there’s a kid in mortuary sciences who has a Deal. the girl with six fingers and one eye brings him bodies for study and practice embalming and eventual burial. the bodies are not reaped from life for this purpose, they are found in the secluded places just across in Elsewhere.

in exchange, the girl gets fresh baked bread, the first bite of all his meals, and one Tuesday a month

he likes to think that the new scars on his body after those Tuesdays are worth giving people a true final rest.


TUESDAY: Missing You

I took this photo. Quite a while ago, actually. I have absolutely no idea what we were doing here, but it was on my phone. And while all this stuff with Justin was happening, and I saw this photo on my phone, I realized something that had been bothering me. I couldn’t share any of this stuff with you. This stuff with me, and Justin, and Me & Justin, and my family… all that.

I don’t even know what kind of interactions you two would have if you were still here, but I’d like to think that you’d see how much he’s changed. And how much he’s changed me. And I would’ve loved to stay in your room or have you over at mine and just… talk about all of this.

I fucking miss you, Hannah.

- Standall


Eating #icecream with @sahara_ray is always fun… hello #tuesdays in #la #sahararay (at Franklin Village, Hollywood, California)

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