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Could you do a scenario of Genji or McCree flirting with Mercy's medical assistant/apprentice while they are getting treated for minor injuries post mission?


The familiar smell of antiseptic of the medical room greeted you as you entered, carefully carrying the latest box of supplies which was sent over for Dr. Zeigler. However, unlike the usual quiet hum of the machinery that would usually greet you when you took your shift, it was a loud argument that welcomed you to the room. Noticing a few drop of blood on the pure white floor, you quickly checked your watch. Of course. A group of agents must of just returned from another mission. Setting down the box on the supply cupboard, you quickly tugged on your white lab coat, hurrying over the where you could hear Angela’s voice arguing with a male one. 

“I will sedate you if you keep arguing with me! Even though it is a minor wound, it could get infected and I will not have you out of action just because of it!” The doctor scolded. 

“That’s why I came to get a band-aid from you!” The voice protested. 

Angela made a sound of pure exasperation before appearing in your line of sight, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She started slightly at the sight of you before sighing in relief. 

“Oh thank goodness. Please deal with him, I’ve known him too long to put up with anymore of his shenanigans.” Angela whispered to you, placing a chilled hand on your shoulder before looking back over her shoulder, saying in a louder tone: “ My apprentice will be taking care of that wound for you. And then, only then, may you leave.” 

“Hm? The cute one? Why didn’t you just say so, I’d have come sooner!” 

Angela sighed before giving you an apologetic look and walking over to the supplies you brought in, starting to pack them safely away. You took a breath and walked over, behind the privacy curtain, to the patient’s bed where the man was sitting, waiting. 

Jesse McCree

The cowboy reclined comfortably on the bed, the sleeve of his still intact human arm rolled all the way up to his shoulder, showing a large, deep, bloodied gash from the elbow to the top of his arm. Dirt still clung to his darkened clothing and his serape, which he folded neatly on the chair next to the bed. He had taken his shoes off, as to not stain the bed sheets with blood and filth, as to not annoy Angela further. Smart man. 

He was whistling softly as you shut the curtains and turned to him, giving him a small lukewarm smile. 

“Howdy.” Jesse gave you a wolfish grin, tilting his head slightly like an overgrown wolf cub. 

You hummed a greeting, opening up the bedside drawer and took out bandages, a pair of scissors, antiseptic spray, cleaning cloth and a single band-aid. Jesse chuckled softly at the sight, sitting up so you could attend to him better. 

“You do know I was kidding about the band-aid, right sugar?” McCree asked, eyes watching you bemusedly. 

“Yes, but all kids like having a plaster on their owies, don’t they?” You retorted, using the cleaning cloth to lightly clean up the excess blood around the wound. 

Jesse snorted loudly, obviously amused. 

“So, you think I’m like a big kid.” 


“Well, I ain’t bashful to tell ya, the things you’re making me think of ain’t kid-friendly at all.” Jesse purred playfully. 

You nearly dropped the bloodied cloth as you threw it in the dustbin, a slight colored tinge coming to your cheeks. You cleared your throat, picking up the antiseptic spray and, without warning, spraying it on the wound, making McCree jump. 

“Shit!” He growled. “That stings!” 

You smirked idly, starting to wrap the wound in bandages, feeling his narrowed gaze on you as you worked. He leaned forwards slightly, humming in your ear, hoping to distract you with his short distance from you. You momentarily lost concentration, opting to hurriedly redo the bandage, as McCree chuckled. You shot him a glare and tightened it abruptly, making the cowboy jump again. 

“Damn, doll, you’re sadistic to your patients. Are you like this all the time?” Jesse huffed, casually sliding his leg in between yours. 

“I learned from the best.” You shrugged, the thought of Angela approving of your harsh treatment of Jesse making you grin. 

“Well, your bedside manner is shit, but if you’re this mean in bed, I’d forgive it.” Jesse murmured, low so Angela wouldn’t hear. 

You accidentally cut your finger as you snipped off the end of the bandage which stuck out, startled from Jesse’s remark. You hissed a soft swear as you placed the scissors down, but was quickly silenced by McCree taking your hand and casually licking the cut, making you start. 

“Shit! That stings!” You pulled your hand away. 

Jesse smirked lazily, pleased with the quick karma. You huffed, picking up the band-aid and sticking it to his uselessly to the bandage around his arm. 

“There. Do you want a lollipop as well?” You hummed, going to the sink and running the cut under cold water. 

“Nah, but, uh, do you have any rubbers around here?” Jesse asked, sliding off the bed. 

For some reason there was a sinking feeling in your stomach. Shaking off the feeling, you strode over to the supply bench and pulled out a condom for him, giving him an unimpressed look. 

“Doll, what makes you think I’ll only be needing the one?” McCree chuckled, pulling his shoes on. 

You turned around, sighing and picked up two more, showing him the 3 little packets, Jesse nodding his approval. Standing up he took the edges of the condoms between his teeth, wrapping his serape around his shoulders, before pocketing them. 

“I’ll be back later, sweetheart!” Jesse called over his shoulder. 

“Don’t tell me you’ll be needing more.” You answered flatly. 

“Nah, I’m hoping on actually using them when I visit next time.” McCree grinned his wolfish smirk at your flushed cheeks as he shut the door behind him. 

You could hear his cheerful whistling all the way down the hall. 

Genji Shimada 

The cyborg was sitting boyishly on the bed, cross legged, resting his chin on the palm of his hand, a bored air about him. He straightened up slightly at your arrival, his vents exhaling a small amount of steam. You glanced at his body, trying to find the wound which Angela had lectured him about. 

“So, where’s this injury that can’t be helped with a band-aid?” You asked, watching the cyborg. 

Genji hummed, suddenly propping his leg up on the headboard of the bed, looking as if he was stretching for a ballet class.  There, underneath the damaged plating, was a large gash along his inner thigh. 

“Did you and Reaper try to get freaky and he forgot he still had his gloves on or something?” You asked, bemused before leaning in, examining the tear closely. 

“Ah no, it was Hana’s Ult gone wrong.” Genji laughed, amused at the thought.

You pushed your hair out of the way, trying the see where the most damage had  been caused, leaning in closer and squinting. Genji tilted his head, watching you get pretty close to his crotch. He chuckled to himself and, straining to hear if Angela was coming back, he pushed your hair out of your way, keeping his fingers tangled in it. 

You hummed a thanks. 

“Genji, you’ll need to g- What are you two doing?!” Angela pulled the curtain back, starting at the sight of you two, Genji holding your hair, your face practically buried in his lap. 

You jumped and looked up, puzzled, at Angela. Genji muffled his boyish chuckling, vents exhaling steam once more in glee. 

“I thought…” Angela’s cheeks gained a small amount of color, realizing she had leapt to conclusion. 

“Yes, doctor?” Genji purred happily, resting his hand on your lower back. “What did you think was happening? Must of been something that looked like it breached doctor-patient rules.” 

“N-Nevermind that!” Angela snapped. “I was just going to say that after the wound has been patched up, you should go along to Torbjorn to get the armour plating patched up!” 

Angela quickly disappeared with a huff. You glanced down at Genji quizzically to which he only giggled in response. 

“You’re cute when out of your element.” Genji remarked, leaning back on his forearms. 

Your cheeks colored momentarily, quickly grabs forceps, cleaning cloth, antiseptic and other medical instruments out of the bedside drawer. You pushed his inner thigh so you could better see the damage and got to work, cleaning the wound. You were being incredibly careful, as to not irritate the old scars the you brushed over, but still, Genji would grip the sheets a few times, huffing softly. You were just dabbing ointment along where skin met metal when your hand briefly slipped and accidentally pressed against the sensitive wounds. Genji gave a yelp of pain and you quickly pulled back. 

“Sorry.” You muttered. 

“You might as well kiss it better.” Genji hummed softly, tilting his head. 

“What? No!” 

“You should.” Genji’s gaze never broke away from your face. “That did hurt quite a lot.” 

“It’s unhygienic.” You said, flatly. 

“Well, kiss somewhere else then.” Genji suggested, a sultry tone entering his voice. 

“Y-You’re done here. Go to Torbjorn.” You quickly changed the path of the conversation, throwing away used cloths and washing the forceps you used to help clean the wound. 

Genji gingerly stood up, stretching his back so it clicked. You strode out, placing the now washed forceps back into the supply cupboard. You didn’t hear Genji come up behind you, until you felt his chin rest on your shoulder. 

“We’ll talk later about where you can place that kiss, hm?” Genji murmured. “I’m looking forward to it~” 

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have you done edging/overstim with the rfa gang + saran cuz binch plz make a thirsty hoes dreams come true you're giving the earth what god wants ily thank u

I’m gonna try writing short little ficlets for these! Doing the bulletpoints would just make this so damn long.


He swallowed thickly as you got on your knees behind him, squeezing his ass cheek.

“How many times did I beat you, Yoosungie~?”

Ahh, he loved that nickname, but not in this context. He pushed his face against his bed, ashamed at his pose: Face down ass up with a pillow between his legs.

“S-Seven times.”

“Mmmhmm,” You dug your nails into his ass cheek and he tried hiding his little mewl against the mattress. “Seven times. I thought you were such a good gamer, hm?”

You had challenged him earlier to a game, but on the conditions that if he lost, you got to have your way with him. He still couldn’t figure out if he lost on purpose or not.

When you first spanked him, he let out a surprised yelp, his lubed up cock rubbing against the pillow between his legs. God, he was already so hard after you putting the cockring on, and now you were going to spank him too?

You kept it up, each harsh smack causing him to rub against the pillow, trying his best not to more or let out little begs as you degraded him. You took your time too, taking turns on each cheek

When you finally were done, you planted a little kiss on his reddened cheek.

“You need to get better at games, Yoosung.”

He nodded against the bed, happy at the cool sensation against the pain. You started a few little kisses, promising to help soothe his sore ass, but without warning you reached between his legs and started fondling his balls. He gasped, bucking against the pillow again. He was already so riled up, why were you teasing him so much?


You giggled, but helped him switch positions and lay on his back. You laid on your stomach, planting a kiss on the tip of his cock.

“I guess I should make you feel at least a little good, huh?”

Oh god, he wanted to feel good so bad, but…He was still wearing the cock ring. He watched you take his cock fully into your mouth, working quickly on him as he squirmed and whined out. He was already backed up already, before tonight! And he finally gets to have sex with you again and this is what you do?

The whole blowjob was painfully amazing. He just wanted to cum, he just wanted to so bad! But you were dragging this for so long! His fingers threaded through your hair without thinking, his nails digging in as he tried not to fuck your face.

Without any warning, you undid the cockring for him, and then he couldn’t stop himself. He quickly thrusted into your mouth, letting out such a loud moan as he finally came down your throat.


During the whole ride to the restaurant, you were in the back, teasing him with your lips and hand- Constantly palming him as you bit his lip in between kisses, making him let out a low groan.

It wasn’t often you were able to take control, but when you did it was exhilarating. Really, you could always ask to switch the roles around, but you really, really, liked him being in control. 

As you teased your tongue against his, your hand reached to start unbuckling his pants when you noticed just how hard he had gotten. However, before you could even start to loosen the buckle, the car slowed to a stop, Driver Kim already opening his door to get ready to help the both of you out.

Quickly, you pulled back, straightening yourself up as he tugged on your coat.

“Let me hold your coat, or else it’s going to be obvious.”

WIlling yourself not to have your cheeks redden now, you shrugged it off, handing the garment over to him to hide his erection with.

The whole walk inside, getting to your seat and everything, was a constant teasing. Your hand would wrap around his waist, purposely brushing against his ass enough to make him clear his throat. He’d lean and whisper in your ear- Pointless things, but his breath there made you shiver.

When the two of you finally sat down and ordered, he stared you down as the waitress walked away, you giving him a innocent smile.

“What is it, honey?”

A flicker of annoyance crossed his eyes, but he showed a strained smirk instead.

“I’m still…Excited.”

“Ooh, about that new business deal?” You teased.

He knew your act, trying to pretend nothing hot and heavy had just went on. “Yes, the… Other side is being quite provoking.”

“Are they now?”

“Yes. Just taking away what I want the most at the last second, making me bargain for more.”

You blushed a bit, being interrupted by the waitress again for drinks. Once she left, you looked around the restaurant. No one was looking at the two of you, and…you were in a quiet, dark, corner…

You set your purse to hang off the back of your chair, looking at how long the table cloth was. If you were quick enough…

“Cover me,”


You quickly ducked under the table, quiet for a moment and trying to hear if no one noticed. Fortunately, Jumin was whispering harshly to you, letting you know how foolish you were and how lucky the both of you were that no one saw.

Holding back a giggle, you started working on his belt like you had been in the car, and he instantly went quiet. Smiling, you worked his cock out of his pants, surprised it was still as hard as it was before, even leaking a bit.

“Ooh, you weren’t lying.”

How long had he been like this? Was he teasing himself mentally the whole time, unable to calm down? He must be aching.

You held it as you ran your tongue from the base up, hearing the table clatter a bit as he reached under and grabbed a fistful of your hair. It hurt, but nothing too bad. It certainly made you unable to keep your excitement at bay. 

You heard footsteps and saw his straighten up. The waitress must be back.

You heard them talking, the waitress wondering if she needed to wait until you had came back from wherever, and you could hear him clearing his throat, trying to sound calm….

Until you took the tip of his cock in your mouth, swirling your tongue to lap up the precum. You heard his voice hitch, the waitress question him, his hand tighten with your hair again. It was hard not to let out a noise, but you managed to hold back as the waitress walked away.

You didn’t have the upperhand for long. As soon as she was far enough, both of his hands slipped under the table, pushing your head down and forcing you to take him all at once. 

Your eyes teared up a bit, and you felt something hot spurt down the back of your throat. You let him hold you in place until his grip loosened, then you carefully pulled back, kissing his cock for good measure.

After you wiped your mouth, you carefully snuck back into your chair, thankful no one had noticed. Unfortunately, Jumin still looked riled up and his face was a bit red.

“We’re going home.”

“What? Was it that bad?”

“No,” he cleared his throat, pulling out his wallet to leave something to pay for the wine the two of you had hardly touched. “I need more, now.”


Watching Seven ride you was amazing, and you understood why he loved you riding him so much.

You had recently gotten a vibrating dual strap on. On your end, you had a nice little bit that rubbed against your gspot, and on his end he got a thick dildo to bounce up and down on.

You watched his cock move along with him, bobbing a bit with a thick steady drip of precum working its way to the cockring around his base. When you looked at his expression, he was completely blissed the fuck out. Glasses skewed, mouth open and drooling a bit, eyes half lidded and nearly rolled back.

The dildo must have been hitting him in all the right places. God, at this rate, you wouldn’t even need him to get you off, the little vibrating bullet in you able work well enough with the visuals he was providing.

You felt your heart nearly stop as he let out a strangled moan, seizing up and rocking a tad. He had stopped pumping the fake cock in and out of him, his eyes squeezing shut.

“Are you close, baby?”

He nodded, biting his lip. “So close, so so close.”

It was the third time he had gotten this close, but this had came quicker than the others. You reached out, your thumb teasing the tip of his cock, a disgusting and open-mouthed, tongue hanging moan escaping him.

“You can cum if you want to, baby, it’s fine.”

He leaned back, willing himself to open his eyes and look at you with an unsure expression. When you reached for his cockring, he nodded, and you took it off slowly.

Once it was completely off, you started pumping his cock as he lightly bounced on the dildo again, breathing deeply. After just a few moments, he finally came, his cum shooting out so hard that some even landed on your cheek.

You were completely content with just that being the end of it, but after he barely caught his breath, he was fixing his glasses and slipping between your legs.

When you tried to protest, he stopped you.

“Let me make you feel good for doing that for me.”


The two of you stumbled into the dressing room, hardly able to keep your hands off each other before so. He slipped his hands expertly up your shirt, bringing it along and flinging it to the side, groping at your breasts.

“You really don’t have any self control, do you?”

He almost whined at your teasing, letting go of your breasts and squeezing your ass, forcing your hips to meet his as he bucked against you without any shame.

“M-Mc, come on, I need this,” His breath was hot against your ear as he begged. “All those texts, those looks during rehearsal, you’re such a damn tease.”

You tried keeping your cool, but with how he was grinding against you, you couldn’t even attempt to.

“Y-You need to be tamed, Zenny- Ah!”

His mouth was at your neck, sucking past bruises, his moan nearly sounding like a growl. “Let me take it off.”

You reached a hand in between the two of you, groping him and causing him to gasp and groan. Before you could tease again, he picked you up and had you sitting on the make-up table, yanking off your pants a bit clumsily, but fast. As soon as it and your underwear was off, he was undoing his own pants, pulling his hard and flushed cock out.

You bit your lip, seeing the precum dripping off of him already, the cockring at the back of his cock begging to be removed.

“Tell me it’s okay, Mc, tell me I can-”

“Do it.”

Instantly he was on you, pushing his tip into you, waiting for your telltale moan to allow him to push in all the way. You whined, tangling your fingers with the fabric of his shirt as he pounded into you harshly. It didn’t hurt, but god the two of you hadn’t gone this quick and rough before.

You quickly bit his shoulder, his wet moan in your ear as you muffled your noises. He was going so fast- so fast!

“Letmecum, god please, Mc. Letmecumletme-”

You wrapped your legs around his hips, clamping them down and forcing him deeper into you. As you did so, you wrapped a hand around that damned ponytail of his and pulled, making such a choked guttural moan leave him.

That was it, that had to be the breaking limit for him. He was still bucking into you, but they were wild, uncoordinated. It felt good, but you hadn’t felt him so fucked up before. Clumsily you reached in between the both of you, managing to get him to pause long enough for you to undo the latch of the cockring. 

You couldn’t even grab it. Once it was undone, he forced your hips to meet his, the ring falling onto the floor as he completely slammed into you, letting out such strangled noises as he finally came into you, panting against your neck.

After the two of you composed yourselves, Zen having to help you stay steady on your legs, you decided it was best if you waited outside for him to finish up with practice.

It wasn’t until the two of you got home that you both realized you left the cockring in  the dressing room.


The two of you had decided to try overstimming together. It was something you were curious about, and a kink he had always wanted to try out. But, he wasn’t expecting that you wanted to use it on him as well.

After a few rounds of normal doggy style sex, you couldn’t stop clenching so tightly around him. Somehow, in this position, he was able to keep rubbing perfectly against your gspot, making you bite into his pillow.

Of course, this was having a toll on him as well.

Normally, he didn’t have issues lasting a while, which is why he was so surprised you wanted him to wear a cockring, but since he didn’t mind he wore it anyway. Now, as you hit your third orgasm- squealing into the pillow and letting out such a lewd ass moan afterwards- he was nearly at the brink of just begging you to let him cum inside of you.

He couldn’t think straight. All he could focus in was the feeling of your wet heat around him, his balls feeling tight as all hell. He was so damn close, he couldn’t even focus on sitting upright. Now he his forehead was against your back as he groaned into you, forcing your hips to meet his thrusts.

“Nnngh, I’m so fucking close, Mc, I’m so fucking close, just a bit more, jus-Ahn!”

He stopped mid-thrust as you reached between the yours and his legs both, groping at his balls. He made a deep whine in his throat, and then suddenly he couldn’t stop snapping his hips into you. The sound of skin slapping together so harshly was nearly enough to make you cum again, but you were so weak and so over-fucked, your mind felt numb.

“T-Take it off, god damnit, nownownownow! I can’t- I need to cum inside of you, I need to right nowrightnow!”

His voice was deep, guttural, and with clumsy fingers you undid the latch on his cockring. As soon as it slipped off, he was biting your shoulder hard enough to break the skin, a loud groan barely being muffled rushing out as he thrusted a handful of times more. He came with a deep final thrust, keeping his cock in you and he sloppily panted against your back.

After a few moments, he slowly slid out, the both of you groaning before flopping on the bed. He reached an arm out, quickly pulling you to him and placing small and lazy kisses against your head.

“Once I catch my breath, we’re going again.”

When you looked at him shocked, you could see a tired but stern and commanding look in his eye.

“You didn’t let me cum that whole time while you did. You really didn’t think you were getting away with that, did you?”

Oh Sehun//Love Thy Neighbor - Part 2

Originally posted by oohsehunnies

Summary: You move into a new apartment after your boyfriend leaves to go abroad, making your relationship long distance. You’re tired, stressed and missing him - and your next door neighbor isn’t making life any easier. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: neighbor!AU, slightly angsty
Word Count: 4,724

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Make Like A Muggle

Pairing: Draco X Reader

Prompt: You make a bet with Draco that he can’t do anything without magic. He decides to take this very seriously. Too bad it’s during the middle of a snowstorm.

A/N: Inspired by me. Outside. Shoveling snow like a loser because I’m weak AF and the snow was too heavy. 

Originally posted by dailyglamorous

You suppress the desire to scream into a pillow as you try and escape Draco’s teasing. You loved him very much, and getting to really bond with him after the war was very emotional for both of you, but sometimes you were reminded of how particularly bothersome he could be.

“You’re just saying that because I’m better at it than you,” he stated proudly. You stopped in your tracks and turned back to him. The pompous expression he wore was identical to the one he had when you first met him.

To put it simply, you felt like strangling the boy when you first met him.

“Better than me at magic? Really. All of magic. Charms, potions, apparating, all of it. Better than me at all the intricacies and variety of fields of magic.” You throw your hands up in the air in exasperation.

Draco rolls his eyes, earning a dirty look from you. “All I’m saying is that you really shouldn’t be messing up a first year spell at age twenty four.” 

He was referring to how you managed to accidentally summon your entire set of silverware from the drawer instead of a single spoon. “I was busy, if you didn’t notice, making out with you!”  

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In The Ring

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader (Boxing au) 

Warnings: Nothing as of yet

Word Count: 845

Summary: Steve Rogers is one of Brooklyn’s finest amateur boxers and he’s gearing up for one of the biggest fights of his career when something happens that shakes him to the core. 

A/N: I couldn’t wait to post this, I’ve been so so excited for this series and I hope you all love it as much as I do. Feedback is always appreciated !! 

The click of your boots on the old, worn down lino floor bounces off the walls of the otherwise silent gym, the echo both eerie and slightly unnerving. It’s just past eleven and you’ve been calling Steve for well over an hour, finally venturing out of your cozy apartment after the seventh unanswered call. It isn’t because you’re particularly worried about him, Steve can definitely hold his own, but when he gets stuck into something he rarely pays attention to what’s going on around him.

You tug your pea coat a little tighter around your body as you make your way towards the very back of the gym, the only area that still has it’s lights on. You’ll make him pay for dragging you out into the freezing cold later but for now your only concern is getting him the rest he needs for the big fight tomorrow night. It’ll be the deciding factor on whether or not he gets into the finals and you aren’t about to see him blow his chances of getting into the big leagues from exhaustion. As dedicated as he is, Steve often has a one track mind when it comes to training and can’t see how it’ll affect him later on down the track. It was one of the reasons you agreed on being his agent, knowing that he had the potential to go far as long as he had someone around him to remind him to take it easy every now and again.

He had his back towards you as he worked at the punching bag, his shoulder blades rolling with every thrust of his fists. You bit your bottom lip as you shamelessly dragged your eyes over his body, from the way the sweat glistened on his bare torso to the way his sweat pants hung so low on his hips they were in danger of falling down completely. You’d always found Steve attractive, but there was something about the way his body moved when he trained that always got you riled up, the familiar ache growing in the pit of your belly.

The reality of why you were here in the first place had you pushing those thoughts to the back of your mind for later, the clearing of your throat finally gaining Steve’s attention. He turned, a lopsided grin spreading over his face as he took a step away from the bag.
“Hey Doll,” He greeted pleasantly, reaching down into his duffle bag for his water bottle. “What are you doing here?”
“Making sure my client isn’t pushing himself too hard.”
“Nah, just working on my jabs for tomorrow night.”
You sighed, shaking your head as you crossed your arms over your chest.
“You have to keep your strength up otherwise you’re gonna get knocked on your ass tomorrow; you promised me you weren’t going to train late tonight and it’s already past eleven.”

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Control (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,403

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

Originally posted by j-miki

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Park Jihoon || Carnival Dates & Cotton Candy

Requested by Anon

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Carnival date with Jihoon feat. cotton candy

Originally posted by imjaeboms

It was 7:30 at night. You were standing at the bus stop, almost freezing to death as it was extremely cold outside. You were wearing a long dark green coat and matching gloves, but it still wasn’t much of a help to keep you as warm as possible.

That was until you felt a pair of arms wrap around your body.

“Waiting for someone?”

You jumped at the sound of someone whispering in your ear. You turn around, noticing it’s just your boyfriend, Jihoon. You playfully hit his arm. “Hey! Don’t scare me like that!”

Jihoon chuckled at how cute you are when you’re scared. “Ow! Well don’t hit me, meanie!”

You and him stuck out your tongues at each other, laughing afterwards before he wraps his arms around you, trying to keep you warm. “Why did my baby wait outside in the cold for so long?” He whined as he rests his chin on your shoulder.

You glared at him. “I had to wait for your slow butt to get here for the past 30 minutes!” You snapped at him, scooting away from him, which almost made him lose his balance and topple over.

“Hey! I’m sorry!” Jihoon whined, clinging onto you from behind. “I didn’t mean to make you wait. I just had to do something. Please forgive me?” He put on his best puppy dog face, which made you easily give up. Why does your boyfriend have to be adorable and why do you have to give in so easily to him?

“Ugh, you’re lucky I love you.” You told him before pecking his cheek. Jihoon smiled widely and gave you another big squeeze.

“And I love you too, my adorable baby!” He exclaimed. You blushed and kissed his cheek again.

Minutes flew by before the bus finally came. You and Jihoon stepped inside of the bus, making your guys’s way to the last seats of the bus and plopping down. You and Jihoon were planning to go to the carnival downtown for your date tonight.

Jihoon pulled out his phone and earbuds and handed you the other earbud. You put the earbud in your ear as “I’m Fine” by Victon played. You laid your head on Jihoon’s shoulder and closed your eyes.

“Y/N, we’re here.” Jihoon said. You slowly opened your eyes before coming face-to-face with Jihoon, whose big, dark puppy eyes were staring into yours. He smiled softly before mouthing “Let’s go.”

You and Jihoon walked off the bus together, before you stared at the beautiful sight of the carnival in front of you, widening your eyes and your jaw dropping. The carnival looked so nice in the nighttime, the glowing neon lights and the smell of the food made you excited.

“Y/N! What do you want to do first?” Jihoon asked you. You stared at your boyfriend, who looked absolutely excited, seeming like he could care less about what to do at the carnival, as long as he’s with you.

“Uh…” You trail off, looking around the whole carnival before staring at a little headband shop. “That headband shop looks nice-”

“Okay! Headband shop it is! Let’s go~” Jihoon said before grabbing your arm and dragging you along with him.

You and Jihoon enter the headband shop. It was so nice inside, you were staring at the cute and different variety of headbands that this shop offers. You were walking around the whole shop before you stop, staring at a cute black headband that had cat ears. You try them on, staring in the mirror to see how they look on you.

“That’s so cute!” You hear Jihoon exclaim from behind you. You blush as he said that. You quickly turn around to face him, seeing him wearing a pair of bumblebee ears. You start laughing at him. “What? Am I not cute?” Jihoon frowns, crossing his arms.

You keep laughing, approaching your boyfriend and squishing his cheeks. “Of course you’re cute! You look adorable, Jihoon.” You tell him, which made him smile and blush.

You and Jihoon purchase your headbands and walk out of the store together, wearing your headbands while holding hands together. Meanwhile, everyone that passed by you guys were sighing in awe at how adorable you two look, making you guys both flustered.

As you kept walking, Jihoon widens his eyes and points to a cotton candy stand. “Cotton candy! Y/N let’s go!” He says before pulling your arm again and heading towards the cotton candy stand.

You guys make your way to the cotton candy stand, Jihoon staring at the delicious cotton candy in awe. He watches the way the man behind the stand is making the cotton candy, which made you smile and made your heart flutter at how adorable he is. The man looks up and asks what you and Jihoon would like.

“Blue for me and pink for my girlfriend please.” Jihoon said, smiling at the man. You blushed at how he can easily say that you’re his girlfriend to just anyone he meets. The man smiled back at said “Coming right up.”

As the man hands you and Jihoon your cotton candy, Jihoon bites into it immediately. “Ah, yummy!” Jihoon exclaims. You giggle at his cuteness before eating your cotton candy.

You and Jihoon found a bench to sit on as you guys continue eating your cotton candy. Jihoon burps as he finishes the whole stick, which didn’t fail to make you giggle. Jihoon smiled and stared at you, admiring the side of your face. He slowly moved his hand towards yours, about to intertwine your guys’s fingers together before you jumped.

“Gross! Your hand is sticky!” You complained.

Jihoon scoffed, almost offended. “W-well yours is too, you slob!”

You gasped. “How dare you call your own girlfriend a slob, you jerk!” You yell back before turning your back away from him, munching on your cotton candy angrily.

Jihoon frowned and tugged on your coat. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it. Please, forgive me.” He whined. You grinned and turned around quickly, kissing him on the lips before turning around again.

“H-hey, your lips are sticky!” Jihoon pretended to complain, secretly smirking. You glared and turned around again before kissing his lips again, longer this time.

Jihoon smirked into the kiss before cupping your face with his sticky hands. Even though your guys’s lips were both sticky, you still sighed into the kiss, enjoying the feel of his lips pressed against yours.

You broke the kiss, and as you did, you noticed Jihoon’s smug look on his face, which made you glare at him once again. “You planned that, didn’t you?”

He grinned and gave you a wide smile. “Haha, yup! And you love my kisses, even when my lips are sticky.” He teased before clinging onto your arm and lying his head down on your shoulder.

Your face turned pink and you rolled your eyes. “Ugh, I do love your kisses, you sticky lipped weirdo.”

“Hehe, I’m your sticky lipped weirdo.” Jihoon said as he sat up and pecked your lips. “And you are mine.”

anonymous asked:

psst what about like a small series of 2D falling more and more in love with you-like first meeting, keep running into each other and then first date etc etc

YESSSSSS I love this so much. It’s the age old, cliche coffee shop AU, but who doesn’t love a good coffee shop AU?

He’d seen you first in a nearby coffee shop, working part-time in nothing more than a job to make a little extra money. He’d stumbled in at just past 3 o’clock in the afternoon, surrounded by teenagers coming from school, mothers with children, and adults snatching a drink to keep them going at work until they could go home again.

He’d only just woken up with a splitting hangover, and had decided that while he was going to buy painkillers, he might as well get something with a stupid amount of caffeine in it too.

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That’s What Friends Are For

@hamwriters write-a-thon: femslash day (2)

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

summary: Pippa is reader’s childhood best friend and when reader finally gets out of an unhealthy relationship, she is right there for her through all the tears. 

warnings: swearing, very brief mention of sex, i think that’s all?

words: 2894

a/n: this is going to be a little two part bit of fluff. i was just going to make it into one part, but that was a LOT of writing to finish in one night, so i decided to split it up. i hope you enjoy!!

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

“Luke, I can’t keep doing this!” You snapped as your boyfriend came stumbling through the front door of your shared apartment. It was 1 am and he reeked of alcohol and another woman’s perfume, but you were so exhausted you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Falling limply into your arms, Luke let out a loud groan from the back of his throat then mumbled a few incoherent words. You grabbed onto him tightly to drag him over to the sofa just a few feet away and tossed him there with a sigh.

“You were supposed to be at a meeting for work,” you hissed at the dark haired man.

His response was much less coherent, but you were able to figure it out through the slurs. “But baby, I was!”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! I have proof right in front of my eyes that you weren’t at a meeting!”

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A Winter’s Day - Thorin Dabble

A short oneshot written for @lucife56 ! Thorin rediscovers the meaning of winter with the help of Fili and Kili.

He was meant to lift axes, not hammers.

He was meant to sweat from training, not the forge. He was meant to rule in decadence, not labor for meager coins. He was not meant to be bothered by the approach of winter.

And yet, there he stood, a hammer tied to his belt, the back of his shirt soaked with sweat, his limbs frozen, his fist clutching his pay. Thorin looked up to the sky and glowered, challenging the gray clouds scowling back. Winter has come to pound on his weather-weary door and smother the fields with his coat of snow. Must be an elf, the bastard.

Thorin sighed, donned his coat – already threadbare by now – and pushed himself to climb back home. Home. Laughable concept. The semi-precious metal in his hand bit into his skin as he tightened his grip. This should be enough for… something. Market prices still baffled him, so he let Dis manage the household. 

A few men nodded his way. Thorin nodded back. He continued his climb, thanking Mahal for strong, dwarven made boots. Once, he liked the cold season. Another laughable concept, that. People traveled less in the winter, fought less, spent less – no horseshoes for him to fix, pots to make, swords to forge. And everything was in short supply and expensive. And it was bloody cold. Thorin scoffed at the wind that weaved beads of snow into his hair and beard. Let her try. He sold all his finery long ago.

Mother would sing songs, comes the winter, and the cooks would bake deep fried sweets coated with honey and jam – stop it, his mind hissed.

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Anon: Imagine where the reader is always really exited when they pass the pet store in order to meet their Boyfriend 2p Russia at the park across from the shop, but they has no time with work / school and can't afford it. One day their favorite puppy is gone and they're really bummed. Russia invites them back to his apartment for lunch and she's greeted with her favorite puppy .When the reader asks, he's like well, I needed company and you're always welcome to visit :) ( just wants to see them more)

I wanted to try a little different way of writing, but let’s see how it goes! Enjoy this experimental writing sweeties :)

There is a building across from the park.

An unassuming building with its grey cover and printed company title hanging just above the double window doors. There are many windows that allow others to peer in, too see the big eyed and adorable faces of baby animals. Or the more exotic creatures (compared to the fluffy puppies and cats and small little mice) that are to be cared for with great responsibility, such as the hedgehog, porcupine, or the reptiles with their unblinking eyes and scales.

There are also animals that have been rescued, wary eyes peering at the people who stared back at them, hearts beating fast but eagerly for another chance.

You always stopped to look at the animals, but nothing more so than a specific puppy. It was a fluffy thing with a grayish sort of coat mixed with browns and blacks, the fur practically enveloping the small body until it looked like nothing more but a large chocolate marshmallow. It often bounced around with no end in sight, dark eyes glimmering and muzzle opening into a wide beaming smile as it leaned against the window, the stubby paintbrush tail flapping side to side with its happiness. It was a little ball of sunshine and you wanted this puppy.

And you would HAVE HIM.

Even if you had to steal him.

Well, okay, maybe you wouldn’t steal him, even as you despaired at the long hours of work as you stalked up on cash, you wanted the accomplishment of having earned the right for this puppy. To know you had worked hard and that your heart, tears, and sweat were given to have this beautiful, adorable little marshmallow. That didn’t mean you stopped cursing over how expensive animals could be, wishing it wouldn’t take so long to have this happy puppy for your own.

I can ask Ion for some help.

But you weren’t entirely certain he would want to have a puppy.

The two of you were often busy with school and work (and honestly you were putting a dollar every other week into the savings, not much with all the rent and food and tuition) and what little time you both did have was for each other. Neither of you had the time or space to care for a puppy, especially one that would grow even bigger than the couch in the living room.

You shouldn’t even be contemplating on buying the puppy.

Truly you were just a little too eager for an animal you couldn’t afford.

But it’s such a cute puppy.

But do you really need a puppy?

I want that puppy.



You groaned in dismay as you realized it was a battle. A battle you would lose with yourself. An ever losing battle every time you walked the small sidewalk towards the park (which just had to have a pet store right in front of the entrance where all the kiddies could spot them and beg their parents for a pet while their parents despaired over the injustice of listening to their children cry all the way home). You could see the building even from here, it’s oddly tame structure compared to the other buildings around this area. You would see the puppy again and think: Soon. I shall have you and pet you, adorable marshmallow.

Yet as you neared the window, all you could see were the smaller puppies, golden and white furred and grey, but not that meshed brown, overgrown puppy.

Your heart dropped.


The puppy is gone.

You almost cried.

Instead you sniffled a little, tugged the collar of your coat up to your cheeks, and walked stiffly across the road towards the park. It was the walk of shame mingled in with the heavy ache of a battle lost before it could ever start.  

Someone had bought the puppy. Someone had bought the puppy and now you will never see it again.

But maybe they live somewhere around here? Maybe they’ll walk the puppy in the park and you’ll be able to watch from afar like a betrayed lover as the puppy happily pranced around with its new owner, and then you’ll weep at home and think of what could have been.

Everything that could have been.

Ion spotted you before you spotted him, too torn by the idea of never seeing the puppy or seeing the puppy and crying while eating ice cream, that you never noticed his call and the confusion when all you did was stand there thinking of all the What If’s.

The betrayal is already real.

One would think a person would feel more like this if the boyfriend had cheated or something similar, but sorry not sorry Ion. The heart has already been given to The Puppy.

Ion was an absolute sweetheart though.

He already could see the sadness, even if he didn’t truly understand what had caused it. Instead of trying to pry immediately he instead, calmly asked if you wished to visit his house, to have lunch, to speak together. In all honesty all you wanted was to run home and ask God why he couldn’t let you have the puppy.


“Yeah… okay.”

Ion smiled and for a moment you wanted to climb a small tree and smack him.

How dare he be happy when you were filled with sadness!

You refrained in the name of love.

It absolutely had nothing to do with the marshmallow puppy. Of course not.


¤ Ω ¤

“Do you mind grabbing the remote from my room? I left it in there by accident.”

Ion, you fool, only an idiot would leave the remote in a room where there isn’t a TV.

You trudged through the small hallway, listening to Ion in the kitchen, his entire being seemingly puffed up more proudly than he should be.

His room wasn’t that large, so it would only take just moments to find the remote, especially with his strange, and almost blank neatness of his room. It might even just be on the dresser, sitting innocently next to a picture of Ion and his family.

The door creaked open and without warning a barreling monster of fur tackled you. You shrieked as it began to lick and bark and pad all over your sprawled form. Your hands quickly cupped over the mouth of the creature, feeling the wet nose and the small barely grown teeth poking out from the gums of an open mouth.

You stared into glimmering dark eyes, blinked, and then shrieked.


Ion peeked from around the corner of the kitchen, spotted a happy puppy and an even happier girlfriend. He slowly returned to the food, listening as you shrieked, “FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW, I LOVE YOU.”

Entertainment (EdxOsxReader)

Originally posted by penguinsweetest

Today’s Prompt is brought to you by @savisosweet:   

Maybe like, after Ed gets out of Arkham he goes to live at Oswald’s, where the reader is also residing as a live-in maid/servant/assassin? Something like that. Leading to smutty goodness (maybe some peanut butter involved too? You started a thing with PB for me thanks) xoxo 

Warnings: Threesome, M/F/M (Female reader insert), peanutbutter kink.

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I’m Begging You

Request: Hey could you make an angst of Jungkook ditching his girlfriend in the theatres on their anniversary to meet up with his ideal type and his girl girlfriend wanted to break up with him angst angst angst.

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst (maybe hints of fluff)

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: I actually got sad writing this, I got a little more carried away than I expected? 

Jungkook’s hand slipped into yours as your head rested perfectly on his arm, his head resting atop of yours.  Today was your year anniversary, and you both decided on celebrating it by going to watch a new movie that had been released at the theatre. It was nice to spend time with Jungkook, considering how much he had to work and how little you got to see him. You didn’t mind, you were understanding of his busy schedule and appreciated the time you got to spend with him when you could.

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April fools pt2

Okay so, this part is REALLY short, because, I wanted to write up to now with shawns perspective, which will make this 4 parts.


(I remembered. Go me. I even put it on a post it!)

Anyway, here goes


The knock was quiet at first, giving you time to open your stiff eyelids.

“Coming” you croaked as you lifted your hand to brush some of your knotted hair away from your eyes, wincing when it came into contact with the cold skin, rubbed raw from your previous outburst of screaming, crying and throwing.

Balling your hands into fists you sat up and pushed yourself out of the forgiving cushions, padding your way round the sofa. You did a doubletake at the sight of your reflection and moved closer to assess the damage. The lower lid of your left eye was grazed and covered in a light sheen of liquid, your right eye was relatively unscathed, red rimmed and sore, but easy to pass off. Your cheeks remained flushed pink and your bottom lip was jutting out vaguely from where you had dragged it through your teeth.

Another knock sounded from your doorway, and you sighed, stepping away from the mirror.

“Just a sec” you called out to them.

You hopped your way through the kitchen to the kettle, careful to avoid the rogue glass shards scattered around the room. Definitely not a nightmare then, you thought to yourself. You caught the flash of your phone screen in the corner of your eye and a tiny bit of hope built up inside you. Maybe it was shawn, apologising, telling you he couldn’t live without you and he had no idea what he was thinking. Your chest expanded as you released a deep breath before leaning across to grab you phone. Storage almost full. Your eyes filled with fresh tears and you tipped your head to the sky to prevent them falling.

A series of knocks snapped you back to them moment. Oh for gods sake you muttered under your breath, you quickly stowed your phone in your back pocket, jogging out the kitchen into the living room. You snatched the throw off the sofa and wrapped it round your shoulders as you sprinted the last few steps to the door. Swinging it open, your jaw dropped at the sight in front of you.


You rocked slightly on your heels, pulse quickening before spinning abruptly on your heel sending your blanket flying to the floor. Blinking quickly your tugged your coat off the peg behind the door.

“y/n… y/n what are you doing?” You slid on a pair of old sneakers, eyes clashing into his large hazel ones, almost comically wide.

“I was just about to go out.” You spoke bluntly as he took as step towards you, he didn’t budge so you moved forward, shimming your body through the gap left between him and the wall. You began to walk towards your car taking small fast steps.

“Y/n, wait. Stop. Where are you- I don’t-“ he called after you from the doorway. It quickly became clear to him that you weren’t going to turn around and you lengthened your stride as you heard him jog down the steps.

“please, y/n stop it. Just wait a sec”

You reached the car and began fumbling in your coat pocket for the keys.

“y/n you have to-“

“I don’t have to do anything shawn!” you snarled at him.

You threw the door open and clambered into the drivers seat, shawn reached for you repeating your name again, but you slammed the door closed before he could touch you, turning the ignition you sat there. Thoughts swirling faster than you could grasp. Through your peripheral vision you saw shawn reaching for the door handle and you forced your foot down on the pedal shooting the car forwards in an outburst of energy. You heard him curse and looked through your mirror to see him stood on the pavement, staring after you.

Finally you allowed the tears to brim over, rushing down your face faster than you could have thought possible. Knuckles whitening as you gripped the steering wheel harder, trying to force the pain out of your body as you turned left. Headed to Em’s house.

anonymous asked:

52 with cal omg

52- “I think you might be pregnant.”

Assumed you requested this after reading the “Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding” prompt with Calum and wanted them to be connected? If you didn’t mean that I did it anyway?


“Hey, sweetheart.”

“Hi,” you smile subtly at the sound of your fiancé’s voice over the phone, “Are you on your lunch break?”

“Yeah, just went on it,” Nate answers, “What’s up?”

“Just calling to see how you’re feeling,” you say, leaning forward on your kitchen counter and eyeing the garbage can nearby. “I woke up so nauseated this morning, and I thought it might have been from the sushi we had last night.”

“Hm,” Nate hums, “Well I’m fine. Maybe you’re getting the flu?”

“Maybe. I don’t feel like I’m sick, though.”

“Huh,” he huffs in deep thought. “Babe, when’s the last time you got your period?”

The warmth drains from your face and your entire bloodstream runs cold. You’ve noticed that you were running later than usual, but didn’t let yourself think much of it. The birth control you’re on already causes you to have less periods throughout the year, and you figured stress from all the wedding planning was enhancing the irregularity.

“And didn’t you say your back’s been hurting lately?” Nate adds.

Your hand mindlessly touches your lower back where it’s been sore on and off for the past few weeks. “Yeah…”

There’s a short pause in the conversation that feels like an eternity.

“You know your body better than I do,” Nate finally speaks again, “But I don’t know, Y/n, I think you might be pregnant.”

You nod slowly, having similar thoughts now that he pointed the possibility out. Your heart starts to hammer against your chest, trying to reheat your body with a faster beat.

“Y/n?” Nate asks when you don’t say anything. “Are you okay?”

You clear your throat. “Yeah, yeah I’m…” The last of your sentence trails off.

“You don’t sound okay.”

“I’m just thinking.”

“Well don’t worry about anything yet,” he instructs. “I’ll be off in a few hours, and I’ll pick up a test on my way over. We’ll take it together. That sound good?”

“Uh huh,” you croak.

“Alright babe, just… hang in there. Everything will be fine,” he says, sounding perfectly stable and not at all as scared as you. “Even if you are, ya know, at least we’re already getting married, right?”

“Yeah,” you laugh weakly. What he considers a good thing could end up being the worst part about this whole situation.

“I’ll see you in a little bit, then. I love you.”

“Love you, too,” your voice is barely a whisper when you hang up the phone. You run a frustrated hand through your hair, cursing the world for its sick method of teaching morals. Without a second thought your fingers start to dial another number in a hurry. Putting your phone on speaker and placing it on the counter, you walk to the other side of the room to grab your coat and bag.


“Are you home?” You jump right in, tugging the coat over your shoulders.

“Uh… yeah.”

“I’m coming over.”

“You are?”

“Be there in thirty,” you announce, then end the call.


If they weren’t so numb, your knuckles would hurt from the effort you put into knocking on his door. Your heels bounce up and down as you wait for it to open, and you glance down the hallway to distract yourself from the painfully long seconds it takes for him to answer.

Calum stands in the threshold, shirtless and wearing gym shorts regardless of the half an hour he had to get dressed. He looks neither pleased or upset to see you, and stands to the side as you grant yourself permission to come into his apartment.

“Some nerve,” Calum says, closing the door behind you, “coming over uninvited like this.”

You realize he’s joking but you’re in no mood to humor him.

“I need to do something,” you begin. “I need to do it here.”

He narrows his eyes at you, not following along. “What’s wrong?”

You rub your lips together nervously, unable to look directly at him.

“We didn’t use a condom… on that night.”

“I know,” he says, “but you were on birth control.”

“Well I don’t think it worked.”

His face drops in the same way that yours did when you first thought about the idea.

“You’re pregnant?” he asks quietly.

“I don’t know yet.” You pull a plastic bag out of your purse. “I have a test.”

“Why didn’t you take it before you told me?”

“Because I couldn’t–” Your voice cracks, and you’re surprised at how emotional you’re getting. “Nate doesn’t get off until later tonight, and I’m supposed to wait for him but I can’t wait that long, and I didn’t-I didn’t want to do it by myself.”

“Okay, okay,” Calum says softly, walking toward you. “Do it here.”

“Thank you.” You squeeze his hand and rush to the master bathroom, pulling him along behind you.

He waits on his bed as you lock yourself inside to take the test. As you’re doing it you look around the bathroom and notice all of the little changes that have happened since you stopped coming around to Calum’s. The small wash clothes that used to hang on the towel rack to decorate the bigger towels are no longer there. The window ledge that used to be lined with all of your hair and skin care products now only holds two bottles of Calum’s soap and shampoo. The counter that he used to always complain about your makeup taking up too much space is cleared of pretty much everything except his toothbrush and hair gel. It looks vacant, and unlived in, and it breaks your heart to think of Calum starting his mornings alone.  

When you’re finished, you replace the cap and fold up a few squares of toilet paper to set the pregnancy test on while it evaluates the state of your body; then you unlock the door and find Calum sitting anxiously on his bed.

“Now we wait,” you say, crossing the floor to take a seat beside him.

“How long?”

“Three minutes.”

“Jesus,” he sighs.

You’re both silent for a moment, distracted by a hundred thoughts at once.

“If it’s positive,” Calum eventually starts, “we don’t know for sure that it’s mine.”

You nod, his statement only reinforcing how shit you feel about yourself. Another despaired sound resonates from Calum’s throat, and you get the sense that he’s trying to dig through his brain to find the right pairing of words for what he’d like to say next.

“I’d want it to be, though.”

Stunned, you turn your head to look at him. “Really?”

He stares at the carpet on the floor, gnawing on his bottom lip. “It’d stop you from marrying Nate.”

His words feel like a knife in your chest. You and Calum had broken up so long ago, and remained such good friends afterward that it surprises you to hear him admit how strong his old feelings still are.


“I know it’s fucked up, but honestly Y/n, I don’t think I’m ever gonna get over you.”

“What if it’s his baby?”

Calum’s knuckles crack as he clenches his fists.

“I hope it’s negative,” you think out loud.

“And if it is?” he asks. “We just pretend like this never happened, too?”

You shrug sadly. “I don’t know.”

He forces a deep breath from his lungs and leans back on his elbows, out of your vision. Something touches your back and you realize it’s his hand when his fingers start tracing soothing circles against your shirt. You peer over your shoulder to find him laying down, his eyes focused on the task of his fingers. He’s angry at you, he’s heartbroken because of you, and yet he’s still trying to make you feel better.

The acknowledgment washes over you, and you scoot closer to him. You grab his hand and hold it out of the way as you lie back, resting your head on his bare chest and letting his arm drape over your shoulders. He glances at you briefly before accepting your initiation, wrapping his other arm around your waist and tangling his legs with yours to deepen the embrace. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, and you close your eyes as you bring one hand up to cup the back of his head. His hair feels soft between your fingers. You can hear his every breath as he takes in your scent and the surreal fact that he’s actually holding you again.

No words are exchanged, and it’s better that way. Your nails lightly scratch the muscles in his back as he grips at the material of your shirt, and you both feel like you’ve been reunited with a comfort that you two have only ever felt with each other.

Seconds turn to minutes, and as much as you’d like to ignore the world in Calum’s arms for a little while longer, it’s time to check the test. You pull away from him gently but never fully break contact, latching onto his wrist as you both sit up. His large hand cups around your knee and gives it an encouraging squeeze. You reluctantly stand from the bed and walk into the bathroom.

Calum rests his elbows on his legs, watching you anxiously, selfish thoughts lapping through his mind. He doesn’t know which results he’d rather hear. If you’re pregnant there’s a chance the baby is his; it’d be his ticket to win you back. But at the same time there’s the chance that it’s Nate’s, and then Calum would not only have to let you marry the guy, but watch you start a family with him as well. If you’re not pregnant, then things just go back to how they were. You’ll still be engaged to another man, and Calum will still have to keep your secrets—but at least you won’t be carrying Nate’s child, and for some reason that gives Calum hope.  

Your nerves are on edge as you pick up the test. Your eyes immediately shoot to the side that displays the outcome in the form of little pink lines.

“Well?” Calum pipes up from the bed.

You shift to face him, your expression unreadable to match the uncertainty of how you feel toward the results. Not long ago you announced your preference, but you’ve never had to react to news like this before.

“It’s negative,” you tell him, the words tasting strange on your tongue.

Calum nods to mask his own internal debate. “Are you okay with that?”

You saunter back over to him, feeling dazed from the emotional work up to such an anticlimax. He takes the test from you and reads it himself.

“Before I saw it—like, right before,” you ramble, “I-I changed my mind.”

“About what?”

“I didn’t want it to be negative,” you confess. “I wanted to be pregnant–”

His heart accelerates. He locks his brown irises on you, hanging on to your every word, desperately trying to predict what you’ll say next, but waiting without interruption.

“–and I wanted it to be yours.”  


“Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?”


Roman Godfrey X Fem!Reader X Peter Rumancek

Smut!!!!!!  Threesome!!!! Slight Bondage!!!  Oral!!

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pairing: platonic alexander hamilton x reader!

word count: 2400

warnings: some swearing

summary: Alexander Hamilton is always there for you when you need him. And he always knows exactly what to say.

Alexander Hamilton and you were neighbors. Well, not quite neighbors – his apartment was three down from you, and the opposite side, but when people asked how you knew each other, you always said, “Oh, we’re neighbors.”

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Christmas Surprise (Sam Drake x Reader) SFW

Originally posted by iwasborntobereal

A/N-I was wanting this to be uploaded yesterday but I was away all day at a Christmas dinner/party and didnt get back till 1am…but here you go!

Description: Sam is away on another job, you don’t know how long for, so you spend some of the christmas period with the rest of your new family. You get a call from Sam and he says he will still be away over Christmas, maybe even the new year, but little did you know that he has a surprise for you on Christmas day!

Stepping out of the car, you open the trunk and grab a bunch of bags; Christmas presents for Nate, Elena and Cassie, mainly Cassie.

You have traveled to Nate and Elena’s for Christmas, alone. Sam is away on a job, which he has needed up being away longer than expected, but you are expecting to have a Skype call with him later tonight, which you are excited for; having not heard his voice in nearly a month.

You reach the front door and knock.

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