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I’m a non-practicing Catholic looking into wicca/witchcraft. Do you know of any sources I could look at as an introduction? Sorry if this seems tufe

Not rude at all, and I find this website, this blog, this masterpost, and this post to be pretty informational. I hope this helps a bit!! Have a lovely day 🦉

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(@the-randy-dragon.) Chalkós had given birth. Sea was by his side, but Animos had been busy with something and had just arrived. The golden dragon was resting after all the hard work he had done while his mate tended to the baby. It looked almost like a foal, but her sides were covered in green scales and she had the head of a dragon and a tufed lions tail. A small bump was on the center of her forehead, just a smile rise of skin between her cat like eyes.

Animus came in and saw, chuckling softly. “Hey..”