Voice claim: Tugarin

Tugarin would have the voice of Atsushi Ono - who is known for several roles in Tentai Senshi Sunred (Tiser, Armoured Tiger, Hellwolf). He perfectly fits the brutish yet soft-centered personality of Tugarin.

Alternatively for an English voice actor, he could be voiced by J Michael Tatum - who has voiced Zarbon from Dragon Ball Z and Scar from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


Introductions: Tugarin

Species: Dragon Eater

Occupation: Ex-Royal Guard

Clad in Auburn/Brown metal armour, which has melded with his skin (like all Dragon Eaters), fairly thick build. Has some gills on his neck, and can also breath fire.Was part of the Royal Guard until his King banished him from the realm after being told rumours and lies about the tendencies of Dragon Eaters. Usually on the road looking for a stable job, be it bodyguard or watchman, or even hunting.

Likes: Breathing fire, Challenges, Banter, Fighting, Exploring

Dislikes: Smartasses, Politicians, Vegetables, Cowards

Artwork by kbearart 

Statistical Advantage

Power ratings and Stats for the three protagonists! Omitted the “Physical Strength” statistic, simply because I find stating their “power level” kinda pointless.


Primary method of attack: Space/Time distortion

Secondary method of attack: Self-defense martial arts

Ranged: B / Melee: C- / Intellect: A- / Reflexes: A+ / Fervor: C


Primary method of attack: Garrotte wires / Throwing knives

Secondary method of attack: Assassination martial arts

Ranged: A+ / Melee: B- / Intellect: C+ / Reflexes: A / Fervor: B-

Tugarin Zmey

Primary method of attack: Bare claws / Nearest weapon

Secondary method of attack: Fire-breathing / Heat transferrance

Ranged: D+ / Melee: A+ / Intellect: C / Reflexes: B+ / Fervor: A+

Notes: Cael only gets an A+ in Reflexes because of him being able to stop/slow time when he reacts to surprise/counter attacks. Tugarin’s unbreakable will earns him an A+ in Fervor - and Ren gets a B- in Melee due to his lack of fondness for frontal encounters (if it isn’t an assassination, he gets uncomfortable fast). 

Abilities: Tugarin

As demonstrated in that latest sketch, Tugarin is a swordsman. One of his abilities as a Dragon Eater is to transfer heat into objects that are conductive such as metal. 

He uses this on his weapons to create essentially a smouldering blade, that only gets deadlier with his pure brute strength. It is not an ability he uses often as he feels it makes many sword fights unfair when he effortlessly cuts through his opponent’s blade.

What happens when they cross paths

Tugarin and Cael

Initially, the two completely ignore each other. One night at a rowdy pub however, Tugarin tries to pick a fight with Cael. He ends up faceplanting to the floor when Cael dodges several of his wide, powerful swings by stopping time to react to them. He pesters him the whole night to tell him how he dodged his attacks, but all Cael whimsily replies with “It’s a secret~”. 

Days after, Tugarin does research and finds out Cael works at SIMA. They end up becoming a rag tag duo, against Cael’s will, as he tags along on expeditions for magic research as a body guard.