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Google Doodle honors Esther Afua Ocloo, who helped millions of low-income women secure loans

  • A Ghanian businesswoman named Esther Afua Ocloo earned the honors of a Google Doodle on Tuesday to celebrate what would have been her 98th birthday.
  • Ocloo was a pioneer in the field of microlending, which are small loans issued by people instead of banks. 
  • Such loans have become the bread-and-butter of working-class business owners in many African countries who want to avoid the traps of turning to big banks, which too often ignore poor black women.
  • Ocloo knew those traps well. Known endearingly as “Auntie Ocloo,” she began building her own marmalade business in the 1930s, according to Time
  • She spent the next 40 years learning how to start and run a business, and was later invited to the first United Nations Conference on Women in 1975. Read more (4/18/17)

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2 Reasons I Love/Hate Tuesdays

The ‘Love’ Part: I get to praise this lovely scout in all of his wonderful glory to the fullest (pft like everyday already isnt like that, Hah)

The ‘Hate’ Part: Chores a.k.a-