He Stays The Same.

Hebrews 13:8

No matter what life throws at us, we can feel safe in the knowledge we are rooted in a solid rock that will never weather or crack, but has, and will continue to support us, shape us and feed us consistently. Because he is the same yesterday today and forever, and I know that today he was good, so he will always be good.

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Worship Is

#TuesdayIsGifDay #GifDay

Just to fill you in, from now on every tuesday is gif day. We will be posting a gif each week with a little inspiration or thought each week, just like the verse of the week, only moving and more hipster ;)

So back to the spiritual bit, as you will probably notice, this forge mainly consists of contemporary christian music and contemporary christian design, mainly done by myself and others in the forge team. What you may not know is that me and the forge team are all members of the worship team at Life Church in bradford which is where we all met and came up with this, the forge movement, aiming to inspire young christians. Being a worship leader in church is an amazing gift from God, it gives me so much joy seeing young people worshiping God heart abandoned on their knees, but then the question comes, is that all there is to worship? does it start on a sunday morning when the first chord is played until the last chord is rung out? Ultimately the answer is no, and I am sure you know this already, but If Jesus would give up his life for us so we can live free and live full we should give up our life for him in worship. But practically what does that mean? and just so you know it doesn’t mean getting all legalistic and living your life nose in the bible, speaking christian babble 24/7 and leaving behind everything you love. And if your pastoral team are making you believe that then you need to question what they tell you. Look at the example of Jesus, He had an ordinary childhood and learnt his trade as a carpenter and worked as one until he was 30. Yes he spent time in church, but he was not a preacher or a teacher or a pastor or a worship leader at all until he reached 30! we need to stop having this belief that we need to be some holy spiritual person when it isn’t necessary, god is holy, the holy spirit is holy and that makes us holy, we don’t need to act any different or put on a face, everything we do is worship to God, when we laugh when we cry, as long as we are in a relationship with God and have accepted him all of our activities are a form of worship. God has given us gifting and when we use them we glorify him, we were made for that purpose. So don’t feel guilty about anything that isn’t wrong. Im not saying that you should go out and do whatever you like and God will be blessed through it, but what I am saying is that some of the things that you may have been told are bad for you are not. Have a think about it and measure it up next to this verse… whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. If you like rap, is there anything wrong with that? no. Is there anything wrong with the lyrics in the rap you listen to? If so, find some better music for you, but most importantly DONT FEEL GUILTY! God loves to see you happy and when you are having fun God is having fun! If you live your life by that check list you can live a happy and wholesome life while having an absolute blast!

Hope this has been helpful, Same time next week!

From Jonny


My City

We all need to take responsibility for our own world, that being the places we do life, so where we work, where we shop, where we hang out, all of this is our world, and all of our world needs Jesus. Now I know what your thinking, how can I make a difference in all of those places that were just mentioned? Well I don’t mean to be corny, but every little helps, stretching out a hand of friendship, kindness and love where ever you are makes a huge difference and speaks out for your faith. If you regularly shop at the same shop, make an effort to get to know the staff there rather than ignoring them. You would be surprised how much of an impact that can have on a person, and how much that will make you stand out from the crowd. The rest of the world pay no attention, but you take an interest. It will make you stand out like a sore thumb! The problem we tend to have is we categorise outreach to a specific type of person. The outgoing type, or the outreach pastor at church, or people older and more mature. The fact is, none of those people live in your world, yes your worlds may cross over in a few places, you may share the same church or the same supermarket, but the fact is you are in touch with different people, speak to different people and live different lives, so no one else in the world will be able to reach out to the same people as you. And yes, your outreach pastor may have that as a job, but no one is a better suited outreach pastor for your walk of life than you, because you are there day in and day out. Don’t just rely on other people take ownership and get involved yourself! Also, if you feel under equipped for the job, step out and see how God will support you! It says in the bible that god provides anything to those who ask, if your short on some courage pray about it and watch yourself grow in strength, you feeling quiet or unable to string a sentence together under pressure? pray about it and god will provide you with the words to say! God isn’t going to let you get into a situation where you aren’t prepared or don’t have the skills to succeed, he is only going to stretch you a little to build your character, but if you never step out your never going to grow! we need to put some faith in god and put ourselves in a place where we aren’t comfortable.

Just to end with, I want to send a message out to the young people like me. You need to stop letting your youth get the best of you. Just because your young doesn’t mean you cant achieve anything or succeed. Look at the bible, God used 11 young people who were mostly teenagers, and they founded the church as we know it! The disciples were all young people, so if anyone tells you your too young or if you feel that in your head, shake it off and tell yourself otherwise! Your born to thrive from the second you walk the earth, don’t spend your time waiting to be older, because you have never been as old as you are right now so make the most of it!