Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 04/11/2014

Clap Clap    |    http://clapclapdesign.com

Clap Clap is a stationery brand created by graphic designer and illustrator Mimi Kim. Inspired by the surroundings from our regular life, Clap Clap brings the fun and joyful imagery through cards, notebooks, calendars, and other paper goods. 

Mimi Kim, owner of Clap Clap was born in Korea.  During her college years, she dreamed of having her brand studying graphic design. After working as a graphic designer for years,  she finally started her stationery brand Clap Clap. Every product of Clap Clap is designed by her.

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Shop Hunting Tuesdays: Baggu Spring 2015

This San Francisco based studio was founded in early 2007 by mother-daughter duo, Joan and Emily Sugihara. At the beggining they were working form NY (Emily) and San Diego (Joan).

They created BAGGU with the goal “to make it affordable to switch from disposable to reusable shopping bags” and to make a bag that fit in the purse for unexpected errands, in other words, to make a beautifully designed reusable bag which can replace the use of 300 to 700 disposable bags.

In this, spring collection, they made a step forward and introduced more prints, so here they are - BAGGU animals <3

Post contributor: MajaMajaØ

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