Rodolphus Lestrange + Rabastan Lestrange  + Aesthetics

Mihi parta tueri; I will fight for what is mine. Such words were engraved in Rodolphus’ mind since the day he was old enough to comprehend the meaning of their family motto. He grew up exactly as the eldest heir their family ought him to be; resilient, cunning, vicious. Clever as the devil as twice as handsome. Whilst being second born, Rabastan lived in the shadows cast by his brother and struggled to constantly prove to everyone else he wasn’t just second best. The younger Lestrange was driven by an embedded insecurity that he carried with him for a long time. He didn’t want to be known merely as the second lestrange heir. He didn’t want to be just another infamous second son. He wanted the others to realize he was just as good as his older brother, the apple of their parent’s eyes, the golden boy to the rest of the world, if not b e t t e r.

Cette série c’est la vie.
Jeudi j’ai vu l’intégrale + la fin au cinéma avec l’équipe du film.
Une tuerie.
*et Shimi mourra

straight from my book of shadows, and was created to help out one of my friends. hope it helps! blessed be )o(
• burn a black pillar candle
• get a sentimental necklace with a charm at the end
• anoint the charm with pennyroyal oil (if you don’t have that make a mix of 1 part black pepper 1 part sea salt 2 parts water)
• while anointing chant 3x “protegant me a deamonio liberarem”
• put on the necklace
• crush garlic into a bowl and use the oils to anoint 4 places on your body
• first- middle of your forehead and say “turri mentis”
• second- heart and say “tueri cor meum”
• third- stomach and say “tueri anima mea”
• forth- feet and say “tueri corpus meum”
• take in a deep breath and on the exhale raise up your arms and blow out the candle
• say “blessed be the light in me and the light that surrounds me”
• visualize the anointed areas and necklace glowing with protection
)o( goddessofthree )o(


Happy early Valentines day! I have been working on these almost all day and i really want to post them right now! Shout out to the people on tumblr that make my day a little brighter, happy (early) valentines day!

((Not sure how I feel about comic papyrus’ phrase))

Highway belongs to @sushinfood
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and comic papyrus is dedicated to @moofrog

You’re all amazing, and remember-

Tu le sens monter le fascisme?

Les gens sont prêts a accepter tout et n'importe quoi quand ils ont mijoté dans la peur et la précarité pendant des années.

Sondage Ipsos/Sopra-Steria pour Le Monde et Europe 1 a été réalisé auprès de 1 003 personnes, qui ont été interrogées par Internet les 21 et 22 janvier ; soit deux semaines après le début des tueries, et dix jours après la marche républicaine.

Source: http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2015/01/28/securite-politique-islam-comment-reagissent-les-francais-apres-les-attentats_4564681_3224.html