Truth Tip Tuesdays

Don’t point out someone’s quirks like you made the discovery first. They didn’t wake up this morning, meet you and suddenly realize “holy shit I am quiet” or “my god I am overly optimistic” because you told them. They already know these things!

Of fury there is but a whisper,
the barest shadow of smoke
swirling in the void 

and we do not dare share,
nor show; what demons hold
our hearts ransom

You see, we have been told,
it is for our eyes only,
and we must fight it alone.

—  Michel Lazzaro | Fury

After a year of collecting here’s my collection of 80 something tsums (I lost count)! It’s so big that they can’t even stack up straight! Every one of these tsums holds special memories of the adventures me and my bf went on to find them. I’ll cherish them always ❤️

Gathering in the dust of the lethargic timepiece
It runs its fingers round your throat.
Your breath catches
On the seconds hanging from the cobwebbed ceiling and your eyes close
To the sky clouding with the afternoon.

A weak wind kisses the humming structures
Droning in the drive of the continued day

The bus stops to the ringing of change
On the margin of the hour
You step out
to the mist
of a mystery unthought,

In the silence of nihility
A chime triggers.