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An exhaustive list of books for the advanced witch.

Occultism, Witchcraft, and Cultural Fashions: Essays in Comparative Religions by Mircea Eliade

Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle

Advanced Witchcraft: Go Deeper, Reach Further, Fly Higher by Edain McCoy

Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English

The Veil’s Edge: Exploring the Boundaries of Magic by Willow Polson

Deepening Witchcraft: Advancing Skills & Knowledge by Grey Cat

Kissing the Limitless by Thorn Coyle

The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune

The Training & Work of an Initiate by Dion Fortune

The Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan by Venecia Rauls

The Otherside of Virtue by Brendan Myers

Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune

Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient World by John G. Gager

Wicca 333: Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief by Kaatryn MacMorgan

The Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water & Earth in the Wiccan Circle by Deborah Lipp

777 And Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley: Including Gematria & Sepher Sephiroth by Aleister Crowley

Treading the Mill: Practical Craft Working in Modern Traditional Witchcraft by Nigel G. Pearson

Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson

The Call of the Horned Piper by Nigel Aldcroft Jackson

Masks of Misrule: The Horned God & His Cult in Europe by Nigel Jackson

The Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson

The Roebuck in the Thicket: An Anthology of the Robert Cochrane Witchcraft Tradition by Evan John Jones

The Robert Cochrane Letters: An Insight into Modern Traditional Witchcraft by Robert Cochrane

Secrets of East Anglian Magic by Nigel Pennick

Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals by Luisah Teish

The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts by Judika Illes

HEKATE: Keys to the Crossroads – A collection of personal essays, invocations, rituals, recipes and artwork from modern Witches, Priestesses and Priests by Sorita D’Este

The Satanic Witch by Anton Szandor LAVey

Advanced Wicca: Exploring Deeper Levels of Spiritual Skills and Masterful Magick by Patricia Telesco

The Meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald Brosseau Gardner

The Study of Witchcraft: A Guidebook to Advanced Wicca by Deborah Lipp

Progressive Witchcraft by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone
The Crossroads in Folklore and Myth by Martin Puhvel

When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm by Layne Redmond

The Night Battles: Witchcraft & Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth & Seventeenth Centuries by Anne Tedeschi

A Razor for a Goat: Problems in the History of Witchcraft and Diabolism by Elliot Rose

Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches’ Sabbath by Carlo Ginzburg

Popular Religion in Late Saxon England: Elf Charms in Context by Karen Louise Jolly

The Return of the Dead: Ghosts, Ancestors, and the Transparent Veil of the Pagan Mind by Claude Lecouteux

Contemporary Paganism: Listening People, Speaking Earth by Graham Harvey

Athenian Popular Religion by Jon D. Mikalson

Greek Folk Religion by Martin P. Nilsson

Homo Necans: The Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth by Walter Burkert

The Greek Way of Death by Robert Garland

The Odyssey by Homer

The Iliad by Homer

Theogony, Works and Days by Hesiod

The Histories, Revised by Herodotus

Popular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History by Owen Davies

Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions by Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson

The Well and the Tree: World and Time in Early Germanic Culture by Paul C. Bauschatz

Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael

Greek and Roman Necromancy by Daniel Ogden

Rotting Goddess: The Origins of the Witch in Classical Antiquity by Jacob Rabinowitz

The Silver Bough by F. Marian MacNeil

The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by James Frazer

The White Goddess by Robert Graves

Myth and Sexuality by Jamake Highwater

The Homeric Hymns by Homer

The Wisdom of the Outlaw by Joseph Falaky Nagy

Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon

Trioedd Ynys Prydein: The Triads of the Island of Britain by Rachel Bromwich

Lady With A Mead Cup by Michael Enright

Women’s Religions in the Greco-Roman World: A Sourcebook by Ross Shepard Kraemer

Auraicept na n-Éces: The Scholars Primer by George Calder, ed.

A Guide to Early Irish Law by Fergus Kelly

The Tain by tr. by Thomas Kinsella

The Banshee: The Irish Death Messenger by Patricia Lysaght

Sex and Marriage in Ancient Ireland by Patrick C. Power

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans Wentz

The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex by Brian Walsh

Beyond Celts, Germans, and Scythians by Peter S. Wells

Tales of the Elders of Ireland by Ann Dooley and Harry Roe, trans.

The Celtic Heroic Age by John T. Koch and John Carey, eds.

The Poetic Edda

The Prose Edda

Society and Politics in Snorri Sturluson’s Heimskringla by Sverre Bagge

Feud in the Icelandic Saga by Jesse L. Byock

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies by Andrew Lang

The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates

The Real Middle-Earth: Magic and Mystery in the Dark Ages by Brian Bates

Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus by Alain Danielou

Pagan Dream Of Rennaissance by Joscelyn Godwin
Spiritual Mentoring: A Pagan Guide by Judy Harrow

Loneliness & Revelation by Brendan Myers

The Pagan Book of Living and Dying: Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing Over by Starhawk

A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism by John Michael Greer

Exploring the Pagan Path: Wisdom from the Elders by Kristin Madden, Starhawk, Raven Grimassi, and Dorothy Morrison

Between the Worlds edited by Sian Reid
The Gaelic Otherworld by John Gregorson Campbell, ed. by Ronald Black

The Visions of Isobel Gowdie: Magic, Shamanism and Witchcraft in Seventeenth-century Scotland by Emma Wilby

Dreamtime: Concerning the Boundary Between Wilderness and Civilization by Hans Peter Duerr

The Underworld Initiation: A journey towards psychic transformation by R. J. Stewart

Power Within the Land: The Roots of Celtic and Underworld Traditions Awakening the Sleepers and Regenerating the Earth by R. J. Stewart

The Tree of Enchantment: Ancient Wisdom and Magic Practices of the Faery Tradition by Orion Foxwood

The Woman in the Shaman’s Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine by Barbara Tedlock

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade

Walkers Between the Worlds: The Western Mysteries from Shaman to Magus by Caitlin Matthews

Plant Spirit Wisdom: Shamans and Sin eaters, Celtic Techniques for Healing the Soul by Ross Heaven

The Wiccan Mystic by Ben Gruagach

To Fly by Night edited by Veronica Cummer

Nine Worlds of Seid-Magic: Ecstasy and Neo-Shamanism in North European Paganism by Jenny Blain

Cunning-Folk and Familiar Spirits: Shamanistic Visionary Traditions in Early Modern British Witchcraft and Magic by Emma Wilby

Sacred Mask Sacred Dance by Evan John Jones
Circles, Groves and Sanctuaries by Dan and Pauline Campanelli

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic: A Materia Magica of African-American Conjure by Catherine Yronwode

Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo & Conjuring with Herbs by Stephanie Rose Bird

Mastering Herbalism: A Practical Guide by Paul Huson

Encyclopedia of Natural Magic by John Michael Greer

The Tree of Meaning: Language, Mind and Ecology by Robert Bringhurst

Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plantlore and Healingby Stephen Pollington

Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature by Marta Williams

The Meaning of Herbs: Myth, Language & Lore by G. & Field, A. Scoble

The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth by Stephen Buhner

The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety by Simon Mills, Kerry Bone
By Standing Stone and Elder Tree: Ritual and the Unconscious by William G. Gray also known as Rollright Stone and Elder Tree

Magical Ritual Methods by William G. Gray

The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion by Mircea Eliade

Hekate Liminal Rites: A Study of the rituals, magic and symbols of the torch-bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads by David Rankine

Circles of Power: Ritual Magic in the Western Tradition by John Michael Greer


  Shadow and Rouge have an uncanny ability to have an argument in the middle of a battle without actually putting themselves in danger.

  Regardless of who starts yelling at who, quickly the two will turn to face each other and get into a shouting match. But while they have tense postures, they never actually move during the argument. No hand motions, no exasperated eye-rolls, nothing.

  Because of this, any motion they see coming at them from any direction must be their opponent. Already primed to strike, the only thing they need to do is spot where the potential blow is coming from to block or counter it.

  This can lead to some pretty hilarious instances where a foe jumps at one of them thinking they have the upper hand, only to get a kick or punch directly to the face and have the pair go back to the argument as if nothing even happened.

Just Friends? | G.D. + E.D.

Requested By: @secretlyrainycat217


Your alarm clock went off loudly at 7:00 a.m. every monday morning. You hated monday mornings with a fiery passion, but you also desperately needed to stick to your workout regimen. So every single monday morning, you would drag yourself out of bed, throw your hair up into a ponytail, pull on some lululemon leggings and a matching top, and begrudgingly drive to the gym. Your gym was pretty exclusive; it was filled with private trainers and frequented regularly by people who had almost as many yachts as they had fans.

Your private trainer was named Bryce, and though he had even personally trained both Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, he constantly reminded you that you were his favorite person to train by far. You weren’t really a celebrity, but you had amassed a total of 12.7 million followers across the social media platforms of twitter, instagram, and snapchat. You were invited to a lot of the giant social media events, and collabed frequently with a lot of the other social media stars in L.A. Which is how you met the twins, just 2 and a half years ago. They’d moved into the apartment next to years, asked you to collab with them two weeks later, and the rest was history.


It was during one of your particularly intense monday training sessions that two people unexpectedly showed up in the gym. Ethan made eye contact with you almost immediately, and his ever-present smirk widened. You’d been working out for over an hour now, and you were pretty sweaty, so this was not your ideal way to see the twins. They, however, had other plans.

“Hey cupcake, what’s up?” Gray asked, as they stalked over to you.

“They sky,” you replied. “And what have I told you about calling me cupcake?” You asked them, while continuing to do your balancing exercises on the bosu ball.

“We can’t help it; you’re just too sweet,” Ethan responded, a twinkle in his eye. You let out a small laugh at that.

“What are you guys doing here anyways? I thought on mondays you trained in the afternoon,” you inquired. Grayson nodded.

“Yeah, we normally do, but our schedule for the rest of the day is slightly hectic, so we decided to switch it up.” Him and Ethan shared a look at that, and you instantly saw the look that meant they were forming an idea. Before you could ask about it, you lost your balance slightly, and tumbled directly into Ethan. You quickly gripped his arms as they went around you, and landed with your torso pressed against his, and your head resting on his chest.

“Easy there, Princess,” he said with a chuckle, before you took a step back, a blush creeping up your cheeks.

“Yep, sorry. Um, I should probably get back to working out, but I’ll see you guys tonight, okay?” You muttered, before walking over to Bryce, who was across the room. The rest of your time at the gym went pretty well. The twins, though slightly distracting with their shirtlessness, didn’t try to talk to you again. You really loved them, and you three were the best of friends, you just were kind of insecure being around them when you were sweaty and gross.


You knocked on their door that night at 7:00. It was your Tuesday tradition to have a sleepover every monday and eat pizza at the stroke of midnight. It was just your way to get hype for Dolan twins tuesday, and it was always really fun. Grayson opened the door, and picked you up in a hug. Your legs automatically went around his waist as he walked backwards into the apartment.

“Okay Gray, I think you can put me down now,” you laughed.

“I know,” he said, his mouth against your neck. You weren’t gonna lie, his mouth against your neck made you feel some type of way.

“Yeah Gray, you can put her down now,” Ethan said, from the doorway to his room. Grayson set you down gently, and Ethan’s face morphed into something mischievous as he ran towards you, and tackled you backwards onto the couch.

“Cupcaaaaaaaaaaake! I haven’t seen you in forever!” he yelled.

“E, you saw me this morning.” you reminded him.

“You know, when our fans call you extra, it’s for a reason,” Grayson called from a couple feet away, and both of you started laughing at the pout that appeared on Ethan’s face.

“Okay, whatever,” he murmured, before he began tickling you.

“E! E stop!” you shrieked, as his hands continued their torturous assault on your body.

“Only if you apologize,” he replied, and it took only seconds for you to do as he asked.


“Annnnd…. MIDNIGHT!” Grayson yelled.

“HAPPY TUESDAY!!” Ethan yelled back. You sat on the floor and laughed at their behavior, before shaking your head and grabbing a slice of pizza.

“Y/N, are you sure you don’t wanna eat something else?” E asked, winking at you.

“Ethan!” You exclaimed, hitting him on the leg. “Yes, I’m sure. The only thing I would like to eat right now is Pizza, okay.”

“Okay…” Grayson trailed off, his smirk growing. “Whatever you say, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes, before throwing your slice of pizza at Ethan, who, unfortunately, caught it.

“You know, I’m actually not even hungry at all anymore, so..” you said, thinking you’d won.

“That’s a shame, because I’m definitely hungry right now,” Ethan muttered, a predatory glint in his eyes. You shook your head, and gave them a fake disapproving look.

“You’ll never grow up, will you,” you sighed, before heading into the bathroom to change for bed.


You woke up at 2:37 in the morning, because you were freezing. The three of you were sprawled across Ethan’s massive bed, the twins towards the top and you lying closer to the foot of the bed.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Came Grayson’s voice. You lifted your head up, your vision slightly hazy as you looked at him.

“Yeah, I’m just cold I guess,” you whispered. He looked at you and opened his arms.

“Come here,” he demanded, and you silently moved up towards him. As soon as you were close enough, and grabbed you and enfolded you in his arms, your head in the place between his shoulder and his neck, and his head resting on top of yours protectively.


When you woke up the following morning, there were two sets of arms draped over you, and two teenage boys surrounding you. You tried to get up, but Ethan growled in his sleep and pulled you closer. You figured it was pointless to try and escape, and decided to enjoy this time before they woke up and realized what they were doing. The truth was, you’d liked the twins forever, but it was impossible to choose between them, and you thought that they wouldn’t like you anyways. So you snuggled deeper into Grayson’s chest, and fell asleep to the rhythm of Ethan’s breathing behind you.


Note: It’s been forever and a half since I’ve written, I’m sorry. Deadlines are kicking my ass, so I haven’t had time to do much of anything. Buuuuut, enjoy this super long Daveed fic! 

Word Count: 3222

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, getting drunk

AU: Roommate

“Daveed, get your ass up! It’s Tuesday!” You yelled, hitting your roommate with a pillow, trying to wake him up.

He groaned, turning over to cover his head with his arms.

“It’s my day off, Y/N, it’s too early for this shit.” His voice sounded muffled due to him laying in the bed facefirst.

“No,” you whined, “you’re my running buddy. I wanted to go on a run before the streets get busy.”

“The streets are always busy. Let me sleep.” He stated turning towards you, and cracking one eye open.

“Shut up.” You said, hitting him with a pillow again, causing some feathers to fall out of it.

“Ow,” Daveed groaned. “What the fuck, Y/N? Chill. What did I ever do to you?”

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Our Own Kind of Valentine’s-Stiles Stilinski

Valentine’s Collection:#3

Teen Wolf Imagine:#102

Word Count:999

Warnings:None that I can think of?

Summary: When the rest of the pack have better things to do on Valentine’s day Y/N and Stiles find themselves doing their own thing. Together.

A/n:This includes a request from an anon asking for something where the whole pack is busy on Valentine’s day except Stiles and the reader and so they decide to spend time together and end up kissing. I hope this is similar to what you were looking for.

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Last Imagine

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Divorce - Ethan Dolan Imagine

The little blurbs are the reasons that lead up to the talking of divorce

Sunday the 7th

“Hey where’s Amelia?” I say to Ethan as I walk into our house. Work was stressful today and all I needed was to see my husband and daughter. “Ethan! Are you here?” That’s a dumb question since his car is outside. “Amelia!” Where are they? As I continue to walk up the stairs the music gets louder. But one thing confused me, the music is never this loud when Amelia is home. I see the music is coming from Ethan’s workout room, I continue to walk towards it and knock on the door. Assuming he couldn’t hear my knock because he didn’t lower the music or yell to come in. As I continued walking in I saw him lifting weights and is that a sight to see. As I walk in he pauses the music, continues lifting weights and says “Hey baby. How was work?” I continue to walk closer and wrap my arms around him as he lowers the weights, “It was good, stressful but good. But where’s Amelia babe she’s not downstairs.”

The look on his face made me regret asking. As he pulled away in my arms he held my hands and said, “I thought you were picking her up today since I was with Gray all day.” As soon as he said this I pulled my hands away, looked him in the eyes and said, “Ethan I literally text you every other hour to remind you and you forgot! Each time you text me you said you wouldn’t forget and then this happens!”

As soon as I finished my rant he began to come close to me, “Babe it was an accident, accidents happen okay. I’m sorry Y/N.” Forgetting about him I look at the clock on the wall and see that the daycare closes in 30 minutes. Crap. It takes 20 minutes just to get there. Without addressing Ethan again, I run downstairs, grab my keys and hop in my car driving to get my daughter. This wasn’t the first time this happened. It started two weeks ago and has happened every time after that.

Tuesday the 9th

“Ethan, how could you do that?”, I yelled as I got in his face. “Y/N!”, he yelled as he tried to lightly push you back. “I SWEAR IT WAS NOTHING!” Wouldn’t be the first time I heard that.

“This is not nothing Ethan. You went and cheated on me with another woman. And that woman just so happened to be your ex! You know I don’t like her Ethan. Especially because you know what she did to our family! She almost made you break up with me when I was pregnant with our daughter. Our daughter Ethan! Not her daughter Ethan, mine and yours!”, I yelled as I started to walk towards the staircase to go get Amelia ready for bed.

“Can we just talk about this for a second!?”, he asked, following me on my tail. “Ethan…”, I said, turning to him, in tears, “you cheating, especially after vowing that to me at our wedding-”

“Y/n, please stop!”, he said, trying to hold me.
“No Ethan! You screwed up! And I am not staying this time!” I pushed his hand away and pushed him away. I can’t do this.

I walked away and just as I was getting close to the stairs he pulled my arm back and yelled , “Y/n! Stop walking away from me!” I immediately felt threatened. “Or what?!” Then it happened.

Then he swung his arm back and back handed me. I fell to the floor in an instant due to the impact and held my cheek sure that there will be a bruise tomorrow . It all happened so fast. He tried touching my cheek but I hit his hand away. As I looked at him, all I saw as I got up and ran upstairs was his tear-filled eyes.

Thursday the 11th (Present)

“Have you even read the papers?” I repeat for the third time as I look into his bloodshot eyes. “Yes, but I don’t want this. It was an accident Y/N! You don’t want this either and you know it.” I know I don’t want this but he can’t know this. I can’t live like this.

“Hello! Y/N! Are you listening?” I finally snapped back to the present, I must have zoned out. “Look Ethan, I don’t want this just as much as you do but I can’t do this anymore. I don’t want Amelia to get hurt.” The look on his face told me that he didn’t like what I said, “Do you really think I would hurt my own daughter, my own flesh and blood?”

Do I think he would hurt her? No he wouldn’t, I hope not. But he did hurt me, in many ways, “I didn’t think you would hurt me either but look at what happened a few days ago.” His eyes began to fill with tears once again as he looked down. But so did mine as I continued thinking of our situation. I loved him. I still do love him. He was my first love, my first time, my first everything. He finally looked up at me, “Just answer me this, do you really want a divorce? If you don’t want me in the house for a few days then tell me and I will go stay at Grayson’s place. If you don’t want me near you for a while tell me and I will go. If it means not having to get a divorce and still knowing your mine tell me and I will do it. You two mean so much to me. What happened was an accident and it will never happen again. It was a mistake and I regret it everyday that I continue to live. Just please Y/N don’t do this. I need you both in my life. Please Y/N.”

I didn’t want this. I want him by my side. I want him by mine and Amelia’s sides. Maybe a few days apart will be good. But will it help? Will it do anything? I finally let out a breath, “If we try us again you have to promise me you won’t forget Amelia and that you will never go near that ex of yours.” As I finished my sentence he immediately stood up, grabbed my hands and said, “I promise you I will never go near her. Her coming over that night was a mistake that will never happen again. And I promise I won’t forget Amelia ever again. I am so sorry for that.”

“Then I guess we are okay for now but can you please sleep in the guest room for a few days I just need some time alone.” I finally looked him in the eyes being scared that if I look him in the eyes I will break down. He moved my chin up with his hand and said, “ Anything for you.”

Rivals: Chapter One (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader, reader with no gender prefrence

Warnings: Implied smut. If school is a trigger then you better watch out

Setting: Modern, High School

Summary: Alexander Hamilton challenges Thomas Jefferson to see who can get closest to the lead role in the school musical. Thomas Jefferson is the readers best friend and helps him pick out a monologue and song, but then the reader realizes that Alex is just a smol babe and things get good. 

Ships and requests are open!!!!! Please leave suggestions in my inbox!


P.S. There is a hidden Jefferson meme in this story so comment if you see it heheheh


“No way! I could rock tights better than you any day!!”

Oh god Tom, not again.

The usual Tuesday morning, Jefferson getting in a yelling fight before first period starts. You were always the one to pull him away. It was tiring being the best friend of Thomas Jefferson.

“Well, let’s see then! We will both try out for the lead in the school musical, and whoever gets closest to the role wins. Then we will see who really wears the tights in this feud.”

Alexander Hamilton. The usual one to pick a fight with Thomas. You didn’t know him very well besides the fact that he was your best friends rival, and he sits behind you in history class. Nonetheless, you had to admit you kinda had the hots for him.

“Okay, okay, break it up. The bell is going to ring soon.” You tried to usher Thomas away before he could get a word in, but before you could grab him, he shouted, “You’re on Hamilton!!”

You walked into first period, practically dragging Thomas in, steam coming out of his ears. 

“I hate that arrogant prick so much. I wish I could wipe that smug smile off of his face. Mon chéri, thank you for butting in before I could do anything stupid.”

Ever since he came back from France, Tom gave you the nicest nicknames such as mon ami, mon chéri, and mon chaton. You weren’t quite sure what they meant, but you secretly found them adorable.

“But you did something stupid. You agreed to try out for the school musical, even though you have zero experience with theatre.” Thomas knew were a theatre enthusiast who had been in the majority of school productions, and you already knew the question was coming.

“Will you please help me and possibly try out with me? It would make me feel loads better.”

You sighed and cracked open your trig textbook. “Of course. We can start rehearsing after school today.” He gave you a toothy smile and proceeded to his seat.


Fifth period rolls around. History was your favorite subject, especially when you were studying your favorite time period, the birth of America.

You strolled into the classroom to see Mr. Washington and Alexander in a silent debate about the debt plan established by the first secretary of treasury. Why was he so passionate about a debt plan



After Mr. Washington was finished with the lecture, You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to meet a pair of dark eyes.

“So what is it with you and Jefferson?”

“Hamilton, I could ask you the same question.”

“Well, me and Thomas never really got along. I used to be the big man on campus, and everyone adored me. All the teachers loved me, especially my English and History teachers. Until Jefferson came around. He astonished History teachers with his knowledge and opinions of french history, and he made English teachers swoon with his many tongues. Also, he says I dress like the pits of fashion when hes the one in that damn fuchsia coat and bow tie-”

Watch it. That’s my best friend.”

He held his hands up as a form of surrender. “Now it’s your turn. What is it with you and Jefferson?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sure I don’t know what you mean…”

“Come on, (Y/N). Are you dating?”

“No, I’m just the one who tries to keep him from making stupid decisions and getting in fights.”

“As you saw from this morning, you’re not doing a very good job of it.”

“True… So what about you Hamilton? Are you seeing anyone?”

Why did I ask that. Why did I ask that.

His eyes seemed to get brighter when you asked that question and his cheeks grew a light shade of pink. He held back a smile and looked down at his hands. “No.” He looked back at you and his smile broke loose. Your heart fluttered at the sight of it. You gave him a light smile and turned back around to your books. Snap out of it. This is your best friends rival.



“Thomas, are you going to eat that whole damn bowl of macaroni??”

“Fllflflff flff lflfff!”

“You know I can’t understand you when your mouth is full.”

“Flf.” He pouted and crossed his arms. He finally managed to swallow the outrageous amount of macaroni and cheese dripping from his mouth. Ew.

“What are we going to do for my monologue and song?”

“Well I was thinking, and this monologue from Funny Girl would be perfect for you. Give it a read.”


“How about… this one!”

“No, I don’t really like it.”

It was a tedious process, but 3 hours later you and Thomas had finally picked out and rehearsed both his song and monologue. He managed to step on his cat and break a lamp in the process. (His cat was okay by the way.) You sat down on his couch and turned on the television, but all you could think about was Alexander. His eyes didn’t seem to have depth until today. You never see brown eyes the same again until you fall in love with a pair of them. WAIT. Did I just say that I LOVED Alexander Hamilton? 

You felt a buzz in your pocket.

From: Alex

Hey. So I was thinking a lot, and I would love to get to know you more. If you wanted to, we could “study” together? Like a date? You are Jefferson’s best friend and I understand if it’s too weird but.. I just really want to know you on a basis where you don’t always call me Hamilton. Send me your thoughts. <3

Your stomach did back flips when you saw this message.

To: Alex

I would love to! Friday after school works for me :)

From: Alex

Great! See you then!

You locked your phone and a smile began to tug on your lips.

“What’s got you in such a good mood, mon chéri?

“Don’t worry about it.”


Wednesday and Thursday pass. You help Thomas everyday after school and Alexander is having more frequent conversations with you. He even introduces you to his squad, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, And Marquis de Lafayette. Hercules is unusually tall and broad for a junior in high school, Lafayette’s French accent is so thick you couldn’t understand him at first, and John Laurens has the biggest obsession with turtles. Literally. He has a shirt with turtles on it and his phone case is also a turtle. It was adorable. You hit it off with Hamilsquad immediately.

Friday rolls around and you’re in 7th period with Thomas and James Madison when the school day finally ends.

“I’ll see you guys later!” you turn away from them and before you could start walking away, Thomas grabs your arm.

“Woah, where do you think you’re going? You’re supposed to help me with lines today.” He let go of your arm.

“I’m going to study, and we have been going at this since Tuesday, can we just take a break?”

“Study…? You never study alone.”

You were already out the door. Before he could catch you, you slipped into the crowded hall and vanished.  Yeah… you never told Thomas about the little soiree you arranged with Alex. But he would understand. It’s just a little, innocent date, right?


SLAM. Alexander pins your hands above your head and pushes you up against the wall. He lets go of your wrists and his hands find a way to your sides. His lips are hungrily kissing your own. He tasted like coffee and peppermint. In a flash his lips are on your neck. “A-alex…” 

“That’s it baby. Say it just like that.”

“Make me. Make me say it louder.”

He parted from your neck and brought your hips to his. “Challenge accepted.”


Hope you liked it! I’ll be posting Chapter 2 soon!


Protective Brothers ( Dolan Twins )

I got a few requests asking to do a brother x sister imagine about the boys going through their little sisters dms. So without further ado enjoy!

Warnings - none (short & shitty, sorry!)

It was Sunday night when your brothers decided they wanted to do a video with you. They haven’t told you what you were doing yet so you sat quietly whilst they set everything up. You were wearing one of Grayson’s oversized jumpers with denim shorts.

You sat pulling faces at the camera whilst the twins did their intro “right guys, here we have our little sister y/n!! Say hiiii” Ethan screamed at the camera. You smiled and did a awkward wave whilst the twins laughed at you “hiiiiiii” you said. “Okay! So today we’re going to be reading our sisters DMs on Instagram!!” Grayson explained to the camera “wait, we are?” You said looking between both twins “yes, now give us your phone baby sis” Ethan said whilst trying to take your phone out your hand.

You had been filming for an hour and the twins were still reading your DMs from fans when Ethan read a really dirty message some 30 year old man had sent you. (sorry I’m uncomfortable writing smut/dirty shit at this moment in time but I’m working on it!!)

Both Grayson and Ethan Growled at the camera whilst flexing their muscles “dude, that’s our sister don’t talk to her like that, don’t even think of her like that cos we’ll come for yo!” Grayson screamed acting tough “coming from the guy who screams like a little girl whenever he sees a wasp” you said whilst rolling your eyes making Ethan laugh “oh and Ethan shall we not forget when you cried for an hour straight when you dropped your pancakes on the floor last Saturday?” Ethan glared at you “since when did this become a roast Dolan twins video” Grayson said “see guys, this is why we don’t invite our sisters into our videos anymore! They hurt our feelings man” Ethan said whilst pretending to cry and hug Grayson.

You all laughed “we’re just kidding we love our sisters so if you could kindly stop sending them dirty messages that would be appreciated” Grayson said whilst cutely smiling down at you. “See you next Tuesday” the twins yelled at the camera and then pilled on top of you whilst laughing. “Heeeyyyyy!! I can’t break you fat messes” you said whilst giggling “this isn’t fat it’s muscle little Dolan” Ethan said.

Later that night Grayson came in your room to check up on you “hey, you know we love you right and we’re only protective of you because you’re our baby sister, it’s what big brothers do!” Gray said whilst lying in your bed with you “yeah I know, I dread to imagine when I bring a boy home it’ll be like a crime scene with how many questions you and E will give him” you said giggling. “Oh you bet! Also don’t bring a boy home any time soon you’re too innocent for that” Gray said whilst kissing your forehead. You rolled your eyes “good night gray” you said smiling at him “love youuuuu y/n” you heard Ethan shout from the other room making you a Grayson erupt in a fit of giggles. Honestly, you had the best big brothers ever and you wouldn’t change them for the world.
Okay well I think this sucked I’m sorry if it’s not what you anons wanted I tried my best but I don’t usually do brother x sister imagines so this was my first attempt! also I’m still taking requests in. xx

"Messy Trivia Challenge."

Requested by anonymous: “you’re their younger sibling and you’re featured in one of their videos.”


I kinda based this off of the twin telepathy challenge they did with Cameron Dallas.


“(Y/N)! Can you come down here?!” You heard Ethan call from downstairs. You got out of bed and went downstairs and followed Ethan outside to find that they had their camera set up.

Your older twin brothers, Ethan and Grayson, were famous on YouTube and they were always asking you to be in a video with them.

“Is today going to be the day where we finally beg you hard enough to be in a video with us?” Grayson asked.

“Depends on what this video is.” You said.

“We don’t really know what we’re calling this challenge thing that we’re doing, but we’re gonna take turns answering trivia questions, and if we get it wrong, you get to throw one of these food items on us.” Grayson explained as he showed you all the food items on the table.

“Come on, are you really gonna turn down throwing food at us?” Ethan laughed.

“Hmm, I guess you’re right.” You laughed. “Let me get changed and I’ll be back.” You said. You put on an old t-shirt and a pair of workout shorts. You went back downstairs and Ethan and Grayson had moved outside to the patio.

“We figured it’d be easier to clean up out here than inside.” Grayson explained. You nodded and you started filming.

“What’s up guys, we’re back. And today, we’re here with our little sister, (Y/N).” Ethan began.

“And today, we’re gonna be doing a challenge for you guys. You see all these various ingredients on the table, and that obviously means we’re gonna get messy.” Grayson said.

“(Y/N) has a bunch of trivia questions on her phone, and she’s gonna ask them to us. The first person to get the answer correct is safe, and the other has to get smacked with an ingredient of (Y/N)’s choice.” Ethan explained.

“We’re gonna call this the Messy Trivia Challenge.” You laughed.

As you filmed the video, Ethan was getting more of the questions right, so by the end, Grayson was covered in ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce, and a bunch of other condiments, while Ethan barely had anything on him.

“I hate this game.” Grayson whined as he wiped whipped cream off of his face, as you and Ethan both laughed.

“You’re just mad because you’re losing.” You laughed.

“As you normally do.” Ethan added.

“I don’t normally lose.” Grayson said, flinging a handful of whipped cream at Ethan. Ethan flung a handful of slop at Grayson, but you got caught in the crossfire, so it ended up hitting you instead.

“Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m sorry, I meant to hit Gray.” Ethan laughed.

“It’s alright.” You said laughing, as you filled your hand with ranch dressing and threw it at Ethan.

You continued throwing condiments at each other before you remembered that the camera was still rolling.

“Alright, well, as you can tell, there wasn’t really a winner here, so, yeah.” Grayson said.

“If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up, and if you didn’t like the video, you might as well give it a thumbs up, and subscribe while you’re at it.” Ethan said.

“We’ll see you guys next Tuesday,”

“PEACE.” You all yelled.

“Okay, how are we gonna turn off the camera.” Ethan laughed.

“I don’t know, but you can figure that out while I go take a shower.” You said.

You went back upstairs to shower, and by the time you were done, Ethan and Grayson had cleaned up the patio. Once everyone was showered, you sat and watched them edit the video, watching and laughing at the footage you had.

As sick as me

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A/N: Yooo bonjour bonjour kittens! I don’t even know, Negan mates. 
Just god, motherfucking Negan. 
Basically i was lookin’ for a nice little read and didn’t quite find what i was lookin’ for so i did my own.

Summary: You are a leader of a group, dealing with Negan. But basically having a character like him, you two tend to get along just fine. While you’re group is kind of scared and uncertain about the man and the whole deal, you secretively love his visits - and he makes sure he is there every time the saviors come along. You are his ‘highlight of the week’, as he puts it.

Pairing: Negan x reader

Warnings: Explicit language, typical Negan, slightly sexual

You wanted him. 
And you knew that. 
He wanted you too and you knew that. 
You also knew that you wanted to see him. 
His damn smirk and his fucked up humor. 
Negan, you and yet another bottle of whiskey you two had shared so often in the past now…perfect.
He was too damn charming when he was drunk.

A woman came running up to you and ripped your out of your daydream.
Serena was one of your favorites and a true treasure. She was pretty much the nicest person you knew, ever knew to be honest. Apocalypse or not, she managed to keep her humanity and this was the fact so many people felt drawn to her.
Not that your group was made up of a lot of men in the first place.
Women were gladly accepted as long as they ‘didnt bitch around’, you had declared. Men on the other hand had to get through a thousand of tests and mind games of yours to prove themselves worthy for you to give them shelter.

You ruled this place and you made that pretty clear. Never have you been intently cruel to someone…who hadn’t deserved it at least. 
No one knew where you came from. What you did. Who you really were. 
When you arrived at this place, you got a glimpse at the status and decided in a matter of three days. 
The decision was to kill the corrupt piece of shit that ran this place, throw a few people out and save this heaven. 
And so you did. Declared yourself queen and started ruling. 

“Y/N?”, Serena asked, seemingly worried. 
“Hmm?”, you turned your head, leaning back. 
You sat in your Baby. A black Mercedes Benz. Beautiful, shiny, gorgeous. You’ve found the car in a warehouse about a year ago and cared for it like for a child. The engine wasn’t running at all but you kept the battery fresh - so the radio was still intact. 
The music was loud and you loved the feeling of the your heartbeat melting with the bass. 
The seats were made of leather and the wheel was of beautiful dark wood. Whoever had that beauty made, he had style. 
“They’re comin” the girl stuttered. 
“WHOSE comin’ darlin? Talk in full sentences, will you?”, you groaned, throwing your head back. 

You basically lay in the car, your feet placed on the wheel, your hand tapping in the rhythm of the music. 
‘Just can’t get enough’ by Depeche Mode - a damn classic.
“The Saviors…”, she said, her chest rapidly raising and falling. 
Your hand stopped moving. You froze, slowly turning your head to her. 
“It’s Tuesday.”, you stuttered, pushing your sunglasses down to get a real glimpse at her. 
“I know.”
“Wednesdays. He comes on Wednesdays.”
“I know i know, that’s why-”

Listening closely, you actually noticed the sound of multiple cars, driving through the woods.
The girl was interrupted by some engines that died off in the distance and the sound of car doors getting opened and closed - just as steps of people, coming closer to your beloved walls. 


You’d always recognize his voice.
Somehow, the smallest smile hushed over your lips before you could swallow it down. 
With a gesture of your hand, hanging out of the window of the car, you ordered the girls to open the doors. 

With a metal sound the bars were pulled to the side and Negan, just as about ten men came swaying in side. 
He wore that beautiful huge grin on his face. He’d never really appeared here anyway else. 

The windows of the Mercedes were tinted, all of them, which allowed you to glance at the man, without him spotting you right away. 
“DARLIN’!”, he shouted, still grinning like an idiot, “You are truly lovely, but where’s the queen, sweethearts?”, he looked at the girls which just had opened the doors. 
Like a hawk you eyed his men which stared at your people. 
“Piece, Negan.”, you shouted back, actually gesturing him a piece sign, your arm the only thing that was visible, hanging out of the carwindow. 

Negan’s expression automatically softened. 
“There’s my girl…”, he growled to himself, starting to walk up to the car.
“TUESDAY.”, you yelled suddenly and your hand changed the gesture, now pointing straight at him. 
He started laughing. 
“IT’S FUCKING TUESDAY, NEGAN. Wednesday you said. NOT TUESDAY.”, you continued yelling, not mad at all. 
He suddenly walked up to the drivers side of the car and leaned onto the window, looking at you, smiling smuggly. 

“Hi Babygirl.”, he nearly whispered. 
He was looking at his reflection in your Sunglasses, then at your beautiful full, red lips and even deeper down at your cleavage. 
You weren’t like any woman he’d met since the whole shit started. 
You still cared for style. 
You loved to find make up, you loved expensive stuff and clothes, having a fable for collecting only from the finest Boutiques and shops.  
He licked his lips and shot you a smile again. 
“Hi, Honey.”, you whispered back, your lips slightly parted. 
“Sorry i’m so early. I missed you.”, his voice was dark and hoarse. He sounded longing and it made your heart flatter. 
“Should I get out, or do you get in?”, you asked, gesturing to the door between you.
“I’d love to get inside.”, he smirked yet again, exchanging a few more glances with you before pushing himself of the car to walk around, as you suddenly opened to door. 

You gracefully jumped out, your hair swaying as you turned to him. 
He wasn’t really hiding that he checked you out, nor that he liked it. 
Having basically no more social guidelines, you enjoyed to be able to wear whatever the fuck you felt like and just loved to look good. 
Somehow you managed to keep your outfits quiet perfectly in between  revealing and royal. 
“Wait…we have something to take care of inside anyway…mind following me?”, you proposed, gesturing to the tall building in the middle of the place. 

It was an hotel once. A hotel for really, really rich people. It was huge, left enough space and even had stuff like a pool and a sauna, no one used anymore. 
What came in handy though, were the huge beautiful apartments with king-sized beds and balconies. 

“Do we?”, Negan asked, tilting his head. 
Carefully, you removed your sunglasses, putting them on top of your Mercedes.
“It’s Tuesday, Negan.”, you repeated your statement from earlier, this time way calmer and more serious, “It’s charming that you felt like honoring me with your presence again….which i really…love as you know”, you nearly moaned those last words, smirking at him while doing so, “But…i do not think i can give you, what you asked from me just yet. I calculated to have a few more days…”, you mumbled again, your gaze striving through the mass of his men. 

You knew how much Negan appeared to like you - since the first time you met actually. 
You just felt it. 
The way he felt, was just how you felt. 
Feeling nothing at all. 
You both were dead inside, you both noticed that about each other - and found understanding and interest in it. Just as respect. 

But you still, or especially because of that knew, what this man was capable of.

“Mmmmh Darling…i’ll need to punish you for that.”, he mumbled, still sounding slightly hoarse.
You weren’t exactly sure if he was flirting again or if he was serious.
“Do you?”, you asked, your tone neutral as you looked him straight in his eyes. 
“Naughty girls need to get punished.”, he smiled slightly, eyeing you again.

“I’m not a girl…Negan.”, you walked a few steps closer to him, standing so close that you barely touched now, “I am the Queen, of this place. A Conqueror. “, you hissed, “And i would never be naughty, when it comes to you, you know that.”
You could basically feel him quivering now, biting his lip, staring down at you with want. 
“I will always try to please your needs.”, you whispered, tilting your head, “Doing my best to full fill every, single, order.”

He didn’t answer.

“But you said Wednesday, Mister. I’m sorry. I don’t  have your damn stuff, just yet. You can take everything you want though, you know that, honey.”, you sighted, suddenly dropping the flirt and walking away from him. 
He watched after you, as you put your hands on your hips. 

He wanted to touch you so badly. He needed to. But you never exactly gave him permission and he actually had respect of you.

He also knew that you would never dare hurt him. Not because you didn’t have the balls, but because you respected him too.

 But he saw you dismantling three of his boys as they tried to touch you, wrestling them down as it was nothing.
It teased him to not know who you where. The scars on your arms and knuckles teased him to get to know your stories. 
Your beauty teased him. 
It teased him not to know where else on your body you had some of those stories hidden. 

“You are hot as hell.”
Was the first thing he growled, after he walked up to you again. 
He was standing so close that his chest collided with you back. 

You pointed to something in the distance. 
“Over there we have some things for you stored, i only chose the best ones for my dear saviors. And in my room, i have a special something for you…”

“Did you even hear me?”, he whispered again, his voice clouded with lust.
He wanted to touch you so badly now. 
“I am Hell, Darling. That’s why.”, you shortly answered. 

You could feel his hips against your lower back and didn’t mind to suppress the small moan that escaped your lips.
Hesitantly, his hands grabbed your shoulder, pulling you closer, leaning down to whisper into your ear.

“A special something, you said?“
“A very special something.”, you whispered back. 
“Why don’t we…just go up there. Just let me do the work, majesty.”, he teased, “I promise i fuck you so fucking perfectly you won’t ever let me go again…”, he hovered next to you, his face eagerly buried in your hair. 

This came somehow surprising but… was there ever a moment you weren’t surprised by his actions?

“Negan…”, you got out of his grip, turning around to face him, placing your hand on his shoulder now, “You got five hot wives, which you can fuck all day long in the most delicious ways and i bet they absolutely love it. What kind of woman would i be to keep all that gorgeous Negan for me then?”, you chuckled, your leg brushing his crotch in the slightest, most teasing way.

You suddenly let go, walking up to the Hotel, leaving him standing there. 
“But i want you!”, he growled, like a kidd who didn’t get the toy he wanted for Christmas. 

“The Speacial Something, Is a beautiful bottle of Whiskey, i found. If you are interested”, you turned around, looking if he was coming or not. 
He was, slowly walking after you. 
“And you know how hard it is for me to not drink that myself.”, you teased him, winking and waiting till the man was next to yo, “But i kept all of it for you, like the good girl i am.”, you laughed at your own joke.

“My good girl?”
“Not quite.”, you chuckled. 
“..Yet”, Negan growled, placing a hand at your back. 

Honestly…this was supposed to be a oneshot but it smells a whole fucking lot like a small series…what do you think? Should i do a part two? More steamy? Let me know, below.

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Waiting Game!Gold: How is Lacey doing now? Still yelling at you in her hospital room?

She stopped yelling and started crying, which makes me feel terrible.  The doctor says it shouldn’t be long now.

Turns out my estimate of a few hours was a little on the low side.  It’s been eleven.  She doesn’t have the energy to throw anything at me right now, but I suspect it’ll be a while before she lets me share her bed again