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Twenty-five years ago Tuesday, a career-defining single was born — and with it, endless sitcom jokes and rap homages. It was referenced in Sing, the 2016 animated children’s movie, and in Shrek years before that. But when it debuted in 1992, there were those who took it to heart as an anthem of body positivity.

Baby Got Back” begins kind of a heartbreaking scene: a white woman talking to her friend Becky, straight up mocking a black woman. The man behind the song, Anthony Ray — better known as Sir Mix-a-Lot — says he didn’t make that up.

“It was like a blown-out, glorified version of what was actually being said at that time,” he says. “Basically, pop culture was waif-thin, heroin addict, big hair, fake boobs — you know, that was what they thought beautiful was. And because of the way it was discussed publicly, it made women who had naturally curvy bodies … run around with sweaters wrapped around their waist.”

“When I heard it, I just felt so — it was so affirming,” says Erin Aubry Kaplan. In the mid-‘90s, Kaplan was staff writer at LA Weekly. She and wrote a big feature article about the paradoxical way black women’s butts were seen — using “Baby Got Back” as an epigraph.

Sir Mix-a-Lot On 25 Years Of 'Baby Got Back’

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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

Ohai friends on this lovely boozeday Tuesday. You know what time it is? It’s bourbon time! Let’s talk about Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon today. It’s always OBSV. Warm. Spicy. Lovely. Vanilla, orange, cinnamon, cooked apples, dried flowers, oak, and cork on the nose. Very flavorful on the palate with bourbon vanilla, cayenne, cinnamon, cooked apples, peaches in brown sugar, a bit of pepper and warmth from the rye. Nice viscousness too. I really love my wheated bourbons - this one isn’t wheated but it is delicious all the same. This bourbon has a beautiful history in Europe (and a sad one here in the USA) but now we are getting the good stuff again. DRINK UP, FRIENDS!

50% abv

Kentucky, USA

Ravenclaw headcanons because there's not enough Ravenclaw on my dash

Padma sneaking Parvati into Ravenclaw Tower all the time and letting her stay in her dorm room because Parvati is allergic to Crookshanks.

Anthony and Terry arguing over which twin is who because they are known to switch ties all the time just to mess with everyone.

Cho organizing parties after every Quidditch match win or lose. Marietta taking care of food and drinks because she has “connections”.

“Connections” meaning she flirts with the Hufflepuffs because they have a secret easy access to the kitchens.

Luna’s things disappearing and then reappearing around the common room two months later. Her shoes tend to pop up elsewhere though.

Luna having thoughtful Saturday afternoon conversations with The Grey Lady about being dead.

Peeves bouncing around the common room for hours every single Tuesday night without fail and as a result the library stays open two hours longer than usual so the Ravenclaws can study.

Anthony spending more time doodling in his notebook than doing classwork and getting caught by McGonagall.

Su Li having an eagle owl that basically hates everyone and the entire Ravenclaw table knows to duck whenever they see it coming through the Great Hall because if you so much as look at it the wrong way it will go for your hair. Or your breakfast.

Terry never making it back to Ravenclaw Tower before curfew and getting into arguments with the Tower knocker because the questions become twice as difficult after curfew to discourage late night stragglers. Clearly it doesn’t work on him.

Every year after CoS, the Ravenclaws make bets on what sort of shit Harry Potter is going to get himself into. His fifth year Padma made a few Galleons off the fact that Loony Lovegood got mixed up in it.

thoughtsoftheantagonist  asked:

For TMI Tuesday. I see that your pansexual like myself. My question for you is when did you know you were pan. And do you find yourself leaning more towards any gender and or non-binary people. Or do you just find it all depending on the individual themselves. Thanks for taking the time to do this 😆

((OOC: For me it was when I started really paying attention to who I was getting crushes on/attracted to. I initially thought I was bi, but then I started feeling drawn to trans people, and non-binary people, and gender fluid people, as well as cis men and women, and I just felt that pan was a better descriptor for who I am.  :} ))


Pairings: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Memory Loss and Fluff maybe the tiniest bit of Angst

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Tuesday was your favourite day of the week. You knew this was an unorthodox opinion and probably wasn’t shared by many people. If you’d picked Friday of course this would have been easy to explain, Saturday as well for completely obvious reasons. Tuesday though, beginning of the week so people were still recovering from the weekend and not fair enough into the week for people to have started looking forward to the weekend.

You were an epic Tuesday fan though, you always left your office in the evening with an extra skip in your step. Happily going to the grocery shop to stock up on mint choc chip ice cream, bags of Doritos and a 6 pack of beer.

You’d go back to your apartment, dump the groceries and kick out of the heels you wore in the office. Changing your skirt and blouse for the comfortable yoga pants and oversized t-shirts you wore at home.

You got home usually at about 7:30pm the knock on your door came roughly the same time every Tuesday evening at about 8:15pm. This was the reason for why Tuesday’s were so wonderful for you.

When you opened the door Bucky was stood there, hoody pulled up over his head shadowing his face and regulatory gloves covering his metal armed hand.

Every single Tuesday if Bucky was in New York and not on mission he would come to your apartment. The both of you would turned off your phones so no one could get in touch with you. You had a landline if it was an emergency. Then you would curl up on your sofa with nothing but junk food and watch movies until early in the morning.

It was quite regularly that you would wake up in the morning having fallen asleep on top of Bucky on the sofa. You never slept better than you did on a Tuesday evening on top of him, listening to the steady thump of his heart and feeling safe and protected wrapped in his arms.

“Hey doll” Bucky leant forwards and gently kissed your cheek, he stripped of the hoody as you closed the door behind him coming up to rest against his back, pressing your face into the space between his shoulders. “You alright?”

“I missed you”

He loosened the grip you had around his chest to turn around so he could face you, bringing his hands up to cup your face. He’d taken the gloves off as well, comfortable enough around you to not care about his metal prosthetic. “I’m here now”

Smiling you gripped his hands in your own, taking them down from your face to pull him from your hallway into the living room. Snacks and beer already on the coffee table you sat on the sofa with Bucky sitting down beside you.

“What’s on the viewing list for tonight doll?”

You’d been working through Empires list of the 100 Greatest Movies. So far Bucky had loved Toy Story gotten completely confused by the portrayal of Nazi’s in Inglorious Basterds and had down right hated Silence of the Lambs. Turned out the super soldier was not a fan of horror movies. Tonight’s offering was number 41 on the list ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

“It’s the same actress from Titanic” you pointed out as Kate Winslet came onto the screen.

Bucky’s nose scrunched up adorably. “The ship one? Totally unrealistic”

“Hey” you brought your legs up onto the couch using one foot to kick at his thigh. “That’s one of my favourite movies. Don’t you go criticising it Barnes”

He grabbed your ankle to stop you kicking him anymore. “You know my Ma told me about that day, when the news came through that it had sank”

The reminder of just when he had been born hit you but was soon replaced by curiosity. “What did she say?”

His thumb was rubbing circles onto the skin of your ankle as he paused thinking about memories long since hidden. “No one really believed it at first, not until the other shop docked with the survivors. Afterwards there were lies and stories about cover ups.”

“So not much has changed really?”

He smiled ironically “power still corrupts and people with money still rule”

“Well that’s cheery”

Bucky just shrugged, eyes going back to the movie playing on your TV set. About half way through you twisted around so you could lean against him, Bucky’s arm coming around your shoulders so you could settle comfortably against him. He’d popped the top off of a beer and had the bottle dangling from the fingers of his left hand.

You hadn’t actually thought about what this movie showed until the end and Bucky was remaining silent. It was only then that you thought about the memory loss and the machine in the film. About the idea of wiping the memories of someone you used to love. Sure, the people in the movie had done it voluntarily but even so.

“Bucky? You alright?”

His hand tightened on your shoulder. “Would you forget me?” he asked you. “if whatever we have ended badly, would that be enough for you to want to wipe out your whole memories?”

“No” it was a flat statement of absolute certainty. “There is nothing you could ever do that would make me want me forget you James Barnes” when he still didn’t move, tension still in his muscles you reached up grabbing his chin to force him to look at you. “You planning on breaking my heart Sergeant?”

His lips twitched at your poor attempt at a southern accent. “No doll” he reassured you leaning down to kiss the tip of your nose. “I ain’t gonna break it”

“Want to watch another one?”

He was silent a bit longer before shaking his head. Instead he twisted his own body getting his legs up on the sofa one on either side of you, he moved you around so your back was pressed to his chest as he wrapped his arms around you.

You understood his need for touch, knew that he’d been starved of affection for too long and after all it was no hardship for you to simply lay there in his arms. Enjoying the feel of his all around you. He was safety and warmth.

“Have you been busy?”

“Me?” you asked although the question was largely rhetorical “no not really, the university is always quiet over summer so its mainly just the occasional tourist and Ph.D. students”

“and your thesis?”

Groaning you shook your head on his chest “lets just not go there”

His chest rumbled in silent laughter but he did at least manage to keep any other comments to himself. Which was a good job because the subject of your currently stalled Ph.D. thesis was a sore one.

The two of you lapsed back into silence and soon the silence changed to drowsiness and then sleep.


You only woke because your pillow was moving, why was your pillow moving? And why did your pillow smell like Bucky?

Your eyes flickered open and through blurry vision you saw Bucky’s face hovering in front of you. He was crouched beside the sofa and you were now laying only on the cushions with him pulling a blanket over your shoulders.


“Shhh, it’s alright doll go back to sleep”

“You have to leave?”

He nodded “I have to leave”

“No” you gripped onto the collar of his t-shirt like a child refusing to let go of him. “don’t want you to go”

He kissed you softly, his lips moving over yours sent warmth all the way down to your toes. He uncurled your fingers from his shirt and then kissed each of your fingers as well. “You know I don’t want to”

“I know” sighing you pulled your arm back into the warmth under the blanket as he stood pulling his hoody and gloves back on.

You couldn’t watch him leave you once more so instead you closed your eyes as his footsteps grew quieter and then you heard the soft catch of the door.

Yes, you loved Tuesdays, they may be your favourite day of the week because Bucky was there. Wednesday mornings though, well they broke your heart each and every time.

peace and love on planet earth 

it’s nice to see the sudden positivity in this fandom!!

From Bleacher Report App:

“WWE sent Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn home from the company’s United Kingdom tour, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin reported Wednesday.

According to Satin, the exact reason for Owens and Zayn’s abrupt departure is unclear, but WWE removed them from the tour “as some sort of disciplinary move.”

Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso reported WWE chairman Vince McMahon approved sending Zayn and Owens home and that the pair of wrestlers were guilty of “conduct deemed detrimental to the WWE.” Barrasso spoke to sources who said the wrestlers were “going into business for themselves” during SmackDown Live on Tuesday night.

Zayn lost a singles match to Kofi Kingston. Owens attacked Kingston after the match before he and Zayn made a hasty exit.

Once bitter enemies, Zayn and Owens moved past their differences after Zayn aided Owens in his victory over Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 8.

Zayn pulled Owens off the announce table as McMahon was falling off the top of the cell. Zayn then put Owens on top of McMahon and demanded the referee count the pinfall.

Zayn and Owens have yet to be added to the Survivor Series card. Owens lost to Shinsuke Nakamura in a match where the winner was added to Team SmackDown Live in the five-on-five elimination match against Team Raw. Zayn also fell to Randy Orton in a Survivor Series qualifier.”


Hi guys…I am pretty sure everyone knows about the terrible news… there was an earthquake in Mexico ,  7.1 in a richter scale which is pretty strong. This happened on September 19, exactly 32 years after another earthquake caused a lot of damages. Since Tuesday every single person in my country, and even people from other countries have been providing aid. Sadly, our government is barely providing any help to our people. I will give you some information on how to make donations if you’re interested.

If you want to donate to the rescue organization TOPOS (they are a reliable social non profit organization) and the RED CROSS (1 US DOLLAR = 17 MXN PESOS)

You can also help by donating the following items (food and water are already enough):

-cleaning supplies

-first aid kits


-boots for the rescue dogs

As a Mexican I am grateful for all the help that has been provided in this difficult situation and it makes me proud to call myself a Mexican after seeing my people being so supportive and trying to fix all the damage the earthquake caused and saving lives day by day :’)



On this day in music history: August 23, 1982 - “Upstairs At Eric’s”, the debut album by Yazoo is released (UK release is on August 20, 1982). Produced by E.C. Radcliffe and Yazoo, it is recorded at Blackwing Studios in London from February - June 1982. Quickly growing weary of touring and having musical differences with his band mates, Depeche Mode founding member and keyboardist Vince Clarke leaves the band in November of 1981 as they are having their initial success throughout Europe. Soon after, Clarke responds to an advertisement in the music trade paper the Melody Maker. The ad is placed by a singer named Alison Moyet, also from Clarke’s hometown of Basildon. Hitting it off immediately, the pair begins working on music together. Calling themselves Yazoo, they record “Only You”, penned by Clarke while he’s still a member of Depeche Mode. Playing the finished track for Mute Records founder Daniel Miller, at first he isn’t impressed. After playing it for Clarke’s music publisher, Miller re-evaluates the song and decides to release it. Issued in the UK on March 15, 1982, “Only You” (#2 UK, #67 US Pop) is an immediate smash, hitting the top five in England and making the charts in several other European countries and Australia. The record label requests that Yazoo quickly follow it up with a full album. Clarke and Moyet record at Blackwing Studios, owned by recording engineer Eric Radcliffe, who also co-produces it with them. The album’s title is also named after Radcliffe. Their second single “Don’t Go” (#3 UK, #1 US Club Play) is released in the UK in July of 1982, it too becomes a hit. In the US, Sire Records opts to release the track “Situation” (#1 US Club Play, #73 Pop) instead. Quickly written by Clarke and Moyet, the song is originally issued in the UK as the B-side of “Only You”. Featuring Alison Moyet’s powerful blue eyed soul inflected vocals front and center, it creates an instant sensation on American dance floors, shooting to the top of the US dance chart. “Situation” is added to the US release, removing the track “Tuesday”. Just after that single is released, Sire shortens their name to Yaz to avoid legal trouble from the American blues label Yazoo Records. The full album follows in August of 1982, selling more than 300,000 copies in the UK, also becoming a major hit internationally, and spinning off a total of three singles including “The Other Side Of Love” (#13 UK). Originally released on CD in 1986, it is remastered and reissued in 2008. Out of print on vinyl since the early 90’s, the album is remastered and reissued by US audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2012, as part of their “Silver Label Series”. “Upstairs At Eric’s” peaks at number two on the UK album chart, number thirty seven on the Billboard R&B album chart, number ninety two on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the UK by the BPI, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

For adoption: Dave Tiler

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Who is he: Dave is a widowed father of four from the mini-series Single Father

Personality: photographer, attentive, nurturing, passionate (like really passionate), drives a motorcycle, hottest grandad, doesn’t like being lied to 

Title Availability: DVD | YouTube | Pirate Sites

Why you should adopt him: Because it’s honestly impossible not to love Dave. You should be writing this character. You should. He’s a darling who can basically do no wrong. If you’re looking for a Tennant who will treat his partner like a queen here’s your guy. 

More on this character: fanfics | tumblr tag

How to Adopt: All characters in the adoption drive are open to everyone and can go home with an unlimited number of creators. Leave a comment here letting us know you’d love to make any sort of fanwork featuring him - there’s no deadline!