tuesday haunting


So March was a dead end and I’m not that sorry for it, other than the fact that it’s been six months since we walked to some touchstone space at midnight and you watched me self-destruct,
when I took a knee to your anger.

I’m still learning all my lessons, repeating the alphabet of leaving you: 
Abuse comes from the people we love the most.
Blame is objective.
Caring about you exhausts me.
Don’t go back, I swear to God, I swear to God.
Every Tuesday, you haunt me with your burnt flame hair and your body like a weapon, but here’s the truth —

Forgiveness will not keep me safe from you.

God damn, how I loved you.
How I let you rip me apart. 

In Loving Memory.

*Don’t comment, based on real events.*

Lance hated death.

He would never understand it and never accept it truly as something people must suffer through.

But alas it is.

And there’s nothing Lance can do about it.
Nothing anyone can do about it, truly.

Lance thought now of how unfair something so common could be.

He recalled the girl that died in his high school class, so much life ahead of her.

Lance hasn’t been incredibly close friends with the gal but she had definitely been someone Lance talked to.

Just one of those people.

Lance had had her in a class or two of his throughout the years, and that’s the start of how he knew her.

Lance would remember everything about that day, and he knew it.

He had woken up feeling like something wasn’t right, but he couldnt quite place what it had been or why.

The boy had messaged someone important, stating that he felt off and that he hoped their day was going alright.

When he went on the bus later that morning is when his entire day turned upside down and over sideways.

He forgotten his Algebra 2 notebook, his cheat sheet, it was all gone and he needed it for the test that day.

There was a girl sobbing on the bus, talking about someone. Lance had assumed it was a break up, a fight, typical high school drama.

When he got to school he soon realized it was more than just drama.

This girl, she was dead.

Lance hadn’t significantly known her, not close anyway. But the fact that this person was gone still hit him.

She was a junior, she was young.
She was at school yesterday…

Now she never would return.
Her empty seat in the classroom that Tuesday morning was haunting.

How could death be so cruel?

Lance went abou the rest of his day like a zombie flying autopilot.

Something had felt off.
And now he knew why.

She had died May 2nd, one o clock in the morning. She was in a car accident with three other guys in the car, but she was the only one significantly injured.

She was the only one who died.

No one should have died.

In Loving Memory

“Remember” Raven mentally told herself, “You’re her cousin from Boo York.

Looking down at her dress she wondered once more if it was too showy, also if she should give a false name as the other girl lead her through the doors of the school. 

“This is wicked…” Raven spoke aloud her voice trailing off as she knew not to draw attention to herself. At least she’d made herself transparent so that she didn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb.

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The Tuesday Haunting: Bara-Hack, CT -

Modern visitors to Bara-Hack can see the interesting remnants of old foundations and walls as well as a cemetery — the damned part starts when they start hearing the sounds of the long-gone settlement. Everything from the noises of children playing and people singing to the sounds of livestock and the rumble of wagon wheels have been said to have been heard.

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