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Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes play a round of “Would You Rather.”

Fans of the Jenna-Peter Capaldi friendship with definitely want to watch this one.

Likely the cutest thing you’ll have seen since Jenna posted her selfie with the horse yesterday.

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Imagine that Jim and Tom were the “parents” for the other kids while they were in hiding. Since Tom was injured, Jim was the only one who could go out and hunt for food. Originally someone suggested that made Tom the mom for staying home and taking care or them while Jim was the dad for going out and providing, but Jim promptly said “No way, the lioness is the one who hunts, I’m the momma lion.”

And so Jim was Momma and Tom was Papa to the kids ever since.

Professor- Tom Hiddleston x reader. |Part 2|

Part 1

Sorry if this wasn’t any good :/

Tom closes the door of his car, running a hand through his hair with a nervous sigh. She’ll be there again, she has his class today, and he hadn’t seen Y/n since that night. Of course, he’s seen the girl around campus, but she’s been avoiding him, and he hopes to God that it’s not his fault. Tom fixes his bag on his shoulder, walking through the car park, watching the warm rays of the seven o'clock sun raise up. He usually comes in this early, either to grade papers or to just enjoy the solitude until he has to teach.
He makes it inside, walking to the door of the auditorium where he teaches he unlocks it and walks in. Stopping short when he sees Y/n sitting in her seat looking startled,  "Oh, hello–How’d you get in? The door was locked.“
The girl smiles sheepishly, scratching her cheek, "Oh, right. Locked door.” she mutters, looking away from him.
She broke in, of course.
Tom sighs, walking to his desk to put his bag down, all the while keeping his eyes on her. She slowly gets up from her chair, grabbing the cup that was sitting on her desk, before practically skipping down to him.
“Here you go, it’s still hot.” she says, smiling gently. He gives a confused smile, furrowing his eyebrows, “What’s this?”
“Well, it’s coffee. Payment for Tuesday.”
Tom accepts the cup with a smile, setting it down on his desk, folding his hands in front of him. “Um–Look Y/n, listen about Tuesday night. If I said something that may have caused you to avoid me, I’m sorry.”
Y/n shakes her head, shoving her hands into her jeans pockets, it wasn’t her intention to make him feel like he did something. She just didn’t want to see him, and for the past two days she’d been doing just fine. She thought that maybe if she stayed away from him, she’d somehow abandon her feelings. But of course, none of that nonsense.
“No, no. You didn’t do anything,” she assures him and he gives a relieved sigh, chuckling a bit. “So why–”
“–I can’t tell you okay? It’s just…. it’s complicated.”

“So, did you get around to asking him out yet?” Y/n’s best friend Danielle asks, handing her a cup of coffee. The one person who actually knew about her crush on her history professor was the one person she could trust. They’ve been best friends throughout their years of high school, and they had decided to go to the same collage. Naturally, they told each other everything, and wouldn’t have to doubt their ability to keep it secret.
Y/n sighs, taking the cup from her hand, “No–he’s my teacher Dani.”
The mocha skinned girl puts her hands up in  defense, dropping back onto the bench. She crosses one jeans clad leg over the other, something she does when she’s about to say something serious.
“I’m not judging you girl, I’m just saying; go for it. He’s not gonna stay single forever.” The two normally spends their lunch in the park, it wasn’t too far from campus, which is incredibly convenient. “I mean, come on. Have you seen him?” the girl gestures at the air wildly with her free hand, causing Y/n to chuckle. “And what about you?” she asks, nudging the dark haired girl with her shoulder, wiggling her eyebrows, “What about that really hot Physics teacher you were crazy about?”
“Hey! Leave Cumberbatch out of this!” Danielle laughs, taking a long drink from her coffee cup,

“Your ears are red Dani,”

“Shut up Y/n.”

Y/n sat in her normal seat, trying to focus on what her chemistry teacher was saying as he moves about talking about the reactions of certain chemical compounds. But she just couldn’t, her mind would just wander, leaving her not paying attention and staring out the nearest window. She probably should have told him, this would’ve been easier, albeit a lot more distracting. “I doubt what you’re thinking about is more important that what I’m teaching Miss L/n.” her teacher says, snapping the girl out of her daydream, “Oh–Sorry Sir, of course not.” Y/n speaks up, ignoring the giggling and whispering that passed around.
Real mature, Let’s all pretend we’re not in collage.
Later that night, Y/n was staying back a little late to do some work. Though she could do this at her flat she just didn’t feel like going home just yet. That, and a small part of her wants to see Tom again, when she was in his class today, she didn’t spare him a glance, she was too busy trying not to lose her mind. She was still going head strong with the ’if you avoid it you’ll lose it’ thing, but that’s not going very well, obviously. He just seems to be around every corner, with those stupid eyes of his and that stupid smile that she just can’t ignore, no matter how hard she tried.
Y/n sighs, looking over her work one last time before packing up her books, she stuffs them into her bag carelessly, too tired to care and just ready to go home and sleep. Picking up the two books that couldn’t fit into her blue laptop bag, she hugs them to her chest.
She was walking out of the library doors when someone bumps into her from her right, sending her books toppling to the floor. “Is there any way I could bump into you without wrecking something?” The deep voice of her history professor asks, amusement lacing his words. Tom leans down to grab her books that he had clumsily thrown down, “Sorry about that.” he chuckles handing the books back to her, she smiles, “It’s alright, thanks.”
Y/n readjusts the books in her arms, still smiling at him, trying to ignore the heat that had quickly flushed her cheeks. Since they were heading in pretty much the same direction, they walk out together. “You’re here late,” Tom says, looking ahead of himself, “Uh, yeah. I was just getting some last minute work done.” Y/n answers, feeling herself relax. He hums in response, stopping briefly to open the door for her.
The two walk out through the car park, walking in a somewhat awkward silence. Tom stops by his cars, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans, “You know, I could drive you home… if you’d like that.”
Y/n smiles at the man, while trying to keep her cool and not
shuffle nervously on her feet. If he only knew what he did to her.
“Yeah, thanks,”  she answers, and Tom smiles back, unlocking the car and opening the door for her to get in.
Ever the gentleman
Tom, feeling elated, walks to the other side and gets in. He had offered just to spend time with her, as little as it may be, considering that she doesn’t live very far from campus. But his intentions are good, it’s late, and anything could happen, to a girl like her especially. He’d rather drive her home than risk that.
He starts up the car as she buckles in, and Tom thinks of some way to make small talk. “So, how was your classes?” he asks as he pulls out the car park and start down the road. He nervously drums his fingers on the steering wheel, “They were alright, I did get caught in Chemistry daydreaming….” Y/n gives a nervous laugh, Turing her head to stare out of the window. “Daydreaming? About what?” Tom asks, genuinely curious, looking at Y/n from the corner of his eye.
“Oh you know. Stuff worth not listening to Mr Scott drone on.” Tom chuckles at this, shaking his head a little, “Fine, don’t tell me.”
She was almost home, and how he knew where she lived is mystery in itself. Half of the ride there was nothing but awkward tension, because neither of them knew what to say, and what they wanted to say was left unsaid because they were both afraid of the other rejecting them. Of course they could just throw that out of the window and to hell with rejection, just to get it over with and out. Or, continue with loving from afar and not risk what they already have, which isn’t much–but enough.
As they stop at a red light, Tom cleats his throat.
Perhaps I shouldn’t, he thinks, already regretting his decision to draw attention to himself. “L-look. Um. Y/n, there’s something you must know.”
Shut up Thomas. His brain tries to stop himself from saying something he’d forever regret, but his heart has other plans.
Do it.
“I–” his heart pounds in his ears, his palms gripping the steering wheel so tightly they turned white. Y/n puts a gentle hand on his arm, “It’s alright Tom.”
His blue eyes snap to hers, this is the first time she’s called him by his name, and he must admit, he likes the way it sounded coming from her. Something he could get used to, if he doesn’t mess this up. “If it makes you feel better, I have something to tell you too.”
Take a deep breath, Y/n. Don’t blow it.
“Okay,” Tom says, not taking his eyes off the road as the light changes back to green. He turns up Y/n’s street, and pulls up in front of the flat complex she lives in. He takes a breath, and Y/n gives a reassuring squeeze. “How about this. You come up, and we could watch a movie and talk?” Y/n offers, with a sweet smile he couldn’t ignore and an offer he couldn’t refuse. The awkwardness around then cleared up a bit as they took the lift up to the fifth floor, Y/n leads Tom to her flat, thanking God that she took the time to clean up yesterday. “Uh,
yeah, come on in.”
Walking in, she drops her keys into the small light blue bowl before walking into the living room, “Make yourself at home, I’ll go make some tea,” the girl gestures at her couch against the far right wall, smiling in thanks, Tom sits.
As Y/n walks into her small kitchen, Tom sat, nervously shaking his leg.
Trying to figure out a way to tell her, but of course, he just can’t let the doubt slip by unnoticed. What if she doesn’t return his feelings? How embarrassing would that be?
“You could pick the movie if you like,” Y/n’s voice calls from the kitchen, “They’re in the box by the telly.”
After setting up the movie and bringing out snacks, Y/n and Tom settled on the couch, watching the Lion King. Halfway through the movie, the two were laughing and getting used to each other’s company, and singing along to every song that popped up. They we’re having such a good time that Y/n had almost forgotten that Tom had something to tell her. “So, What did you want to tell me Professor?”
Tom stiffens, Scar’s song now background noise, Right. That.
“Perhaps, if I showed you?” He asks quietly, causing Y/n to give him a confused smile, but she nods anyway. He moves closer to her, raising a hand to cup her cheek. Y/n heart slams against her rib cage, he’s not gonna k– the feeling of his soft lips touching hers in a gentle kiss made her thought process come to a grinding halt.
But she kisses back, her fingers finding his chestnut hair, tugging slightly. They smile at each other after the kiss ends, “Can we stop being so awkward now?” Y/n asks with a chuckle, and Tom nods, kissing her again.

(Extended ending)

A soft knock on the door of Y/n’s flat woke Tom the next morning, he sleepily smiles at the girl curled up next to him on the couch. He raises a hand, brushing back the hair that had fallen in her face, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.
The knock comes again, and Tom slowly untangle her arms from around him, getting up to go see who was at the door at the ungodly hour of six o'clock. When he gets to the door and opens it, the girl on the other side was holding a silver key. Her friend, Danielle, apparently just about to let herself in.
“What…. ” she says, her brown eyes wide as she looks him over and Tom panics, because he was only in his boxers and a grey tee.
The girl slowly smiles, “No way.. I’m so going to kill her.” She rushes past him, and into the living room where Y/n was sleeping. Tom pulls the door close, quickly following after her, “I can explain me being here.” Tom starts, but closes his mouth when Danielle yanks the sheets off Y/n, who was startled awake by the action. The sheets were still tangled around her legs, so that pulled her off her couch.
Danielle lets out a sigh of relief seeing that her best friend was still fully clothed, “Oh Thank God.” Y/n looks at Tom, completely confused, then back at her friend, “Dani…what…?”
“You said you’d call last night when you were at the library. But you didn’t and I panicked, I thought you were dead.” Y/n rolls her eyes at the over dramatic girl, getting up off the floor. “No, as you can see, totally not dead.”
Danielle nods, stopping to look over at Tom, who stood there looking quite uncomfortable, he gives a small wave before disappearing into Y/n’s kitchen.
“Clearly I missed something. I thought you were dead and here you are hooking up with tall dark and British.” She smiles, “My baby is all grown up, making moves and stuff.” Danielle says, wiping a nonexistent tear from under her eye.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think it's possible that D & C used to be in a relationship, but now aren't? I'm pretty convinced D is gay, as all the evidence is there, but I don't know if I believe they are currently together. Kurt/Chris in seasons 5 & 6 just didn't really seem into Blaine/Darren, which may just have been an acting choice, but the chemistry seemed different/off. It felt that Blaine/Darren was much more into Kurt/Chris, even in interviews.

Really anon? I think season 5 and 6 Klaine was pretty amazing. Ok, let me take a step back. Season 5 and 6 Klaine were treated horrifically by the writers and producers of Glee. Ryan was pissed and he did not hold back. His feelings were very much expressed by the story lines and arcs he gave those two characters. And think about this, he was willing to destroy the number one Couple on the show after the death of Cory, knowing how upset the fans would be, because of how jealous he was of Chris and Darren’s relationship.  I think this was very personal for him.

But I think Chris and Darren handled it beautifully. Their scenes together were intense and full of emotion. and hello, elevator kiss?  And did you watch them during the wedding vows? I love that part when Chris holds out the wrong finger and in the gif you can see Darren correcting him. And they way the held hands. It was actually a thing of beauty.  Darren stealing a kiss on his birthday. The unscripted Klaine kiss and the last onscreen kiss for this couple?

The summer before season 6, Chris went on national TV with a picture of a decapitated Darren and said “Too Much Love” mirroring his earlier IG post.  Klaine Explained.  That was two men that ooze chemistry and love being in each others company.  And did you watch their interactions at Paley Fest and on Ellen?  How they talk around people to have their own conversations despite the fact that they were not allowed to sit next to each other?  When Darren called Chris the life of the party and Chris was so adorably pleased with the comment.

Read the TLOS series.  Darren is all over those pages.  And Chris dedicated a book to him in the most beautiful but veiled way. 

As I have said many, many times, I firmly and fully believe that Chris and Darren are still together.  Darren indicated as much just on Tuesday with his Tom Hanks tweet.  And Chris was on fire Friday.  Any person watching this mess who did not immediately identify how much he was mocking Darren’s beard in his snap, the same beard that appeared in Vancouver within an hour, is not paying attention. And if he wasn’t personally involved and communicating with Darren, no way he would have predicted her presence in advance.  And for once, he didn’t even try to pretend he was anywhere else all weekend.

They actually don’t hide their relationship as much as people think. They play the game. They have to. But they are constantly giving us gifts. And as I keep saying, it is up to us to pay attention. Sure some things could be a coincidence. But its not some things with them. Its time, after time, after time, after time.