What puzzled European contemporaries most was that Henry VIII went about divorce the hard way. Wanting Anne as a wife instead of a mistress was eccentric enough, but his determination to bludgeon the pope into guaranteeing in advance, not only the outcome, but also his own distinctive interpretation of canon law, was unprecedented. Pressure on the pope– that was expected; but ‘the urgency used’ by Henry was a principal cause of his humiliation at Blackfriars.

 Part of the explanation is that Henry was passionately in love. This was anything but a secret. Chapuys, hardly arrived and yet to go to court, could still report: 'The king’s affection for La Bolaing increases daily. It is so great just now that it can hardly be greater; such is the intimacy and familiarty in which they live at present.’ On 8 December, seven weeks after Wolsey’s dismissal, Henry publicly demonstrated his favour by elevating Anne’s father not only to the coveted title 'earl of Ormonde’ but to a senior English earldom as well: Wiltshire. George thereby became Viscount Rochford and was soon made a nobleman of the privy chamber.
—  The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn: Stalemate, 1529-2532, Eric Ives
Your writings have an ‘old feel’ to them, would you say you are a reincarnated version of say a 16th century writer?

Most beautiful question anyone has asked me.

My response: Yes, please. I would love to believe that I am a reincarnation of a Tudor writer. Yes. I think I do try to channel that kind of aura. And I have read Shakespeare a lot, so - though I am never going to be anything like him or anywhere close to his genius - I probably do channel the Shakespearean when I write. Thank you for this very lovely question. Marry me, forsooth.

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Do you ship Jonsa my wise Fandom master? I'm like 22 and I'm finding myself shipping it though I really feel like I just don't ship anymore. But I can't help it. At the same time I know the ship can seem like a Crack ship to a lot of people.

I do ship Jon x Sansa!!  And goodness, 22, that is a young age to stop shipping!  But everyone has ebbs and flows in their likes and I certainly when through a period of my life where I didn’t care about real OR fictional romance.  Jon x Sansa has been a non-canon ship for a long time but some people think it could become canon based on how some scenes were written, acted, and scored last season.  I love the parallels that Jon and Sansa have with Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York and think that Jon and Sansa could really complement each other as a couple.  They’re not a PERFECT match but their values match up and they’ve both been through hardship so they know to appreciate love, family, and affection.  I also love that they would have tension between them over politics and policy, which is such good fodder for fics.  I also think that they have A LOT in common and even in AUs would grow to like each other despite maybe not thinking much of each other at first.

One of the AU’s the ship really loved playing in is the Salty Teens AU, and @jonxsansafanfiction has compiled a masterlist of everyone’s ficlets in this  “spikier, saltier YOUNGER Jon/Sansa, forced to get married because REASONS, and kind of hating each other even as they both REALLY look forward to going to bed at night” universe.  It’s a good way to check it out and see if you like the ship!


Robert Dudley to Elizabeth Tudor
13 February, 1570

Thanks for your sending so graciously to know how your poor ôô doth; I have hitherto so well found myself after my travel, as I trust I am clearly delivered of the shrewd cold that so hardly held me at my departure from you. So good a medicine I have always found exercise with the open good air as it hath ever been my best remedy against those delicate diseases gotten about your dainty city of London, which place, but for necessity Lord he knoweth how sorry I am to see your Majesty remain about, being persuaded it is a piece of the sacrifice you do for your people’s sake, seeing it is not profitable for your own health or to prolong your life, which ought to be most dearest to us your poor servants, how little soever esteemed of yourself. My daily prayer shall be that God will that way make us blessed, and I trust you will use those means by which it may be hoped for. I would gladly wish you ever where your ôô are, but the ways are too foul for your travel; a few fair days will amend this want; if when the season serve, your determination holds to spend some time abroad further from London, it shall be well begun now, but I would it had been long before put in proof. God grant that you may find so much good thereof as hereafter to reap the benefit of the good continuance of your desired health.

You see, sweet lady, with how weighty matters I trouble you; if there were other matters in me than well wishing, I would be as ready to pour it out to do you the least good, as I will ever have a most dutiful heart to wish you the most and greatest blessings that God can give his anointed; so with humble pardon craved for your poor old ôô, they reverently offer themselves as wholly your vassals and creatures, praying the Almighty to prolong your days with the longest that ever lived, and bless your reign with the happiest that ever he made most happy.

P. S.— I have done your command to the lady of this house, who thinks herself most happy to stand so far in your thoughts for so small deserts, and is greatly comforted that you graciously esteem her poor present.


we were like gods at the dawning of the world


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The gown I finished embellishing for the Ren faire this year! I plan on doing another one soon.


Hi i’m sorry to bother you, but i wanted to add that the base dress of brocade and black velvet was buy a small company called majestic velvets!  I added the trim and pearls, neck ruff and such my self.  I just want to give credit where credit is due! :)

Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status and Origins (2013)

“Do we imagine English history as a book with white pages and no black letters in? 

We sometimes think of Tudor England in terms of gaudy costumes, the court of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and perhaps Shakespearian romance.
Onyeka’s book acknowledges this predilection but challenges our perceptions. 

Onyeka’s book is about the presence, status and origins of Africans in Tudor England. In it Onyeka argues that these people were present in cities and towns throughout England, but that they did not automatically occupy the lowest positions in Tudor society. This is important because the few modern historians who have written about Africans in Tudor England suggest that they were all slaves, or transient immigrants who were considered as dangerous strangers and the epitome of otherness. However, this book will show that some Africans in England had important occupations in Tudor society, and were employed by powerful people because of the skills they possessed. These people seem to have inherited some of their skills from the multicultural societies that they came from, but that does not mean all of those present in England were born in other countries: some were born in England.”

 By Onyeka Nubia

Get it  now here

Onyeka Nubia (whose novels are published under the name Onyeka) is a British writer, law lecturer and historian. His books document the lives of Black Britons and his third novel, called The Phoenix, has been awarded the 2009 African Achievers award for Communication and Media for the psychological portrayal of the Black British experience.

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Richard III wasn’t the hunchback he was reputed to be. Recent evidence shows his slight spinal deformity would have been unnoticeable, and Shakespeare only called him a ‘hunchback toad’ to please Queen Elizabeth. Her grandfather, Henry Tudor, had defeated Richard, who then became the last English King to die in battle. Source

3D reconstructions of Richard III’s spine

Depictions seen on stage and screen of Richard III