i believe you can do it! i’m assuming you didn’t do well for a’s (since you’re planning to retake), it’s ok to be sad/disappointed, but there’s always another chance for you to try again, so don’t lose faith and press on!! if you need help with anything else feel free to approach me and i’ll try my best to help u :) 

so i??? just got back from a meeting with the electrical engineering graduate adviser and i’m… thinking about grad school? like more n more thinking it’’s what i want to do. but yeah went in to talk about getting a masters degree (which would be a 2-3 year program) and she encouraged me to look into getting phd which is terrible and terrifying and i don’t want to think about it. 

anyway im gonna look into funding bc i could only do this is costs were covered. 

ok if your parents can legally kick you out and have nothing to do with you when you turn 18, why does fafsa need you to include them until you’re 24. oh yeah because teens and early 20-somethings rarely have income… WOW. WHAT A CONCEPT. ALMOST LIKE THEY SHOULD BE ALLOTTED MORE MONEY FOR EDUCATION 

fav pair of losers tbh

How To Be More Organized
  • Use a planner to jot down important deadlines.
  • Toss out dried pens and highlighters from your pencil case.
  • Keep your books according to subject.
  • Use a book binder if you tend to lose papers.
  • Use sticky notes which can be helpful in temporarily marking the important pages for fast revision.
  • Have different bags for school, sports, and tuition class.
  • Have a stationery holder on your study desk, and constantly make sure the required materials are in working condition.
  • Allocate a spot in your house for your backpack, and always park it there every time you come home from school.
  • Clean out your backpack regularly.
  • Prepare a waste paper bin beside your study desk.
  • Get a soft board or white board as an eye-catching reminder of deadlines, “Must Do”, or other checklists.
  • If you are studying with a laptop, get your study materials organized for ease of retrieval.
  • Clean up your study desk every time you are done using it.

Hey fellow studyblrs! Today’s school holiday so I went out for a study date with @studywithlynn and I decided to make a post about ways to be more organized! This is just some simple and basic tips from me so I hope this post can help you guys to become a more organized student! Hope all of you have a nice day! ;) 

- Clover ♡

Hale of an artist

Okay so what IF Stiles is taking an art class at Beacon Hills Community College during the summer, to pick up some extra credits. 

There’s a gen requirement he needs to knock out of the way so he can take a university class he actually wants - something important for his major; he hates the idea of wasting an entire semester and expensive tuition on an intro class he can breeze through at reduced community college prices. When he’s registering he ends up signing up for an art class too (either because it sounds fun or because he’d somehow caught a glimpse of the teacher; it depends on how shocked and awed you want him to be on the first day). 

It’s a life drawing class, which Stiles possibly hadn’t really noticed when he’d signed up, but that’s cool, he’s been doodling in notebooks for years. Back in high school, he used to regularly get sent to detention for caricatures he drew of Harris. (Finstock thought his were funny and pinned them to the board but also gave him detention because rules are rules, Bilinski.) 

He probably ran an anonymous comic strip for the school paper, mercilessly lampooning anyone around campus who caught his attention. Senior Editor Lydia Martin, bless her beautiful soul, refused to reveal her sources every time angry teachers stormed the principal’s office to demand retribution. She even defended him against her boyfriend, the attractive but douchey Jackson Whittemore, who threatened to have his dad sue the school after one particularly blistering comic about his Porsche and lacrosse prowess.

But anyway that’s getting off track because the point is, Stiles shows up to his first day at BHCC, ready to do some Serious Drawing, yup. 

But when Professor Hale makes a circuit of the room to see which students need help, Stiles has to rapidly flip his sheet to a new one. He’s made Very Little progress, and Hale spends some extra time with him, guiding him through ways to quickly sketch the model’s shifting poses. He shows Stiles how to get a rough outline down on paper, using broad strokes to give the impression of movement, only adding details if there’s enough time before the model changes to a new pose. 

Once he moves on, equally patient with every student, but not always pausing with them for quite as long, Stiles flips back to his far more detailed drawing and begins shading in the beard he’d had so blissfully close to his face for those sweetly extended minutes. 

It’s actually more of a challenge than he’d expected! He’s always been good at capturing eccentricities and exaggerating features, but this is new. And the sharp cheekbones, the perfect pattern of Hale’s beard…he breaks two pencils trying to get the hair sleek and dark (yet effortlessly soft) enough, before he moves into charcoal.

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Cuddling | Yoongi, You

You’re warmer this way

You hated your busy life. Going from tuition classes to tuition classes, hardly getting a snack in between. After the day was over, you went home to strict parents who would nit and pick in every little thing you had done that day. It was all too much for you. You never got any time to breathe.

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lmao when you stop going to school because you can’t afford it, and they keep jacking up the interest so you can never go back to university to get a degree which would allow you a job that could actually pay off the amounts owed what are they even trying to accomplish, because it’s not get paid.

How to excel in class

Some people find difficult to excel in class because they are shy or they get nervous or they simply don’t know how to excel. So to help you I share some tips to excel in your classes:

  • Attend Class. Not only are you making the most of your tuition, going to class increases the opportunities for your professor and classmates to know you. Class is also the perfect time to ask questions and share ideas, setting you a step further from your absent classmates.
  • If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher, don’t be shy. If you familiarize asking in class in the end, it won’t be so hard to you, and your teacher will know you show interest.
  • Participate. Is very important to participate in class, many students tend to shy away from participating because they’re too scared their response isn’t what the professor is looking for or it isn’t good enough. Don’t let this hold you back! The professor will be glad you took the chance to share. Many students tend to shy away from participating because they’re too scared their response isn’t what the professor is looking for or it isn’t good enough. Don’t let this hold you back! The professor will be glad you took the chance to share.
  • Sit in first line in your classes, you will hear and see better and teachers will know you better, also you will distract much less.
  • If there are some voluntary tasks, do it. Teachers will value it.
  • Join a study group. Study groups can be very useful for helping you succeed and to be more confident with your classmates. If you know your classmates you will have more confidence to talk in class and also it help you to study.
  • Take notes. Taking notes improves data retention, keeps you focused on the task or lecture at hand, and even boosts comprehension of the material, this is because people learn better when they engage with the material in multiple ways.
  • Make use of your professor’s office hours. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions in class, or have missed classes, or otherwise need help with the material, head in to your professor’s office for one-on-one help. Most professors have at least two office hours per week, giving you ample opportunity to schedule visits.
  • Show interest in your classes.
  • Get a tutor. A good tutor will be able to help you understand concepts, make the class fun and set problems which are neither too easy nor too difficult for you.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
Every dancer understands....

“You start by taking your 3 year old daughter to dance class as something to fill an hour of her week and give her an outlet for her energy. She comes home from class and continues to dance around the house, wearing a few spare scarves from your closet or last years princess costume from the dress up box - asking every day there after "do I go to dance today?”

Next thing you know, you’re complaining about hours spent driving back and forth to the studio, the later-than-you’d-like rehearsal(on a school night?!), time sitting and waiting at the studio for classes to end when you have a million other places to be, and don’t even get me started on the money- tuition, shoes, master classes, shoes, fund raisers, shoes. Did I mention shoes?

You fret and worry that a “normal” childhood is passing her by. She’s not on the field hockey team, she’s not a cheerleader. She’s rarely at the dinner table because she has class almost every night of the week. Family vacations are planned around summer intensives.

But before you know it, she’s danced her last recital and discarded her last pair of shoes and it’s all over too soon. When it’s all over and she’s left the stage for the last time, will you remember the hours, the money, the worry of the physical toll? My guess is “no”. You will remember the gifts dance has given her: the ability to prioritize and multi-task, a strong, flexible body, the ability to handle pressure and last minute changes, and an appreciation for music not currently heard on everyday radio. You will be grateful you are sending your daughter out into the world with a strong work ethic and a long attention span. You will have a great sense of peace knowing your daughter is part of a strong circle of young women equally capable of lifting one another up when the road is rough, as they are at celebrating one another’s triumphs. In the end, you can pat yourself on the back because taking her to that first dance class 15 years ago was one of the best parenting decisions you made.

To the woman that has been by my side through every moment of my life. I thank God for allowing me to have you as my other mommy. I seriously cannot imagine life without hearing the sound of your voice, smelling your cooking from the kitchen and feeling your sweet touch. You have always been my best friend and I’m certain that you’ll continue to be just that for the rest of my days here on earth and beyond. You make me so proud to be who I am. I look in the mirror and see pieces of you. I am often reminded that I’m not the best at controlling my facial expressions. I can’t help but smile because I know that I get that from you. You have raised me to always carry my faith, independence and keep in mind that my education was priority. I thank you for helping make sure that I had everything that I needed to succeed. I know that my school tuition, ballet shoes, acting classes, vocal sessions, pageant gowns and photoshoots weren’t cheap. I don’t care what the situation may be I know that I’ll have my number one cheerleader within you. It brings such joy to my heart seeing how proud you are of me. I love that you go to Walmart and make it a point to let the lady checking you out know who your granddaughter is. I pray that I can one day have the strength that you carry. You’re the strongest woman that I know. You’re my superwoman and I can’t thank you enough for being that. You’ll always find a way to make sure that our family is secure. You’re my world and my partner in crime. I miss being home falling asleep with you and watching “The Newlywed Game”. I feel you with me always. Every single day I wake up and thank God for placing you in my life. You were specially designed. I’ll always be your baby no matter how heavy I become. I’m the same little girl that you woke up early every morning for to prepare strawberry oatmeal. I’m the same little girl that you drove to preschool while in her car seat listening to Tina Turner. I’m the same little girl that needed to snuggle under you to fall asleep. I love you is such an understatement. You are such a beauty and precious soul. You’re my queen! Happy Birthday Gram 🌹🌙❤️ love Manimoo by normanikordei