tuf tuf

“Why do you think Seto Kaiba is gay?”
*writes long insightful essay about cinematography, queer subtext, subversion of narrative, character arc, and the plot’s rejection of compulsory heterosexuality.*

“Why do you think Atem is gay?”
*points at this*

(have a nice clean one under the cut)

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I never thought I would say this about a scifi story but I absolutely love GRRM’s Tuf Voyaging. I love the romanticism, I love reading about Old Earth, I love industrial salvage / treasure hunting stories on abandoned wrecks. Haviland Tuf is slightly annoying but he’s growing on me. I’m also super amused by GRRM recycling the name Mushroom. And if Rohanne Webber and Dunk had a daughter in outer space, it would be the Steel Widow of Tuf Voyaging. I think one of GRRM’s strengths is how much he transcends genre and concentrates all his energy on telling a great story.

So I was talking about Will last night~


((Accurate.  But hey, he’s trying.  Most of the corruption has been physically carved from his soul so the transition from going from a nearly entirely corrupted spirit to being a human soul patch worked with other parts to replace what was rotten has been difficult for him.  He isn’t sure how to feel about anyone or anything really anymore.  -he’s been doing a lot of just silent soul searching lately. ~ Magpie mun))