Spiritualized were so good last night. They came on at like 8:15, no support band, not a single word to the audience, no nonsense, just came straight on and blasted out this amazing sound for close to 2 and a half hours. It was a night of mesmerizing strobes and white noise. They’re just a great band, and it was quite special seeing them live, I don’t know, their music just vibrates with this mind-blowing intensity. Electric Mainline was superb, and everything kicked off as soon as they started playing stuff from Ladies And Gentlemen. Cop Shoot Cop was absolutely insane.

I briefly said hello to a few people from tumblr who were there, it was lovely, although I must have come across as dithery and indeed underwhelming. Anyway, it was a great gig.

#UFC168’s main event last night ended in jaw-dropping fashion. By now you’ve almost certainly heard what happened, but I’ve got all the info you may not have been privy to in this, my most comprehensive #UFC piece for #tuffgnarl in a long, long time.
#MMA #AndersonSilva #ChrisWeidman #DanaWhite
Enjoy: http://www.tuffgnarl.com/ufc-168-weidman-vs-silva-ii/

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